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When upscaling in the world of fitness, there will come a time when you would want to look past the resistance bands or dumbbells at your home. Unfortunately, frequenting the local gym might not always be possible to quench your fitness thirst. Well, you can get the very same level of fitness in the comfort of your home. The market is packed with some amazing barbells for your home gym that aren’t as expensive as those you see at your local gym but are just as strong and handy. Let’s start searching to get the best barbell for home gym.

So, without further ado, let us check out some of the best barbells for home gym. But, before we do that, here is a quick buying guide to help you understand the best ways to pick a reliable barbell for your home gym.

What Size Barbell Should You Get?

When it comes to picking the right barbell for your home gym, size does play a big role. Both the diameter as well as the length would vary to suit your desired whip. Most home gym barbells must be somewhere between 28mm & 29mm in terms of diameter. Do not settle for something lower than this.

The length should be somewhere between 5 feet and 7 feet. Make sure you don’t go any lower or high than this range.

Barbell Types

Basically, there are four barbell types that are commonly used:

  • 1 — Olympic Barbell
  • 2 — Powerlifting Barbell
  • 3 — Hexagonal or Trap Bars
  • 4 — All-Purpose Barbell

1 — Olympic Barbell

These barbells tend to be fairly big in size and are used for complex lifts such as snatch, clean, or press. If you opt for the Olympic barbell, make sure you get one with 185 KPI of tensile strength & a standard weight that is 20kg.

The length of these barbells must range between 6 feet to 7 feet with a 28mm diameter. Apart from this, always check for a spin on the Olympic barbell. Knurling should be comparatively light in these barbells.

2 — Powerlifting Barbell

The Powerlifting barbells are perfect for lifts that require you to stack in the weight, such as the deadlift, bench press, or back squat. Powerlifting barbell must have an average 20kg weight with 5 to 6 feet length & 28.5 to 29mm diameter.

These barbells need to have a minimum of 190 KPI of tensile strength. Also, this barbell must have minimal spin to help you perform your moves in the best way, such as bench press, back squat, or the military press. Knurling should also be particularly high on the powerlifting bar.

3 — Hexagonal or Trap Bars

If you are looking for the best bars to lift and build your muscles, you surely cannot ignore the hexagonal or trap bars. These bars are ideal for a deadlift. They also work well on your shoulder shrugs. This particular bar packs in a hexagon-shaped frame that helps you grip it well from different sides.

These bars come with a little whip & zero spins. However, the knurling needs to be prominent enough to ensure proper hold while exercising.

4 — All-Purpose Barbell

While the barbells mentioned above are dedicated to specific moves, the all-purpose barbells, as obvious from the name, are meant for an average fitness enthusiast. With all-purpose barbells, you can focus on perfecting your form while building your muscle as well. The tensile strength in these barbells is generally around 175KPI.

These mid-range barbells are worth bringing home and come with a diameter of 28.5mm to support a good flex ratio. The spin and knurling need to be on the average side for these barbells. It isn’t ideal for heavy weight lifting.

1. XMark Voodoo

Are you looking for a bar meant to handle a heavy load that goes as high as 1500lb? Well, the XMark Voodoo Powerlifting Bar can easily tackle this weight without breaking down while flaunting an amazing tensile strength of 185,000 PSI.

Given its features, you would assume that this barbell is expensive. However, it is designed to fit people with a restrictive budget. The barbell is manufactured with the use of alloy steel that is heat-treated. Moreover, the bar also features a diameter of 28mm.

Its grip shaft packs in a black-colored manganese phosphate coating to ensure no abrasion to the barbell. The collar also comes with microgrooves to ensure that the plates are secure while you lift, regardless of the heavy lifting. This barbell is perfect for someone who needs an everyday bar but features that help mimic Olympic lifting and Powerlifting.



2. Body-Solid

Are you looking for a feature-loaded barbell available at a reasonable price for your home gym? Well, nothing could beat the beauty of the Body-Solid Olympic Straight Barbell. This particular barbell comes with a triple-coated chrome finish to help avoid rusting issues, scarring, chipping, or peeling. it is the best barbell for home gym.

Weighing about 37 pounds, this barbell has a 2-inch diameter to help add in your Olympic plates safely and securely. In addition, it features 15.5 inches of collar length and allows you to pile on the plates. The Body-Solid barbell can easily tackle as much as 600lbs of weight which is perfect for average everyday lifters.

With the Body-Solid barbell, you also get a strong grip that comes from its knurled grip featuring throughout its length. Although color might not be something a lifter would care about, it is available in two beautiful colors that are black and chrome.



3. CAP Olympic Bar

If you are serious about building some strength in your upper body, make sure you purchase a bar with a minimum of 165,000 PSI, while 185,000 PSI being an ideal choice. However, these bars might cost you a handful. So, how can you get a similar bar with potentially similar features? Well, do consider the CAP Olympic Bar for weightlifting.

This reasonably priced weightlifting bar comes from the land of Japan and is made up of cold-rolled steel. The barbell has a 15 inches sleeve length along with a powerful tensile strength of about 110,000 PSI. The CAP is no doubt the “Beast” when it comes to selecting the perfect entry-level bar. It is ideal for moderately heavy weightlifting and workout sessions.

Moreover, the sleeves of this barbell are designed with the help of a snap clip to ensure a good grip when you opt for heavy lifting. The bar weighs about 20 kilograms and is ideal for both homes as well as commercial usage.



4. Sunny Health the Best Barbell for Home Gym

Constructed from alloy steel material, the Sunny Health and fitness Threaded Barbell is a convenient design for beginners and pro weightlifters. This 60-inch barbell is a solid design that is compact & isn’t too bendy when you exercise.

The barbell has a 250 pounds weight holding capacity and accommodates different types of weight plates with a 1-inch hole in the center. Its ergonomic design helps keep the storage feature easy and good to go. When cleaning the barbell, all you need to do is wipe away the sweat and debris.

The Sunny Barbell helps you engage and build the muscles in the shoulders, arms, & back area. This way, you can improve productivity & endurance while amping up your metabolism. This standard weightlifting barbell is ideal for a complete body workout from your home gym.



5. REP Fitness Sabre

This fitness bar by REP comes in a 7-foot version that weighs about 44 lbs. Along with this, you get access to a strong 28mm diameter that can easily handle about 1000lbs of weight. In addition, the 150,000 PSI tensile strength ensures that you can easily weight lift without having to worry about the barbell bending or breaking.

The bar features knurling of medium depth to help enhance the grip. In addition, the REP bar comes with a high-quality zinc coating that helps prevent any metallic rusting issues. This bar is also reasonably priced to ensure that you don’t have to spend your entire saving to update your home gym.

The barbell is perfect for both Olympic lifting as well as cross-training. So whether you plan on opting for a bench press, squat, deadlift, or any other HIIT workout, this fitness bar is something you should definitely try out.



6. Iron Company

Manufactured in the United States’ Midwestern area, this barbell by Iron Company is a durable bar that can fulfill all your weightlifting needs. The bar is about 7 feet long while weighing about 44lbs along with its 28.75mm diameter.

This Olympic weight lifting bar is perfect for squats, bench presses, as well as deadlifts. The barbell also has a relishing sleeve length that is about 16.5 inches. So along with its 155,000 PSI tensile strength, this barbell can help you carve those muscles with ease. no doubt its features make it the best barbell for home gym.

Not just that, this barbell also features a dual-type medium knurling that helps with the correct placement of your hands while you opt for powerlifting and Olympic weight lifting. The bar also features a black-colored oxide finish along with sturdy chrome sleeves.



7. Synergee Regional

If you are looking for an impressive design, look no further than the Synergee Regional Barbell, meant for both men and women. The barbell is created from high-grade and durable steel that lasts for years. The tensile strength brought in by this bar is about 190,000 PSI.

The Synergee can also handle about 1500lbs of weight with ease. Designed for exceptional performance, this barbell features a 1.2mm diamond-shaped knurl. In addition, this barbell provides the right amount of handgrip with 5 needle-like bearings on each sleeve.

This barbell provides an amazing whip for any weightlifting while being stiff enough to help your deadlift, squat, as well as the bench press. The durable construction ensures that the loaded barbell withstands any type of drop, even from the overhead.



8. Titan Fitness

Although designed primarily for bench press, the Titan Fitness Barbell enjoys a versatile make that can be used for any type of weightlifting routine. This all-rounder bar is perfect for powerlifting, bodybuilding, as well as Olympic lifting.

This 7 feet long bar weighs about 44lbs & is crafted from cold-rolled steel material to ensure durability. Given this finish, you can expect zero rusting issues that come in with most metallic bars. The bar can hold as much as 700lbs in weight while making it ideal for average weight lifters.

The knurling in the barbell adds to the gripping feature while ensuring that you don’t have to tackle any accidents that occur due to slipping. Plus, the 33mm grip area diameter is a bit larger than most standard industry barbells which give you access to a perfect exercising routine.



9. CAP Barbell

Most home gym owners want to opt for the Olympic bar sets for their exercising routine. However, the budget might not always permit this. So, what can you do about it? Well, you can get something just as close. The CAP Barbell is a standard-size weightlifting accessory that helps you achieve all the features of an Olympic barbell minus the cost.

This 7 feet bar can safely be used in combination with your home gym’s power rack while allowing you to exercise as long as you want. The barbell is also of the ideal weight to ensure it doesn’t bend away too easily while you train.

It also holds in standard plates and features diamond-shaped knurling right in the mid of the bar to ensure that you get access to an enhanced grip. Ideally, it’s our second last recommendation on the best barbell for home gym.



10. UINKISY Barbell

If you are bored of the standard barbells at your home gym, it is time to switch it up with the curled barbells. When you need the right curb barbell for your exercising needs, opt for the UINKISY Barbell. This curl bar provides you access to fitness routines that focus on triceps and biceps.

Featuring a 132 pounds load carrying capacity, this barbell can help you shape your muscles in a rather powerful manner. The barbell allows you to position your hand ergonomically. The tilted bar grip ensures that you can change your hand’s grip without slipping and focus on different types of muscle groups.

The barbell has more than a foot of workable space to help accommodate 1-inch standard size weights. Plus, it also comes with a diamond-shaped knurled handle to maximize the safety and comfort factor.



How to Shop Barbells

Before you hop into the shopping parade, make sure you understand the barbell glossary. This will help you understand what is important before you make a purchase.

1-Tensile Strength

When purchasing a barbell for the home gym, you need to check the tensile strength of this gym equipment. This rating denotes the maximum weight your barbell can take up before breaking down.

You can find this denotes with PSI or Pounds/ Square Inch. You can also find this denoted by KPI. Make sure you select a barbell that has a tensile strength of 165KPI or more.


Now, the yield is almost similar to the tensile strength. However, yield denotes the pressure your bar can take before bending irreversibly. On the other hand, tensile strength denotes the weight your bar can take before breaking down.


This number denotes the amount of flex experienced by the barbell during the lifts. In case the barbell has a high whip number, it tends to be particularly flexible. A bar with a low whip tends to be solid as a rock. Barbells intended for heavy lifting and bench press needs to have a low whip number.


A barbell’s spin tells you how much one can hold on to the shaft as they rotate. To aid the spin, most home gym barbells come with either bushings or bearings. Although bearings are preferred more than bushings, top brands such as Eleiko make use of bushings.

Whether there is a need for a bar with the spin would depend entirely on the exercises and movements to be done using the barbell. For example, in case you are doing movements that require the barbell to rotate, such as press and clean, you would require a bar that has a high spin to ensure you don’t injure your wrists.


Knurling is the term used by most manufacturers to describe your barbell’s grip markings. In case there is heavy knurling, you get a good amount of grip. However, if the knurling is way too much, it might shred your palms.

Knurling is also critical as it shows the right place to keep the hands when you are exercising to avoid any wrist injuries and adhere to the competitive standards.

6-Snap Rings and Bolts

The end part of your barbell is secured with the use of bolts and snap rings. The snap rings tend to be a kinder inclusion to the bar’s bushings or bearings. On the other hand, bolts tend to do just the opposite & you might find them paired with the cheaper models.

Comparison Chart of Our Recommended Barbells

Barbell Tensile Strength Weight Capacity Total Weight Bar Diameter
XMark Voodoo 185,000 PSI 1500lb 20kg 28mm
Body-Solid Olympic -NA- 600lbs 16kg 50mm
CAP Olympic Bar 110,000 PSI 1000lbs 20kg 28.5mm
Sunny Health & Fitness -NA- 250lbs 5.5kg 25.4mm
REP Fitness 150,000 PSI 1000lbs 20kg 28mm
Iron Company 155,000 PSI 1500lbs 20kg 28.75mm
Synergee Regional 190,000 PSI 1500lbs 20kg-Men 15kg-Women 28mm
Titan Fitness Barbell 165,000 PSI 700lbs 20kg 33mm
CAP Barbell -NA- 250lbs 8.7kg 44mm
UINKISY Barbell -NA- 132lbs 5.6kg 25.4mm


All the barbells that we discuss above are good enough to consider for a home gym, and anyone can be your best barbell for home gym but keep consider your height and weight while buying a barbell; it can save you from any future hassles. 

With these pointers in mind, we hope you can purchase a perfectly suited barbell for your everyday exercising needs. Do not forget, research is the key to getting the best barbell and, of course, the best and the healthiest body; we advise you to read the full review and guide then make your mind.

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