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What is the best way to keep your fitness routine going in between gym sessions? If you have a home workout space, one of the key pieces of equipment you’ll need is a dip station. A dip station will allow you to work on strength and muscle building without having to go out for it every day. However, with so many different models on the market, choosing one can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our top picks! So let’s find the best dip station for home gym.

Picking the right model for your needs may seem difficult at first, but it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to help with reviews and information about each product to make that decision easier than ever before.

Before Moving Forward Let’s Have a look at our top 3 recommendations:

13 Benefits of Having a Dip Station

Dips are one of the most important strength training exercises you could ever do. They can help build your chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles. Not to mention, they work on your abdominals as you keep yourself from bending at the waist during dips.

Today’s sports athletes use this exercise to build up their upper body strength for their sport or recreation activity. Bodybuilders need a strong chest and shoulder area in order to win bodybuilding competitions. Even non-athletic people who simply want to look better would benefit from doing dips because it helps develop muscle tone throughout your entire upper body.

1 — Allow to Add More Weight

If you are lifting weights, a dip station will help you get the most out of your exercise program. This is because you can hang more weight plates on it than you could if you were doing dips with just your body weight. 

In addition, dip stations allow for easier access to the bar and the freedom to move around as much as possible in order to perform full range-of-motion repetitions.

2 — Superior to Push-ups

Dips are also great because you use more than one joint and muscle group to do them. Specifically, the shoulder and elbow joints work together during dips in order for you to lower yourself down to the ground and then return back up again. This is unlike push-ups which only involve your shoulder joints.

3 — Compound Exercise

Dips involve more than one muscle group and therefore work out your entire upper body. This makes them a great exercise for bodybuilders and regular people looking to develop muscle tone throughout their arms, chest, shoulders, back, and abs.

Dip stations allow you to add extra weight on top of your body weight when performing dips which will help increase the resistance even more.

For example, if you used a dip station to do bench presses, the barbell would hang from the dip station during repetitions. However, dumbbells could also be used during dips if you wanted an extra challenge.

4 — Use A Variety Of Muscles

It is difficult for your body to use a variety of muscle groups at one time. This is because the muscles are less likely to fail when they do not have to work in unison with other muscles right away. 

However, dips force you to utilize your chest muscles and your triceps and shoulder muscles together to keep yourself from bending over at the waist during dips. This makes them an excellent exercise that challenges more than one set of muscles at a time.

5 — Dips Allows You To Add Weight To Your Body Weight

When you are trying to build up strength and muscle tone, it is important to challenge yourself. This can be done by adding weight to increase the resistance that your body feels during each repetition. For example, if you were doing dips on a regular dip bar, you would only need your body weight for this exercise to be effective.

However, when you have access to a dip station, then you could easily add extra weight such as dumbbells or even barbells onto the bar of the dip station itself for more resistance during every repetition.

6 — Dip Station Allows You To Get A Full Range of Motion

If you are working out alone at a dip station, you can’t get a full range of motion since there would be no one else around to spot you if you were unable to lift yourself back up again.

However, if you have access to a dip bar, then this could be either mounted on or off the ground, and the height can easily be adjusted whenever necessary for your bodyweight dips and leg lifts (which will be discussed later) go through a full range of motion.

This means performing both the lowering part and the raising part of each repetition which helps increase workout intensity even more.

7 — Dip Stations add Varaity to Your Existing Dip Program

There is only so much that can be done with dips on a dip bar. However, by having access to a dip station then there is considerable versatility when it comes to your existing program since you can keep adding weight onto the bar as well as moving from different positions such as lying down and sitting down.

This may seem like something relatively minor, but if you were doing the same exercises over and over again without any variation, then your body would eventually get used to the repetition, which would make them less effective in terms of building up strength or increasing muscle tone.

8 — Arms Are Being Worked Too

If you did not know already, dips could help build up your arm muscles since they use so many of the same muscles used for push-ups. For instance, dips will work on the biceps just like other upper body exercises such as bench presses do.

The difference is that with dip bars, you can use heavier weights, which allows you to stimulate larger amounts of muscle fibers and, therefore, get stronger faster than normal push-ups would be able to accomplish in terms of results.

9 — Dip Stations Are Very Customizable To Your Personal Needs

Dip stations are very customizable and can be used by anyone. This is great because they can easily be stored away when not in use which means less clutter around the home or workout area. 

They can also easily fit into small spaces such as under a bed if you wanted to keep them out of sight but still have access to them anytime that you wanted them. 

Plus, they are adjustable so even if you are tall or short then there is no need to worry about this exercise being challenging for your body type at all!

10 — Dip Stations Increase the Gravity of Exercise SEssion

By increasing the gravity of an exercise session, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your workout and therefore get faster results, especially if you are working with a trainer that is encouraging you to push yourself harder each day.

By increasing the weight or adding more weights onto dip bars, you will feel more resistance towards your body during every repetition, which will force your muscles to lift themselves again and again.

This gives them little time in between repetitions so that they are forced into the high-intensity mode for as long as possible and thereby stimulate large amounts of muscle fibers all at once.

11 — Dips Icreasse Flexibility

You can also increase your overall flexibility while working out with dip bars. This is due to the fact that you will be able to stretch yourself further than what you would be able to otherwise which means that your muscles will be able to pull themselves up at a greater distance, meaning they have long-distance in between muscle fibers and joints and therefore are forced to use more force than usual in order for each repetition. 

12 — Dip Stations Encourage Better Form

Since there will usually be only one person using a dip station alone, it won’t matter whether or not their form is proper or not since no one else is around to witness them straining themselves during the exercise sessions. However, if you were on an athletic team, for instance, where fitness is a big part of the game, poor form during dips would become very noticeable.

This is especially true if there were other people around to witness them using the improper form and therefore not pushing themselves as hard as they could be. 

13 — They Help Reduce Injuries

Since you will be the only one in the room using a dip station, it will allow you to use the proper form without worrying about anyone else making fun of you for not being able to do well during your repetitions.

You can also rest easy knowing that if something were to go wrong, such as a fall or slip, there would be no other people around to get injured by your actions either.

So, with all of these positive benefits, it is easy and logical reasons why someone would want to invest money into a dip station rather than just sticking with push-ups!

1. ProsourceFit Dip Stand Station

Equipment for home gyms can not be compromised considering their less access to maintenance services, unlike gyms where ever-ready tools are available. The commercial version of ProSourceFit is now successfully replicated in the home sphere. The Dip Station is a coveted one for training, strength, Pilates, rehabilitation, and yoga.

Standout Aspects

  • Extreme Safety – Safety is highly valued during the construction of ProSourceFit. Firstly, the extra-durable iron bars are utilized that can easily accommodate the weight up to 400 lbs. Moreover, rubber soles give extra security and prevent palm bruises. At the lower end, the stand is supported by a robust non-slip base.

  • Nifty Portability – The construction of ProSourceFit is super simple, as is the assembling. Hence, the user can drag the Dip Station wherever he wants.

Usability Grade

The usability grade is universal as the dip bars are adjustable from 31″ to 35″, allowing everyone to have a fun ride. Vibrant fitness geeks of all ilks and clans can tailor the height accordingly. Besides casual users, advanced athletes could rivet up the difficulty level with staggered heights. Simply put, ProSourceFit is for everyone.

Compelling Reason for Buying

Our first recommendation of the best dip station for home gym has all that a home user needs. Made up of sturdy iron, ProSourceFit helps sculpt your body at home while acquiring the minimum space. On the other hand, it’s not bulky at all. Moreover, the lightweight construction does not translate into any compromise on quality. The iron construction bolsters the Dip Station against the ravages caused by classic dips, L-sits, or push-ups.



2. Sportsroyals Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station

Sportsroyals Dip Station is a 2021 power tower updated version that is strongly built from the inside out. High-grade steel is used as a foundation. The dual-triangular base provides the world’s best fitness to conduct any upper body exercise.

Standout Aspects

  • Power Tower – The Power Tower setup brings various exercise options by default, such as push-up, pull-up, knee/leg raise, and dips. The 2021 design is alluring to the core.
  • Spinal Support – Comfortability is a must-have with Sportsroyals. The back cushion allows seven adjustable positions with zero strain on the back.

Usability Grade

Power Tower designs, from where this Dip Station belongs, are placed on the high rungs of the usability ladder. The same is the case with Sportsroyals owing to six-gear regulation height, seven-level backrest, pull-up frame, multiple handles, and triangle push-ups.

Compelling Reason for Buying

More often than, the user bemoans the strain on the arms while using the Dip Station. Sportsroyals has eradicated this complaint by installing a tilted inward 10° arm handle that provides the angled armrest with accurate positioning and comfort.



3. Everyday Essentials Power Tower

Everyday Essentials Dip Station is another Power Tower exercise equipment for home gyms. Everyday Essentials Dip Station allows the user to garner the maximum upper body strength right under the comfort of the home.

Standout Aspects

  • Sophisticated Simplicity – Everyday Essentials Dip Station is designed, keeping in view the needs of an ordinary home user. This, in turn, automatically infuses the organic build, handy for the general user.
  • Shock absorption – The steel tubing, H-based frame, and sturdy construction allow the handy absorption of ripples produced during exercise

Usability Grade

The veterans give ten out 10 to Everyday Essentials in the adjustability genre. The armrest, backrest, pull-up all are adjustable, inviting everyone to tone up their body type. The assembly is straightforward and does not require any rocket science.

Compelling Reason for Buying

If the same Dip Station standards are provided right at the doorstep, what is the need for hankering for the gyms? Everyday Essentials maintain a standard, so this Dip Station is an idealized version for adorning your home gym.



4. Bronze Times Power Tower Workout

Bronze Times is an excellent workhorse for toning the upper body and back muscles. The construction format is Power Tower that is a bit more sturdy than the counterparts considering the precise welding and screw connection. The fantastic design helps make it ideal for push-ups, tricep dips, chin-ups, knee raises, leg raises, and more.

Standout Aspects

  • Warm-up Mode – It’s risky to plunge the human body into a rigorous exercise spree directly; Bronze Times recognizes this fact and allows the body to warm up via tension ropes.
  • Universal Adjustability – Nine-level height, six-level back, and three-level handle adjustability are provided to accommodate almost all physiques.

Usability Grade

This power tower fits the whole family, considering its convenience for different shapes, sizes, and ages, and these features turn it into the best dip station for home gym. The nine-level adjustment could swing between 70 to 83.7 inches.

Reason for Buying

The lifeline of any Dip Station is durability. Bronze Times performs over-the-top in this genre, as it incorporates 2.7-inch thickened steel pipes to withstand excessive shaking.



5. Yokele Power Tower Workout Dip Station

Yokele Dip Station is strengthening workout equipment to tone up the upper body. Yokele uses the commercial quality steel pipe in this home gym workhorse. This is an inciting aspect that withstands the claim of longevity.

Standout Aspects

  • Multi-functionality – The multi-functionality of this Dip Station makes it stand out. You can use it for Chin-ups, Pull-ups, dip, Push-ups, and Leg-raises. Apart from home, it can also be used at offices or basements.
  • Humanized Elbow Cushion – The humanized elbow cushion is a scantily provided option, but this acts as a game-changer for new users. You can use Yokele for a long time without hurting your arms.

Usability Grade

The usability of Yokele is exceptionally high. It is open for all, ranging from 6.5 to 7.6 feet. Fortunately, the adjustment is six-gear. The other factors pushing the usability grade higher are easy portability, effortless adjustment, and easy assembling.

Compelling Reason for Buying

Muscle strains and pain strike many Dip Station users. Yokele aptly counters this predicament by incorporating extreme safeties such as anti-back tilt, high-density Informa, sweat absorption, and ergonomic patterns. Yokele cares about your spine.




The Relife Dip Station is another exciting variant for sculpting the extra fat of the body right at the comfort of the abode. Relife is finely built, up-to-date equipment to hit the targeted areas sans any extra rambling.

Standout Aspects

  • More than Dip Station – Besides dips, the station also provides other exercise types such as knee raises and so on. Hence, enhancing muscle strength and getting in shape.
  • Durability on the go – Relife is a durable machine that does not break down easily. Besides general safety assembling, this Dip Station has a safety lock nut. This mechanism prevents the nuts from falling off during vibration.

Usability Grade

The usability grade of Relife is higher owing to three factors; firstly, the vast height adjustability (64-83 inches), secondly, multi-functionality, and lastly, easy installation thanks to the anti-skid comfort handle.

Compelling Reason for Buying

According to CozyWay, an international Psychological forum, “one in three fitness enthusiasts leave exercise owing to body shaming.” This factor enhances the demand of learning the ropes at home before plunging into the competitive environment of the gym. Relife builds the confidence and attitude of the exercise style.



7. BalanceFrom Power Tower with Push Up

The BalanceFrom Dip Station is a piece of highly versatile equipment that provides the optimal option of strengthening the upper body and core whenever you like, deep inside the coziness of your home. Moreover, BalanceFrom is made up of high-quality steel laden with an H-shape base for maximum support.

Standout Aspects

  • Know the requirements – Not every Dip Stand is meant to be used at home; business from is the one that understands and is designed considering the home gym philosophy in the first place.
  • Quality is a must-have – BalanceFrom Dip Station is constructed from the finest material, and there is no empirical data available against premature damage.

Usability Grade

Customer satisfaction is almost non-existent in the exercise equipment industry. Some cheapskates crave quick money. This is not the case with the BalanceFrom. If one looks into the nitty-gritty, the genuine quality aspects stand out, such as two-year follow-up, sturdy construction, and jerk-free design.

Compelling Reason for Buying

Although quality Dip Stations are more or less the same, the real compelling reason that pushes for the buying spree of BalanceFrom is the incorporation of rubber feet. Few brands go for this expensive option that provides slip resistance, even on slippery slopes.



8. BangTong&Li the Best Dip Station for Home Gym

BangTong&Li Dip Station was built to bring an overhaul into the world of the exercise equipment industry. The emphasis of this brand is on handles; the above handle is for pull-ups, the lower one is for push-ups, the horizontal one is for upper body strength, and the vertical grip targets the abdominal portion.

Standout Aspects

  • High Aesthetics – BangTong&Li is a design wonder. When perched at your home gym, it does not look like an eyesore but a fascinating piece thanks to powder finish, ABS usage, and glittering colors.
  • Protect the house floor – BangTong&Li also protects the floor tiles thanks to incorporating non-slip end caps that provide soft firmness.

Usability Grade

Usability is higher than the skies. Besides general universal usage, the brand provides additional training accessories such as TRX, yoga straps, and punch bags.

Compelling Reason for Buying

If you are tired of the fraying pads, then select the Dip station offered by BangTong&Li. The arm and back pads are designed for odorless and breathable PU leather. We are sure that you cannot find this optimal leather quality in contemporary brands.



9. Pelpo Power Tower Height Adjustable Pull Up

Pelpo is a professionally crafted Dip Station that merges convenience, fashion, affordability, and sturdiness into one forum. The riding experience on Pelpo is relishing, and the user gets rid of extra upper body fat sans going the extra mile.

Standout Aspects

  • Exercise hardened – The quality manufacturing assures that the end product of Pelpo is home gym-worthy. The Dip Station does not get broken down by simple maneuvering.
  • Advanced Manufacturing – Every aspect, from screw to pads, is shrewdly picked up and installed by the Pelpo.

Usability Grade

The usability grade is above average. Pelpo Dip Station can be used easily by the whole family after a bit of tinkering.

Reason for Buying

Stability is the key feature of any Dip Station. Pelpo introduces the most robust X-shape design bracket that dramatically enhances the stability score. Ride freely!



10. BODYTECH Power Tower Dip Station

BodyTech is an essential Dip Station equipment designed to provide high-quality training right at your doorstep. Although there are a few restrictions, such as less endurance capacity with this equipment. Overall, BodyTech is fine with regular push-ups, pull-ups, and chin-ups.

Standout Aspects

  • Super Simple Construction – BodyTech Dip Station is an essential Dip Station that is handy for the fitness-geeks who do not want to step out of the home. The good part is that everyone can use it with a simple sense of the exercise.
  • Exercise on your very own – BodyTech provides the option of exercising on your way, thanks to the adjustability option instilled in every aspect. The seat, armrests, heights, and other accommodations are adjustable to the maximum lengths.

Standout Aspects

The usability grade is good if you are using it for the basic exercises. Nonetheless, the grade gets dipped once the professional and athletics teams come into the foray. All in all, for home usage, it is the best dip station for home gym.

Compelling Reason for Buying

Exercise equipment becomes an eyesore when ladened with a heavyweight. The predicament intensifies when these are being used at home. We recommend the BodyTech Dip Station considering its lightweight construction.



Comparing the Best Dip Stations for Home Gym

Products Material Weight Dimensions Color Load Endurance
ProSourceFit Iron 10.84 KG 16 x 24 x 31 Red, Black, Yellow 400LBS
SportsRoyal Steel 25.86 KG 49.21 x 16 x 7 Black 440 LBs
Everyday Essentials Steel 32.66 KG 51.5 x 19.5 x 6.5 Gray 400 LBS
Bronze Times Alloy Steel 23.13 Kg 45.5 x 14 x 6.5 red 400 LBS
Yokele Steel 23KG 55.5 X 24.6 X 4. 7 Black and Red 400 LBS
Relife Steel 20.41 KG 48.82 x 22.44 x 4.33 Black 280 LBS
Balancefrom Steel 32.66 Kg 58 X 18 X 8 GRAY 400 LbS
Bangtong Steel 23.92 Kg 46.85 x 14.37 x 6.69 Black and red 330 LBS
pelpo Steel 28 Kg 52.71 x 15.55 x 5.5 Black and Silver 400 LBs
BodyTech Steel 14.72 Kg 50.39 x 16. 54 x 4.33 Black 330 Lbs

Things to Consider When Buying Dip Station

Get ready for your muscles to be sore! Dip stations are a great addition to any home gym or commercial facility. And, even though there are many different options out there, it can be hard to decide what kind of dip station will work best for you.

The truth is that all dip stations have their own advantages and disadvantages – some good and some bad. This article will take you through the basics of choosing a dip station so that you make an educated decision when buying one.

Four main questions should be asked when considering which dip station would work best for your needs:

  • Where am I going to use the product?
  • What features do I want?
  • What size do I need?
  • Is this product durable and reliable?
  • What’s the cost?
  • Is there support?

Would you please keep in mind that there are countless dip stations available to buy? And, some of them can get pretty expensive – especially if you’re looking for high-end products. However, I will do my best to list the most popular options and give you an idea of what they offer at different price points.

In addition to this buying guide, we have also created a comprehensive guide on using a dip station, which should help answer all your questions about using it properly!

1) Where am I going to use the product?

The first question you need to ask yourself is where you plan on using the dip station. If space is limited, then having a full dip bar may not be practical or possible. Some places where these products work great include:

  • a home gym
  • a garage gym
  • a basement
  • a locker room of a school or sports facility

If space is not an issue, you could potentially use a dip station in any location that you choose. Just make sure to get the appropriate size based on your needs.

2) What features do I want?

Aside from having enough space for the equipment, there are some other things to consider when buying a dip station:

Do you want a dip station with parallel handles?

Do you want additional attachments for working out your arms?

3) What size do I need?

The following chart should help give you an idea of how much weight each type of dip bar can hold and how much room it will consume: Olympic Size Dip Stations Capacity Weight Length Width Height 1 inch pipe/tube 70 lbs. 16″ 20″ 32″ 2 inch pipe/tube 200 lbs. 16″ 24″ 36″ 3 inch pipe/tube 300 lbs. 16-5/8″ 22-3/4″ 41-1/2″ (to tallest point) 4 fixture mount 400 to 500 lbs. 12′ 18′ 30′ (common in home gyms)

Wall Mounted Dip Stations Capacity Weight Length Width Height 1 fixture mount 100 lbs. 17′ 23′ 35′ 2 fixtures mount 200+ lbs 12′-18′” 19′-24′” canopy will span the length of your arms 3 fixture mount 300+ lbs

The best thing you can do is check out the specifications on each product before you buy one. And, if you have any questions about a particular product, be sure to ask before purchasing!

4) Is this product durable and reliable?

Durability and reliability is another major thing you want to consider when buying a dip station. After all, it can be pretty frustrating to spend money on something that breaks after minimal use. As with most fitness equipment these days, dip stations are built out of heavy-duty steel tubing or high-quality aluminum – so they will last even under heavy weight loads.

In terms of longevity and effectiveness, I would consider the following brands the best in the business: Powerline PXW Dip, Station Parallel bars, which make for a great addition to any home gym or commercial facility. This is an American-made product that is sturdy and dependable. 

It’s probably the most popular dip station on the market right now, which is why we included it in this list! Price: $$ TDS Fitness Dip Station This dip station can hold over 300 lbs., making it ideal for heavy use. The frame and bars are made from high-grade steel tubing, so you won’t have to worry about losing support or safety issues.

This dip station offers everything you need at an unbeatable price for commercial gyms, schools, and training centers! Price: $ Titan Fitness Dip Bar – Commercial Grade Workout Equipment If a heavy-duty product isn’t what you’re looking for and instead something that will fit into your budget, consider this dip bar by Titan Fitness.

It’s great for home use and can hold up to 250 lbs., making it ideal for most people. There are a lot of different models available, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs! Price: $ Powerline PXW Dip Station (2 bars) Add on two additional dip bars and turn one into a dual dip station with this product from Powerline Products Inc. You can work out both arms at once or just focus on one arm at a time.

This heavy-duty dip bar set is made from high-quality aluminum and built to last in even the harshest environments – making it perfect for any commercial fitness facility, school, or another place where people might be rough on equipment. The price point is unbeatable, so this is a great option for anyone who wants to save some money! Price: $

5) What’s the cost?

Typically, dip stations can range anywhere from $100 to well over $1,000. The most expensive dip stations will have accessories such as pull-up bars or leg attachments, whereas more affordable ones will not come with these features. And while they might be missing these accessories, what you do get by spending less money on your dip station will likely be of greater quality and durability – making it a win-win situation in my book.

6) Is there support?

Last but certainly not least, you want to make sure that the company offering the product has excellent customer service and offers some warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's start by defining what an open kinetic chain is since it is used more commonly than its counterpart as well as being easier to understand. An open kinetic chain refers to any movement where there is no fixed point of contact with the ground or other object that restricts movement at one end of a joint (i.e., elbow or knee). For example, when performing a bicep curl you would not have your hands on something solid so that they remain in place while moving through space; therefore, it could be regarded as an open kinetics chain exercise because there was nothing restricting motion at either.

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association's position paper on CKC exercises, it does not matter whether you are performing a dip with your hands/feet in contact with bench or using parallel bars as long as there is no movement at the trunk and pelvis. If you do move your body during this exercise, then it becomes an open-kinetic chain exercise (OKC). In order for something to be considered a true CKC exercise, there must be zero movement of any part of the body except for the arms/legs during performance.


Dip bars have been used by athletes and body builders since ancient times because they offer an effective way to develop your chest, shoulders, triceps and upper back muscles simultaneously. The best part is that they require very little space which makes them perfect for home gyms as well as commercial gyms with limited floor space available. In this article we'll show you how to perform a few different types of dips using dip bars including traditional chest dips, tricep dips and even inverted chest dips if you're looking for something new!

Bottom line

There are many different dip stations available to choose from, but the products listed above will get you started with a quality and reliable set!

No matter whether you’re interested in strength training or just looking for something to help build muscle mass and tone your body, dip stations have become one of the most popular pieces of equipment to own in any home gym. And why not? After all, they are versatile, effective, and can be used alone or with other exercises – which makes them great for both men and women alike! So what is the best dip station on the market? There are lots of different dip stations out there that have their pros and cons. Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the perfect one for your needs!

So what types of dip stations are out there? Powerline PXW Dip Station – Probably the most popular type of dip station on the market right now. This product has a few unique features that make it stand out from others in its category, such as: oversized foam grips, color-coded bars that correspond to weight zones (5 lbs., 10 lbs., 15 lbs., 20 lbs., 25 lbs, and 30 lbs.), and 3 different angle positions (super-wide, regular width, narrow). The price point is unbeatable so this is a great option for anyone who wants to save some money!

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