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Elliptical trainers are quite successful commercially and always remain in demand. The manufacturers considering multiple situations and facts have created innovative and improved models to cater to the needs of people globally.

Having a low ceiling is also one of the issues that people who want to build a home gym or buy just a single good piece of equipment for the workout face as not many machines are available in the market that can fit in small apartments or rooms low ceilings. However, few models by reputable companies and manufacturers have been released to fulfill every person’s home fitness demands. So let’s move to the review of the best elliptical for low ceilings which fits in low ceiling houses and apartments.

What to Desire From an Elliptical for a Low Ceiling?

Elliptical machines that can fit in houses with low ceilings should have a low step-up height and a compact size. The Elliptical should provide excellent features and deliver effective workout results. It should be comfortable for the user and durable enough to last long. These elliptical trainers could be expensive, so the user would have to invest money in the equipment.

Also, the user would have to do a perfect calculation before buying an elliptical. The user should know their ceiling height, exact height, and elliptical trainer’s step-up height. By adding your height into the machine’s step-up height, you can find out whether the elliptical will fit in your room according to your ceiling or not.

The average low ceilings are usually 8ft, whereas the typical step-up heights for home elliptical are between 11 inches to 14 inches. To get a proper headspace during the workout, you would have to consider these measurements at all costs or get a suitable elliptical machine.

If you cannot accommodate an elliptical due to space issues, a best under desk exerciser can solve your problem; these are small machines that can be placed and used anywhere, either in-home or office. Conveniently it can be placed under the desk. 

Effectiveness of Small Elliptical Machines

Elliptical trainers provide full-body workouts. Elliptical for homes are usually compact, but the low ceilings are crafted with low step-up heights, which means that they are closer to the ground. These models only differ in shape and size but not in effectiveness.

A well-made elliptical trainer for a low ceiling will provide the same results as any other large elliptical. It would also offer excellent standard and custom programs, magnetic resistance with many resistance levels, speed modes, durability with perfect stability, etc. Therefore, if you diligently exercise on the elliptical, you will achieve your workout goals in no time.

1. Nordic Track Space Saver SE7i

Material: Steel | Weight: 215 lbs | Dimensions: 80 x 32 x 67 inches | Color theme: Silver | Load endurance: 325 lbs | Resistance levels: 22 | Step-up height: 14 inches

Nordic Track SE7i is fantastic if your house has a low ceiling just like mine. Our house has a ceiling of 8ft. My husband’s height is 6′ 1″ whereas mine is 5′ 3″, so as far as my height is concerned, any elliptical would have been fine for me, but because my husband is tall, we worried a little while searching for an elliptical trainer for our home.

Thankfully, after plenty of research, we came across Nordic Track SE7i that offers 14 inches step-up height and is a space-saving model specially built for low ceilings. The delivery of the product was on time, and the assembly didn’t take a lot of time as it was primarily pre-assembled. However, the package was too heavy for my husband to lift and move upstairs alone. That’s why we had to pay the delivery people for maneuvering.

We have been using this Elliptical for almost a month now and love it completely. This Elliptical has 22 resistance levels that keep the workout exciting and challenging. In contrast, the power ramp and stride are both adjustable, so it is very convenient for both my and husband and me to operate the elliptical according to our preferences.

The 5-inch display makes the viewing of the fitness data easy for the eyes. Just at a glance, I can read my real workout progress on this widescreen. It shows speed, distance, number of strides, calories burned, and pulse. There is a feature of automatic trainer control that works with the iFit app and adjusts the resistance level automatically. Still, I haven’t used it yet as I choose my resistance level freely.

A plus point that I feel this elliptical trainer has is the workout fan that releases cool air during the workout. I love the fan as I sweat a lot, and the fan keeps me calm and relaxed while I do my exercise. I think it is an excellent addition to the elliptical because it allows me to stay on the elliptical trainer a little longer.

I think it could be a bother for some people because even though the elliptical is foldable and space-saving, it is a little too heavy to lift and fold. That’s why we don’t fold it and let it remain in the same position though it is not a problem for us. Therefore, you would have to carefully decide to place the Elliptical anywhere in the house as it won’t be easy to move it from one place to another afterward.

Another issue that people could feel is the affordability of this elliptical trainer as SE7i is quite expensive. In contrast, the iFit app also requires a handsome subscription fee every month after the free trial. In short, this Elliptical is unique but demands heavy investment although, for us, it’s worth the money as it gets the job done.

Why is Nordic the Best Elliptical for Low Ceilings?

Nordic Track SE7i is the Best Elliptical for low ceilings because it has a lower step-up height and provides plenty of headspace to a tall person during the workout. Moreover, the features it offers are fantastic and the exercising helps us a great deal to keep our body in shape and fitness in check.



Why do we Recommended this?

We recommend Nordic SE7i because it actually fits in homes and small apartments with low ceilings as it comes with a low step-up height and leaves room for plenty of headspaces. Moreover, it gets the job done, and the solid workout that it offers compensates for all the money you invest in it.

2. Sole Fitness E35

Material: Nil | Weight: 215 lbs | Dimensions: 27 x 58 x 83 inches | Color theme: Black | Load endurance: 375 lbs | Resistance levels: 20 | Step-up height: 14 inches

Sole Fitness E35 is the best elliptical ever. I bought Sole E35 because of the urge of being productive. Therefore, I wanted a decent piece of equipment for my home to get quick workouts at my convenience. I can’t believe it, but this is even better than the elliptical I used previously in the gym. It’s very sturdy and durable.

Moreover, the ceilings of the rooms in my home are average as in 8 ft, and my height is almost 6ft which is also why I was looking for elliptical trainers suitable for homes with low ceilings. Sole E35 is the one I decided on for which I am pretty glad. Due to the elliptical trainer’s low step-up height, I get ample free headspace during the workout.

The durable frame and pedals of this elliptical trainer allow my body to remain well-balanced during the workout. It has four rear wheels incorporated in the design, stabilizing the elliptical and making it function smoothly and efficiently. The two-degree inward slope of the oversized pedals reduces the stress imposed on the ankles and knees during the exercise, which allows me to continue the workout for a little longer than my usual limit as it has dramatically helped me increase my stamina.

One of my colleagues is quite bulky, almost 350 lbs, and wanted a workout suggestion from me, so I recommended Sole E35 to him because it is perfectly capable of handling bodyweight up to 375 pounds and considerably helps in losing extra pounds effectively.

This elliptical also has two heart-rate monitoring systems. One way is to let the built-in pulse sensors present on the stationary handlebars to monitor the heart rate, and another one is a heart rate chest strap that keeps track of the constant heart rate of the user.

This elliptical trainer offers six standard programs and two custom programs with 20 resistance levels which motivates me and fully engages my attention towards the workout. The LCD console is 7.5 inches wide and displays all data like speed, several strides, distance, calories burned, and pulse.

The power incline and strides are adjustable and provide a customized experience allowing me to set everything exactly the way I want.

The elliptical allows both forward and backward motion and has a 29 lbs flywheel which keeps the pedaling smooth, delivering quiet operation, sparing me from unnecessary noise.

I like the water bottle holder and sound system. These additional features enhance the whole workout experience by creating such conveniences for the user. Thanks to the bottle holder, I can keep myself hydrated while I enjoy listening to some good music by connecting my smartphone through Bluetooth. The cooling fan incorporated in the design is also bliss providing a relaxed environment.

In short, this elliptical trainer is perfect for me. I am pretty relieved with my purchase because, in the beginning, the price was also a bit of my concern. This elliptical is very expensive, and I did feel a certain hesitation before placing my order. However, now I feel confident about my choice and recommend Sole E35 to everyone.

Why it the Best Elliptical for Basements?

Sole E35 is the best elliptical for low ceilings because it has a low step-up height, and the model’s design is crafted significantly closer to the ground. Overall this elliptical trainer is excellent and provides a solid full-body workout. It’s worth the money.



Why do we Recommended this?

We recommend Sole Fitness E35 because this elliptical provides a low step-up height which is quite suitable for people who have houses with low ceilings. Overall, this elliptical also has an ergonomic design. It is very sturdy and firm and doesn’t shake or get wobbly during the exercise.

3. Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer

Material: Steel | Weight: 212 lbs | Dimensions: 29.25\” W x 66.7\” D x 52\” H | Color theme: | Load endurance: 325 lbs | Resistance levels: 24 | Step-up height: 9 inches

ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer is perfect for great cardiovascular exercise. I noticed that I was getting out of shape, and even my friends pointed out my newly gained weight. After collecting everyone’s opinions, I concluded that I should get an elliptical trainer because it gives full-body workouts and is enough to lose weight.

The challenge was to search for a decent elliptical machine model that would also fit in my apartment with a low ceiling somewhere between 7ft to 8ft. In contrast, my height is 5′ 7″, so as I looked up some credible fitness reviews, I came across ProForm HIIT elliptical trainer. It looked pretty promising as it offered a low step-up height perfect enough to fit in my room and offered great features. However, it turned out to be very expensive, which created a lot of doubts initially.

Nevertheless, I decided to buy it because I didn’t want to waste any money on the cheap machines either plus, due to the low ceiling, I didn’t have any vast options, to begin with. Anyways, I am just glad that I made the right choice.

This elliptical gives excellent cardio and a full-body workout. My health seems far better than before, and I feel more active since I have started using it. My stamina has improved as well. I have lost 3 pounds in 2 months and feel myself getting in better shape gradually.

This elliptical is well-made. The steel frame is remarkably durable and sturdy, whereas the pedals are non-slip, providing a solid grip to the feet. The handlebars are sweat-resistant. The elliptical structure is different from the usual elliptical trainers as this elliptical is upright like a stepper infused with movable handlebars. It is very stable and does not shake while exercising.

The various programs keep me involved in the workout and don’t let the exercise become boring. The 24 resistance levels are a lot to choose from for me. I do activities of low resistance but will surely increase my resistance level gradually. I make it up for the low resistance by increasing my speed to achieve effective results.

Also, this elliptical works with the iFit app that tracks all my workout progress by showing more advanced level metrics. In contrast, the 7-inch backlit LCD covers the regular data like speed, distance, pulse rate, number of strides, and number of calories burned. The additional features include a tablet holder, a cooling fan system, and pretty functional speakers.

Why ProForm is the Best Elliptical for Low Ceilings?

ProForm HIIT elliptical trainer is the best for low ceilings due to its compact size. It is heavy-duty but doesn’t consume a lot of space. It has a low step-up height and fits perfectly in small apartments. It works smoothly and quietly due to magnetic resistance and provides a great full-body workout.



Why do we Recommeded this?

We recommend Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer because this elliptical trainer is the ideal workout equipment with a low step-up height that fits perfectly in homes with low ceilings. Moreover, it is compact and durable. It offers excellent workout programs and provides the user with effective results.


The best elliptical for low ceilings can be costly but very effective in its function. These elliptical trainers make sure to get the job done and provide the user with enhanced workout programs and routines. So you can expect good things from the elliptical once it fits in your home.

You have to be extra careful about the measurements as making any mistake could waste your money away. It would be best to try to get the elliptical with a good deal of warranty to ensure your product’s safety and avoid unexpected scenarios.

Out of all the elliptical trainers that we reviewed here, we think that Nordic Track SE7i is the best one, and we recommend it to all people who have a low ceiling because SE7i not only fits but also provides a great cardio and overall workout.

To educate our readers and to prove that ellipticals are best for low-impact cardio workouts, we compare ellipticals with other machines in elliptical vs stair climber and elliptical vs stationary bike; these resources will help you to understand the difference between these machines. 

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