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Our lives have become so busy that we often find it hard to take time out for physical workouts. We should realize that working out will give us long-term health benefits like reducing the risk of clogged arteries. Also, the effects of diabetes on health will be diminished, and the chances of obesity will be slim.

So, what better way to stay fit than to welcome the best 2 in 1 elliptical and bike in your house! The dual machine will successfully give you a low impact yet very effective cardio workout for your upper and lower bodies. The workout will keep you fit and healthy, and the dual elliptical and bike machine offers you a whole at-home gym experience!

1. Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike

Material: Metal | Weight: 66.2 Ibs | Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 57 inches | Color theme: White and Black | Load endurance: 250 lbs | Resistance: Magnetic

The Body Rider BRD2000 machine is an elliptical trainer and exercise bike.The dual machine will meet your cardio workout needs as it offers various options. The device consists of two elliptical arms and two paddles for the correct positioning of your feet. It also has an adjustable foam seat with seven different settings to accommodate any height.

The machine itself weighs 66.2 Ibs and has a maximum capacity of 250 pounds. Its height is 36 inches, width is 28.5 inches, and length is 57.5 inches, making it a very compact design and can easily be placed anywhere in your house. It favorably maximizes your at-home gym experience!

Why Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike is best?

The Body Rider is a flexible and accommodative machine in terms of its workout options and features. As someone who suffers from back pain issues, I must stay fit to put less pressure on my back. And to keep healthy, I needed to work out, but working out only caused more pain in my back. This 2 in 1 machine has a smooth chain-driven fan flywheel with high momentum fan blades that work quietly for me.

The machine grants you sweat resistance during your workout and causes almost no impact on the knees, making the Body Rider an excellent option for those who suffer from leg, hip, or back problems like I do. It further helped me stream my arms and legs.

If you plan to work out only on the Elliptical trainer, the large handlebars will provide you with a firm grip. Also, the long pedals will adjust your feet securely in a position that ensures that the seat does not get in the way of your workout.

However, I noticed that the stride was short in the elliptical mode. So, this may be suitable for shorter than 6ft individuals and could lead to only using this machine like a bike. But, it is the best 2 in 1 elliptical and bike in the market.

Moving on to the bike machine, the cycling workout is supported by the seat that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to accommodate any height and body type. The seat must be adjusted well as it helps ensure that the position you are working out in relieves the pressure from your lower back. The stride caused no issues.

Furthermore, the additional features like four integrated handlebars and the added base stabilizers with fitted end caps help with leveling of the machine so it can be stable during a workout, even at higher resistance. Moreover, the tension knob adds resistance to your heavy activities. Though it is worthy of mentioning that if you push yourself too much as I did, the machine can get a little shaky, so do not go too hard on yourself.

The Body rider also has a built-in set of transport wheels which ease moving the machine around the house and storing it. In addition, the intelligent workout tracker features workout duration, distance covered, calories burned, and speed to motivate you during your workouts and so you can keep track of your progress!



The Body Rider offers no impact on the joints and is excellent for individuals with back, hips, legs, and joints issues. This machine is ideal for beginners who do not push themselves too hard as they may get shaky. The Body Rider BRD2000 is a perfect choice as it is not heavy on the wallet, provides excellent features at this price point, and is effective if you use it for 20 minutes per day.

Recently we also reviewed best under desk elliptical; these are small and portable machines that come with pre-programmed functions and allow to workout during a break in office hours and also best for home use. 

2. Doufit Elliptical Machine

Material: Metal | Weight: 28.12 kg | Dimensions: 50 x 20.5 x 62 inches | Color theme: White and Black | Load endurance: 250 lbs | Resistance: Magnetic

Doufit Elliptical Machine is a 2 in 1 elliptical bike that has completely changed my life. Not too long ago, I wanted to lose some pounds and get back in proper shape for my wedding. You know how important it is for a bride to look perfect on this special day. There was no gym near my parent’s house, and I tried to find ways online that’ll solve my problem.

For me, it was essential to have a slim waist, arms, legs, and a lift-up hip because the wedding dress I chose would not fit otherwise. This 2 in 1 elliptical bike provided me with an all-in-one service, and by regularly working out on it, I managed to achieve my goal. The easy-to-adjust and easy-to-use features of this bike made everything a piece of cake for me.

I would wake up every morning and twist away all the calories for 30 minutes straight. In addition, every night around 7 pm, an hour before having dinner, I would do a low-intensity workout on this bike for about 20 minutes. The LCD of this bike kept track of every single detail. Within just three weeks, I burned away all the extra fat and fit perfectly in my beautiful wedding dress.

Why we Recommend it?

The dual-action workout arms and the way they help tone the whole body make this bike so legendary. You can get a smooth body shape even after doing a low-intensity workout, thanks to the Doufit elliptical machine.



I recommend Doufit Elliptical Machine 2 in 1 magic to every single person who wants to lose weight and look exotic but does not dare to perform a heavy workout. Although this bike provides a low-intensity workout yet it is very effective in shredding extra calories. 

3. Best 2 in 1 Elliptical and Bike

Material: Metal | Weight: 28.12 kg | Dimensions: 39 x 25 x 9 inches | Color theme: White and Black | Load endurance: 220 lbs | Resistance: Friction

The Night core 2 in 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual Machine is another elliptical and bike hybrid. Although it is not as budget-friendly as the Body Rider, it gets the work done! This machine’s primary purpose is weight loss, muscle build-up, strengthening leg muscle, and increasing endurance. As someone who suffers from back pain, I need to stay within a healthy body weight to put less pressure on my back. The Night core offers me just that!

The dimensions of the Night core are 33.5″ x 9.5″ x 58.5″ (LxWxH), with a maximum capacity of 220 Lbs. The pedals are spacious enough and are 13 inches long and 5 inches wide. Thus, it is a highly multifunctional indoor exercise machine. Professionals most recommend this best 2 in 1 elliptical and bike.

Why Night core?

The firm and sturdy steel frame give the Night core stability during heavy workout sessions and hold the maximum capacity of 220 Lbs.

Furthermore, it has a non-slip pedal design that keeps your feet in one place during the workouts to help your body stay in a workout-friendly position. The adjustable seat allows you to adjust it according to your height and aids you when you only use the bike machine. The armrest sleeves are incorporated with sweat-absorbing foam to help ensure your grip and safety. The adjustable resistance knob allows you to adjust the intensity and tension, while the friction belt can be relaxed and tightened to adjust the tension.

Moreover, the Night core has built-in wheels that allow you to move the machine around your house effortlessly. It eliminates any chances of uplifting the heavy, sturdy machine that can cause accidents. Your workouts are assisted by the electronic monitor that displays your exercise time, speed, distance, itinerary, calories, and scans to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals!

The Night bore 2 in 1 Machine offers you reversible movements that help strengthen your legs and further help you perform exercises like quadriceps and hamstrings. You can also test your heart rate by placing your hand on the middle armrest so you can keep track of your workout intensity mid-workout.



The Night core 2 in 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual Machine may not be super light on your wallet, but it has terrific features for what it offers at a particular price point! The Night core is a choice for anyone who is not a beginner and whose primary goal is to strengthen their leg muscles. It offers you reversible movements, which are aided by an adjustable seat and a pedal that accommodates different foot sizes.

4. Flex HQ Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine

Material: Metal | Weight: 100 kg | Dimensions: 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches | Color theme: Gray and Black | Load endurance: 250 lbs | Resistance: Magnetic

Flex HQ Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine and Exercise Bike is an absolute fitness partner for all those who want to stay healthy and fit throughout their lives. No matter your age, height, or weight, this bike is equally efficient for all groups. My husband’s parents are over 60 now, but they are all hale and hearty, thanks to this elliptical bike.

These old folks have been using this bike for a year now and not once have they complained about it. My father-in-law’s physiotherapist came to our house four months ago, and even he approved of it. Because of the adjustable seat and low impact workout, my father and mother-in-law’s knees and joints have been living a heavenly life. This bike does not put much pressure on the knees and keeps the joints stern and strong.

In addition to everything else, this bike also helps handle cardiovascular and high blood pressure issues. Thanks to Flex HQ 2 in 1 elliptical bike, my parent’s blood pressure hasn’t spiked even once. Both of them wake up early in the morning and take turns using this machine. Now my husband and I do not have to worry about their health because everything is so pleasant.

What more do we want than something that can keep our old folks fit like youngsters. Because of this bike, their faces are full of glow and radiance. From keeping them in a proper shape to solving various diseases, Flex HQ elliptical bikes have managed to win our hearts over and over again.



I recommend Flex HQ Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine bike to all the fitness freaks who want to stay in shape while staying indoors. It is precisely because of the 2 in 1 cross trainer and stationary bike feature. This quality makes it possible for you to achieve that level of fitness success at home that you can only achieve by working out at gyms.

5. Sunny Health Magnetic Elliptical Upright Bike

Material: Metal | Weight: nil | Dimensions: nil | Color theme: Gray and Black | Load endurance: 240 lbs | Resistance: Magnetic

Sunny Health is a Marvel. Elliptical trainer machines have become necessary items to be used in daily routine by fitness-conscious individuals. This machine helps the user maintain the fitness of upper and lower body parts by providing flexible and easy operational methods.

Since we have to perform multiple exercises at a time, I found an easy solution to this problem. This 2 in 1 magnetic elliptical, upright bike helps me to perform all the required/needed exercise in one place with all necessary facilities. I had been using an old exercise bike, and I’m thankful to the makers of this 2 in 1 elliptical bike for making me get rid of the previous rigorous routine.

What makes this best 2 in 1 elliptical and bike the best?

Time is money, and we try to take all necessary actions to facilitate ourselves In our daily chores. I had to use two different machines, An elliptical trainer and a running bike, to stay fit. Fortunately, I have got this two-in-one technology through which I can perform both exercises simultaneously.

Moreover, The machine comprises some advanced features like a 4-way adjustable seat, Heartbeat tracker, programmable LCD to keep an eye on your stress or workload, Magnetic Resistance, Heartbeat tracker, etc. These features are exclusively related to this particular technology.

One more advanced feature is the addition of a running bike in the same apparatus. The External Aluminum handles provide another safety measure for both exercises. The inseam length of 27.5”-33” with a comfortable and adjustable seat makes it more convenient to use without putting pressure on my insubstantial knees.

A pulse sensor attached to the handle keeps up the proper check on your pulse rate. A performance Monitor and a device Holder are an addition to the available amenities. 8-level adjustable resistance and a whole arm exercise make this machine the finest selection ever.



As far as my recommendation is concerned, I’d recommend Sunny Health machine mainly based on 2 in 1 feature as I found it more relaxing and beneficial in terms of results. I had been performing the rigorous exercise on my previous running bike, and I feel really comfortable and mentally fresh after getting this 2 in 1 magnetic elliptical, upright bike.

The bonus features include a Floor stabilizer that avoids noise and makes smooth practice possible without any distractions.

The machine also has Non-slip pedals for the safety of Adults, and transportation wheels are attached to move the machine from one place to the other.

Wrap Up of Best 2 in 1 Elliptical and Bike

The 2 in 1 Elliptical and Bike will successfully give you a low impact yet very effective cardio workout for your upper and lower bodies. Such a machine helps in weight loss, muscle build-up, strengthening leg muscle, and increasing endurance. To help you pick the best among the best, we reviewed 5 amazing 2 in 1 elliptical and bikes.

Personally, we would like to go with Body Rider in terms of its workout options and features. The forerunner is Nightcore and Doufit owing to their accommodation for seniors and youngsters alike. Bring the one you like best at home to enjoy the soft yet stern exercise sessions.

Elliptical vs glider vs max trainer compares all the pros and cons of these machines and a resource with detailed information of all three machines. 

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