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Let’s get a few years back in time when Bowflex equipment wasn’t a thing. You decided to start to get a perfect fit and healthy body. However, to your dismay, you did not have any advanced technology that could help you lose weight.

Now last month, your friend decided to do the same. But this time, he got one thing that you didn’t get all those years back. Technology. So, instead of paying heavy gym memberships and spending countless hours working out every day, he got a workout machine for an on-time price. And as we can already tell, you were shocked to see this fantastic machine!

How to know which exercise machines of Bowflex are best? Here is a solution this article discusses the best Bowflex home gym along with a review as well as pros and cons. 

One thing is clear; these workout machines are a total all-in-one workout beat. It doesn’t matter what kind of workout or exercise you want to perform; the workout equipment will be there to assist you further in any way possible.

Impressed by the Bowflex workout machines? Of course, we knew it already; that’s why we will discuss some of the best Bowflex for Home Gym comprehensively.

History of 'Bowflex' Store

So, let’s examine how exactly Bowflex began and the real reason behind this store’s massive global retail success, primarily through platforms like amazon.

Back in 1986, yes, you read it right! It is 1986, to be exact, the day when Bowflex launched its first workout machine designed especially following the needs of home gym owners.

So, keeping the home gym owners in mind, Bowflex has introduced some of the most perfectly built lightweight workout machines helping you out in any workout or exercise.

But what makes Bowflex unique? Well, after carefully analyzing countless reviews left by customers across the globe, we think we know the answer. One thing common among all the Bowflex workout machines was that all the Bowflex equipment is exceptionally lightweight and offers the highest possible personalization options.

Time to take a look at some of the best Bowflex workout machines there are available in the market today,

1. Bowflex PR 100 Review

Bowflex Blaze is a wonder. I have been a fitness freak myself since I was 18. So that puts my experience with workout machines and trainers to almost a solid ten years. And let me tell you one thing, overall, these years, I haven’t spent a hefty amount of money and time on gyms and workout equipment. I have got exceptional results but at what cost?

When I recently got my hands on the Bowflex PR 1000 home gym trainer of home gym series. Well, I never believed in the concept of an all-in-one type of workout machine, so having something like this was a far shot for me.

And I got my reasons; I mean, how’s this even possible that a single workout machine will be able to execute some of the most intense workouts that I am addicted to. But recently, after carefully observing the Bowflex PR 1000 at a friend’s home. I needed to try out this fantastic gadget myself. And to be honest, it is indeed worth every penny.

Where do I start? I guess the first thing that sparked was the Bowflex nametag itself. I mean, a name that strong must have put something substantial in this amazing workout machine. And the second thing I guess is the fantastic features!

I can’t believe how skillfully they have designed this machine? I mean a rotating seat for aerobic rowing, adjustable weight bench, built-in media rack! This is not just some standard stuff that you may find in your favorite workout equipment.

But one thing is clear, the designers of this amazing workout machine know precisely how to grab your attention.

Why it is the best Bowflex home gym?

Are you serious? I can give tons of reasons why the Bowflex PR 1000 is the perfect choice for any home gym owner but okay, let us try to minimize it to one specific feature. Well, I think that the multiple cable pulley positions are a total rock star when it comes to around 360-degree motion in any direction you require.

In addition, the feature allows the user to redesign his/her workout schematics just the way she prefers. You know, adding that extra personalization touch in the great workout!



Well, the real question is, why shouldn’t we? An all-in-one workout device with some of the remarkable workout features and a tendency to occupy less space. What else can we suggest better for your home gym than the Bowflex PR 1000? Moreover, the warranty policy of the Bowflex products is generous, including the Bowflex PR 1000, which will be an excellent choice for a long and durable partnership.

2. Bowflex Blaze Review

BOWFLEX BLAZE is my favorite as the best Bowflex home gym. Mike and I have been buddies since our kindergarten days. Family gatherings, parties, events, there’s no way we will miss participating in any of these together without any solid reason. So yeah, you can tell that we are very close.

The very same reason why I never left his side after his traumatic road accident, which didn’t paralyze him, thank God for that. But his neuromuscular system was undoubtedly affected due to the direct impact on the body.

So obviously, he has suggested any light impact workout to get his neuromuscular system out of the state of trauma. And what could be a better choice than the Bowflex Blaze?

It was challenging and heart-breaking initially; a guy like Mike used to complete whole sets of intense workouts every day. Now not being able to even walk properly without added aid, but that’s life, I guess.

However, the Blaze has been a real-life saver in this regard. There was no way we would take Mike to a gym with tons of people working out. So instead, the Blaze has been an excellent alternative for a low-impact workout plan.

Do you know what the most crucial workout we were looking for was? Naturally, the leg presses as the legs were the most affected areas in the case of Mike. And you can’t believe how smoothly and flawlessly leg presses were executed.

Moreover, the built-in trainer modules, along with tri-functional hand-grip and ankle cuffs, made it extremely easy for him to move towards his fitness freak days gradually.

Before this whole experience, we never thought that a store like Bowflex comes with rehabilitation-based designs, which have been a huge positive feature.

What makes Bowflex Blaze best?

As you can already tell, both of us are huge fans of the Bowflex Blaze, and we do have our reasons. But let me tell you the main reason why I think that Bowflex Blaze is the best Bowflex home gym across the globe.

The built-in Lat pull-down bars and the squat bars make it convenient for users to work on the upper body portion, hence maximizing the neuromuscular coordination of the upper body where most of the vital organs lie, thus making these a pair of the highly influential feature.

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With 60+ built-in exercise setups along with a rod resistance that can be extended up to 310-410 lbs. according to your desired requirements, what else you can wish for from a perfect home workout machine. Moreover, the Bowflex brand name is itself enough to compensate for any doubts you have in mind. So yeah, the Bowflex Blaze will be an excellent fit for your home gym.

3. Bowflex Xceed Review

BOWFLEX XCEED is great. Let me tell you something interesting about my father. He seems to be a pretty regular guy. A man with two grown children and an illustrious career as a college professor. But he has been a fitness freak since the age of 20!

And still is. Oh, and how can I forget. Can you believe that my dad and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been workout buddies for a few months? Before he finally decided to move here and begin his career as a college professor.

And let me tell you one thing, the Xceed has been his favorite home gym exercise machine since that time.

Watching my dad since I started to understand things a little bit, I know how vital his workout routine is for him. Honestly, I don’t think I have seen him missing his workout sets for more than two days in a row, up to this very.

Even before his retirement, he used to get up early in the morning and, after short warming up jogging session, used to get on his beloved Bowflex Xceed and complete his daily workout sets before finally leaving for the college after a healthy breakfast.

There’s no doubt that Bowflex is an eye-catching brand. Especially when we talk about home gym workout equipment. But the Xceed is a complete package in itself. The machine comes with 65+ built-in workout schematics along with an adjustable quick-release seat.

Hence allowing the user to adjust the workout conditions and intensity just the way he/she wants to.

Taking about the overall structure of the Xceed, there’s no way you can expect anything other than a high-quality steel framework from Bowflex. Eventually, increasing the durability and credibility of the Xceed up to many folds.

Why Bowflex Xceed is the best bowflex home gym?

Let me explain why my father believes this is probably the best Bowflex one can get for his/her gym. Well, over the years, dad has tried equipment of all sorts in gyms across the US. He has also worked out with one of the body-building icons across the world.

But what he adores about the Bowflex Xceed is that it’s more like a compressed gym that occupies way less space and allows the user to perform almost every traditional and non-traditional workout there is from the added comfort of his/her house. Isn’t this remarkable?



With all that being said, we think that the Bowflex Xceed is an excellent choice for those looking for a maximum number of workouts to perform from a machine that occupies a lot less space than traditional working out equipment like the Bowflex Xceed itself. That’s why it’s going to fit right in perfectly with your home gym.

Rod Resistance Workout Levels Seat Adjustment Maximum Weight Capacity Dimensions Rotation
Bowflex PR 1000 200 lbs. 25+ Sliding 300 lbs. 86x38x83 360
Bowflex Blaze 210 lbs (Upgradeable to 310-410 lbs.) 60+ Sliding 300 lbs. 90x38x83 in 360
Bowflex Xceed 210 lbs (Upgradeable to 310-410 lbs.) 65+ Quick-release 300 lbs. 84x38x82 in 360

Answering Some of Your Frequently Asked Questions

Well, sure it is! Bowflex is one of the pioneers of workout equipment like these that are discussed above. Since 1986, the Bowflex company has believed in one thing and one thing only. To provide equipment which can be used across the globe no matter what age or region they belong to.

The same idea went behind the homework series introduced by Bowflex. The home workout series includes some of the revolutionary products designed by Bowflex itself, allowing the users to enjoy multiple gym-level workouts from the comfort of their homes. These workout machines are designed specifically, keeping the fact that there isn’t much of a space opportunity we all have in our homes. That’s why all these remarkable Bowflex home workout machines, including the above three, are significantly space conscious.

Well, that depends upon you and you alone. Think about this; you’re trying to strengthen your upper body muscles. In this case, you will buy equipment that will aid in your upper body muscle development and not the equipment designed for your lower body muscles.

The same thing goes when deciding to get the correct type of Bowflex for your home gym. In the market today, there are countless remarkable features we are getting at an exceptional price. But the most crucial part is whether we require these features or not.

Let’s say you’re going to buy an entirely optional high-end Bowflex workout machine, but we both know that majority of the features are those that you’ll not be even looking at twice. So, going with more appropriate and user-friendly features will be a better idea than going with the top-of-the-line variant.

Yes, along with showcasing their presence around the globe through their official website, Bowflex also has an official retail store on an e-commerce giant like Amazon. And based on the overall rating of the store, it’s quite a successful one. Moreover, you can order almost every remarkable Bowflex product with some exciting discounts available throughout the year!


We hope that the things we have discussed in this article will surely help you make the right choice in one way or the other. But remember, only you can decide what’s best for you. We have gathered some of the best Bowflex home gym equipment you can get from the market at a reasonable price and loaded with countless features.

No doubt some of the features are too good to be true. Some have exceptional workouts schematics, while others may offer a more robust and more durable machine framework.

But obviously, not everything is for anyone. So consider your priorities, take a look at your home gym, evaluate what kind of the desired outcome you expect from the Bowflex, and then finally decide.

Still, got some questions to ask? It’s great to see that you’re this much concerned regarding making the right choice for yourself. Drop a message here, and we will contact you back with answers as soon as possible. Have a great day and remember, you have the spirit to change the world! All you need is this will of yours and consistency.

After all, the ones that reach a certain level of dedication are the truest champions.


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