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10 Best Heavy Bags for Home Gym Boxing Workout

A heavy bag, commonly known as the punching/boxing bag. Can either swing from the ceiling or be placed on a stand. What’s unique about the best heavy bag for home gym is that it is filled with refined shock-absorbent filler that makes these bags a perfect choice for practicing punching or mixed martial arts.

5 Best Home Gym Apps to Track Workout Progress

Home gym app

The best home gym app is like a personal trainer that fits in your mobile in an android or iOS application. These apps allow the user to enjoy a quite hectic and intense workout routine from the comfort of their home, without any gym equipment.

10 Best Weights for Home Gym (The Dumbbell Sets) of 2021

best weights for home gym

When seeking a decent dumbbell for your home gym, you don’t have to break your bank or, in this case, the floorboards. So, you need to adhere to a set of selection criteria to ensure you make the right choice. Let’s find out the best weights for home gym So, here you go!

15 Natural Ways to Lose Weight at Home

ways to lose weight

Are you planning to lose weight? Did you just come across an exciting video that says lose weight overnight? Such a thing may tempt you, but in real life, magic doesn’t happen in an instant when it comes to losing weight. This article learns you natural ways to lose weight while staying at home.

5 Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners Weight Loss

best home exercise equipment for beginners

Equipment you’re going to use or keep in your home gym depends upon the type of workout you’re looking forward to. Stationary bikes for cardio and muscle strengthening, benches for bench pressings, resistance ropes for core toning can be the best home exercise equipment for beginners.

10 Best Multi Station Home Gym Machines of 2021

best home gym

Home gyms or “multi-gyms” are not one-size-fits-all machines. This single piece of equipment comes in many variations, each allowing you to work out your different muscle groups. Some are massive in size, while others are compact enough to fit in the corner of your home. But the best home gym is more expensive.

How to Lose a Pound a Day in a Super Natural Way?

how to lose a pound a day

Professional help is always recommended when you are planning on doing something extreme to get rid of that fat from the body. Losing one pound daily might not be a good idea if you do not understand your body and the way it functions. But it is possible! let’s see how to lose a pound a day.

5 Best Power Rack for Home Gym Reviews of 2021

best power racks for home gym

You can start building the perfect home gym by acquiring the best power rack for home gym. This is a type of power cage that is the centerpiece of many home gyms. It typically includes a pull bar, squat rack, and bench press in the same setup, making it possible to perform a wide range of movements.

10 Best Barbells for Home Gym With Guide on How to Shop Barbells

best barbells for home gym

Are you searching for the best barbell for home gym? while keeping in view frequenting the local gym might not always be possible to quench your fitness thirst. Well, you can get the very same level of fitness in the comfort of your home. So start from a barbell is quite a good idea.

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