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Using a treadmill is the best form of cardio to help burn out those notorious calories. However, you cannot do so on bare feet or with any shoes. When running on a treadmill, you need to have the right kind of shoes designed specifically to handle the traction and friction you experience while running or walking. But, how do you find the best treadmill-friendly shoes for your daily needs?

Here is a complete guide to help you select the right shoes to aid in your fitness goals.

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Guide for the Best Shoes for Treadmill

When selecting a shoe ideal for the treadmill, you need a stable and isn’t soft. Apart from that, there are several considerations that you need to keep in mind.

Features of the Best Shoes for Treadmill

If you just joined the gym or brought home a new treadmill, you would surely have zero ideas about the shoes that fit the treadmill-ready description. So, here are some features you need to look for in ideal shoes for the treadmill.


Treadmills are kept indoors, which means the airflow is less or there is no naturally flowing air in the area. It can lead to issues such as sweating.

To avoid a lot of sweating, you can select highly breathable shoes. Look for mesh-based uppers to ensure the shoes are highly breathable.


With the help of treadmills, you can opt for high-intensity tempo runs as well as long runs. In addition, running on treadmills gives you access to a controlled workout condition on soft surfaces.

Finally, it suggests that there is no need for features such as rugs, fancy grips, or plates that tend to make the shoe durable and heavier.

With treadmills, the key is to go as light as possible without compromising on the durability factor.

3-Pronation Control:

Pronation control is another feature you need to look for when running on a treadmill. When you run on treadmills, you indulge in repetitive movements minus the oscillation.

Therefore, it will provide you optimum control along with stability, neutral stance, & motion control when working out on a treadmill.

If you are someone with a high or medium arch, go for shoes with neutral pronation. Alternatively, if you have a flat arch, go for shoes that provide motion control.


When shopping for running shoes for the treadmill, opt for medium cushioning as opposed to high cushioning. It will ensure that you don’t lose your balance or traction when running on the treadmill.

With zero cushioning, you might experience abrasion or irritation when working out on a treadmill. So, opt for balanced cushioning.

Can You Use Treadmill Shoes for Regular Gym Workout?

Yes, you can use your treadmill shoe for a normal gym routine as well. It is ideal for weight lifting and easy-to-perform functional training. However, for specific workout routines, it is better to opt for shoes that provide additional stability.

For example, you can opt for specifically designed weightlifting shoes, CrossFit shoes, HIIT shoes, or training shoes.

When Should You Replace Your Treadmill Shoes?

Regardless of how good your shoe material is, it is bound to wear out after some time. Depending on how long you run on the treadmill and how you use it, the shoe must be replaced frequently. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking forward to replacing your treadmill shoes.

  • If you experience muscle soreness or pain that is fairly new and hasn’t happened before, it is time to replace the shoes. Also, always pay attention to your knees. If your knees are experiencing a lot of pain when running, the shoes aren’t right for you.
  • Additionally, if you feel the shoes are uneven, like under pronated or overpronated, you might have to compromise on the features such as control, stability, and cushioning. You can recognize this when the feeling starts aching after a few laps on the treadmill. With each impact, you will feel that you are losing your balance. So, this is the right time to change your shoes and opt for a new one.

1. Best Shoes for Treadmill

Available in beautiful black, white, and pink colors, the Adidas Cloudfoam Pure shoes are crafted from 100 percent textile synthetic to ensure durability and comfort for hours. In addition, the high-quality rubber sole ensures that you can exercise while maintaining perfect balance.

The shoe platform measures about 3 inches, along with a boot opening of approximately 6 to 12 inches all around. The design helps maintain balance as you run on the treadmill while providing proper coverage.

In addition, its stretchy, mesh-based upper helps ensure breathability during intensive exercising sessions.

The extra cushioning in the shoe helps ensure day-long comfort without any abrasion. However, the shoe isn’t ideal for outdoor use as it isn’t waterproof. Nevertheless, the design helps wick away any sweating or unnecessary moisture.


  • Features a combined Cloudfoam midsole & outsole
  • Ensures step-in comfort with superior cushioning
  • Memory sockliner contorts to the foot shape for comfort
  • Sock-like construct to provide the right fit
  • Soft fabric footbed and lining


  • Not ideal for wide footed individuals
  • Arch is too high
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2. Best Running Shoes for Treadmill

Designed with the best-quality rubber soles in place, the Weweya shoes for the treadmill are an ideal choice for all fitness enthusiasts. The minimalist design feels like you aren’t wearing any footwear while your foot is protected at all times. The shoe also features a wide toe design to ensure your toes do not get squished together.

The shoes’ tongue-less design helps your foot fit in a glitch-free manner. In addition, the shoelace can be tightened with its unique elastic design to help ensure a lightweight workout experience. Weweya feels like a second skin on your feet as you run on your treadmill.

The arch support is removable and supports your insole with a zero-drop design. The shoe gives you enough support to allow quick exercises like running on the treadmill.


  • Ideal for squats, treadmill running, aerobics
  • Cozy and breathable insoles to ensure comfort
  • Reflective and easy to put on and pull off tab
  • Anti-slip outsole to ensure proper friction without going hard on feet
  • Excellent grip and supports individuals with low arches


  • The inner fabric starts to come off after few uses
  • Tad heavy for treadmill running
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3. Best Shoes for Treadmill Walking

With the Whitin minimalist treadmill shoes, you can access an anatomical shape that provides you natural comfort as you exercise on the treadmill. The adaptive materials used in the construction of this minimalist shoe ensure that you don’t feel suffocated when wearing it.

The shoe also features a zero-drop design from the heel to its toe to ensure users access a natural and comfortable stride. Moreover, the manufacturing process incorporates no use of animal products and is 100 percent vegan.

Whitin ensures that the toes do not feel any unnecessary compression with proper room to spread. In turn, this ensures better balance as you walk or run on the treadmill. In addition, the insole added to the shoe is thin and not so thick that it would deflect the balance, all the while maintaining proper cushioning to avoid abrasion.


  • Adapts better to the feedback received from the treadmill
  • Zero-drop outsole ensures feet support
  • The design helps put minimum pressure on your joints
  • Wide toe box for optimum comfort and zero compression
  • Discourages heel striking


  • Inner material tends to cause blisters when used for long
  • Parts aren’t glued well together
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4. Best Treadmill Running Shoes

The JointlyCreating non-slip treadmill shoes are crafted with a rubber outsole to ensure you don’t slip during your exercise. The shoe features a cool & fashionable design with the classic “Just So So” symbol.” It’s breathable upper crafted from mesh ensures that you do not sweat while exercising.

The shoe is light in weight and supports optimum breathability while keeping you cool and dry at all times. The blade outsole design is crafted from high-quality rubber with a hollow carved tech that ensures support and stability throughout the running or walking session.

The shoe is also designed for optimum quality shock absorption when you run or walk on the treadmill in an inclination. The shoes’ traditionally designed lace-up closure ensures that you can adjust it to suit your needs. In addition, the breathable lining on the inside of the shoe ensures your sweat is wicked away with ease.


  • Soft cushioning on the insoles to help you feel comfortable
  • Ideal for helping you stand throughout the day without any abrasions
  • Blade sole design for maximum traction
  • Breathable mesh-based lightweight upper
  • Keeps your feet cool and dry with a moisture-wicking lining


  • The toe box could have been bigger
  • Not meant for people with wide feet
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5. Best Shoes for Treadmill Running

Available in a range of beautiful colors, the New Balance FuelCore is a 100 percent synthetic shoe designed to be durable on the treadmill. In addition, the imported design features a rubber outsole that doesn’t wear out too soon while helping you maintain balance as you speed up.

The midsole cushioning featured in the Nergize V1 ensures that you put on a lightweight shoe that helps retain a responsive and comfortable ride throughout the day. In addition, the REVlite midsole is designed with futuristic features to ensure a strain-free running experience.

The FuelCore also features a memory foam insert that helps provide underfoot comfort and a plush feel with each step. In addition, the sleek design provides a supportive fit compared to any contemporary boot for running on a treadmill.


  • Boot-style upper construction to provide a snug & supportive fit
  • Lightweight feel with modern mesh & synthetic materials
  • Provides a good 6mm foot drop with complete clearance
  • Affordable style for running on a treadmill
  • Water-resistant upper making it ideal for outdoor usage


  • Not meant for people with flat or wide feet
  • Material isn’t completely breathable; it might induce unnecessary sweating
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6. Best Shoes for Walking on Treadmill

Do you hate wearing shoes when exercising? Do you suffer from sweating issues? With the Orangizer minimalist shoe, you get access to a beautifully designed shoe that gives you a barefoot feeling that helps engage your feet at a core level when working out on a treadmill.

The shoe helps engage the feet more & keeps strengthening the muscles with a customized lace-up design. Oranginer helps drop down the injury rates that happen with shoes that do not provide proper balance. The wide toe design helps your toes stay relaxed & spread out in a natural way to ensure stability and comfort.

The mesh upper crafted from synthetic is flexible enough to ensure you can flex in all directions with optimum breathability. In addition, the durable insoles can help keep the feet avoid unnecessary sweating and avoid damp conditions inside the shoe.


  • Ideal for inclined treadmill walking and running
  • It can be worn outside with its water-resistant features
  • Features style-reflective strips to help visibility at night
  • It helps reduce sports-related injuries
  • Imitates sensory feedback for improved balance and flexibility


  • Heel support is way too uncomfortable & high
  • A bit on the heavier side
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7. Best Treadmill Running Shoes for Women

The Autper Athletic Running shoes are designed with durable rubber outsoles and provide enough traction as you walk or run on the treadmill. The platform measures about 1 inch from the base to ensure it is in sync with the foot design while ensuring you do not lose balance.

The shoe also features a breathable mesh-based fabric upper that is constructed with a knit design. The lightweight design ensures flexibility & breathability even in your most intense workout sessions. In addition, the air-cushioning helps support your body weight and protects the knees and foot in the long run.

Additionally, the non-slip design in the outsole helps you achieve that speed when running without having to worry about issues such as slipping. The ultra-light rubber material in the outsole features a flexible groove-like pattern that strengthens your shoes’ ability to withstand any friction with ease.


  • Flexible grooves that help avoid slipping issues
  • Ideal for jogging, running, cross-training, & casual travel
  • Strong laces that do not break off easily
  • Comfortable elastic-based insole design
  • Features double sole to ensure long-term durability


  • Shoes feel a bit flat with zero arch
  • Runs shorter than average; go a size larger for comfort
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8. ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

Be it rose gold, ice mint, orange pop, or pink, the ASICS Gel-Venture is available in various colors that make it stylish yet comfortable as you run on your treadmill. In addition, the shoes’ synthetic & mesh design helps ensure top-notch breathability and water-resistant features that are suitable for outdoor usage.

The rubber outsole design is durable yet soft enough to ensure that you do not feel like you are hurting your feet or causing any abrasion while working out. Additionally, the shoe features a rearfoot Gel tech that adds to the cushioning system provided by the shoe.

The entire design helps attenuate the shock experienced by the users during a treadmill impact phase. Simply put, it ensures a smooth and comfortable transition from the rearfoot to the midstance of the user. Additionally, the laces are crafted with high-quality material to ensure that they do not come loose or break off the mid-exercising routine.


  • The outsole features strategic grooves for better foot control
  • Padded sides to ensure you face zero abrasion-related issues
  • Proper rearfoot support to ensure better stability
  • The tongue helps with a secure feel and fit
  • Molds better to the foot’s shape


  • Flimsy design with very thin material
  • Runs smaller than usual; go a size bigger for comfort
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9. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Running Shoes

The Adidas Cloudfoam running shoes for the treadmill are crafted from 100 percent synthetic textile, making them ideal for outdoor usage. Moreover, the material ensures better breathability while wicking away the moisture from inside as you sweat during heavy workout routines.

The rubber-based outsole is durable enough and allows the wearer to experience a sturdy walking session without worrying about slipping or losing balance. The shoes’ super-soft cushioning comes from its Cloudfoam design that makes you feel like you are walking on clouds while being sturdy at the same time.

The regular fit design features a lace closure that brings in a secure and glitch-free feel that contorts to the shape of your feet. The textile upper added to the shoe is durable and adds to the breathability factor. Adidas’ smart-fit design is flexible and light that gives you an edge while running.


  • Cloudfoam midsole helps provide top-notch step-in comfort
  • Superior cushioning in the insole to avoid knee and foot pain
  • Features recycled material to ensure zero wastage
  • Elevated comfort to ensure stability for users with a high arch
  • Synthetic outsole provides flexibility on the treadmill


  • Stitching tends to come off very soon
  • It doesn’t feature any removable inserts
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10. ASICS Gel-Excite 6 Running Shoes

The ASICS Gel-Excite 6 running shoes for treadmill features a synthetic & mesh-based material that amplifies your comfort factor while ensuring you can exercise without feeling tension or abrasion. In addition, the rubber-based outsole is designed to provide stability regardless of the terrain and inclination you use.

The Gel-Excite is engineered to ensure durability with softer density cushion foam. Additionally, the flexibility and the well-planned platform provide adaptability, ideal for a natural running experience on the treadmill. The rearfoot GEL tech helps tackle the shock you experience with each impact.

The shoe also allows a smooth and comfortable transition from the front and rear foot to the midstance. In addition, the ortholite sock liner is designed to wick away moisture in case you sweat during any intensive workout sessions.


  • Sleek & flexible fit with its ortholite design
  • Mesh upper helps maintain maximum breathability and dryness
  • The fit is rather wide as opposed to being restrictive
  • Flexible and ultralight ride that ensures platform adaptability
  • Ideal for people that seek neutral pronation


  • Arch support is misbalanced
  • Heel height isn’t much; it leads to a direct impact on feet
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Comparison of Best Shoes for Treadmill

ProductsColors AvailableOutsoleWater-ResistantSizes Available
Adidas Cloudfoam PureBlack & WhiteRubberYes7.5 (US)
Weweya Minimalist Running ShoesBlack, Hot Pink, Camouflage, Gray Pink, Green, Pink Camo, Purple, RedRubber  No4.5 to 10.5 (US)
Whitin Cross-Trainer Minimalist ShoeBlack, Light Blue, Blue, Grey, Green, Red, WhiteRubberYes7 to 15
JointlyCreating Non-Slip Walking and Running ShoesRed, Lake Blue, Camo Pink, Mint Blue, Black, Light Blue, Yellow, Light Lilac, Pink Blue, White, Orange Pink, GreenRubberNo5.5 to 10.5
New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1Black, White  RubberYes5 to 12
Oranginer Wide-Toe Minimalist ShoesBlack, Green, PinkRubberNo5.5 to 10.5
Autper Air Athletic Running ShoesBlack, Navy, Black-Red, Orange, White-BlueRubberYes6.5 to 12.5
ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Running ShoesBlack, Silver, Grey, WhiteRubberYes5 to 12
Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Running ShoesBlack, White, Pink  RubberYes5 to 11
ASICS Gel-Excite 6 Running ShoesBlack, White, Electric-Blue, Speed-Red, Shocking OrangeRubberYes6 to 16

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With all this information in mind, you can now go on your fitness regime without having to wonder about being hurt or experiencing pain in the knees.

Keep in mind that good research and proper budget planning can get you some good shoes that will be your go-to pair daily.

So, it’s time to start exercising right away and shed some weight on that treadmill comfortably.

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