Best elliptical for small spaces and apartments

Regular elliptical trainers take up too much space, making them unsuitable for small apartments. Fortunately, there are elliptical machines more suited for small spaces – and they don’t compromise on helpful features.

Interested in a new Elliptical trainer that’s perfect for your apartment? We have got you covered. This article will help you get the best elliptical for small space and apartments.

If you are afraid that such a trainer cost a lot and it’s not possible to get one for your home gym, then be sure some versatile and quality options are available; you can get the best elliptical under 500$, and it’s a reasonable amount o invest in a home gym equipment.

What do You need To Look?

One thing a lot of people do is rush into the purchase of an elliptical trainer. We understand the urgency, but knowledge of the right size of Elliptical machine for your home is crucial. Else, you’d end up with a device you don’t need

  • Size Matters: A compact trainer that’s suited for apartments and small spaces shouldn’t exceed 4ft in length and 2ft in width. However, it’s all dependent on the spacing of your apartment. If your apartment doesn’t have the luxury of space, then it’s only wise that you stick to elliptical trainers whose dimensions are within those stated above.
  • Weight: If you’re going to be moving the elliptical trainer quite often, you should settle for a lightweight model. The under-desk variants are often lightweight due to the absence of handlebars and front console.
  • Weight Capacity: these trainers differ on the maximum weight they can support. Depending on your weight, you might want to keep that in mind when picking such a machine.

Here are some of the best elliptical trainers for small apartments on the market:

1. Afully Elliptical Machine

Afully’s reputation as a fitness brand precedes it, and the elliptical trainer stays true to that name. The machine has a base height of 4ft and 11” in width, making it suitable for homes with not enough space. Of course, the height can be adjusted accordingly.

The elliptical trainer has an adaptable magnetic resistance, making it possible to exercise in silence. The multiple levels of control attached to the magnetic resistance ensure it meets the expectations of users.

Typical of any elliptical trainer, this Afully model is equipped with pedals and handles. The petals are adequately contoured to reduce the chances of slipping, which should influence the safety of the machine positively.

A digital monitor attached to the this trainer helps you stay on top of your exercise routine. The monitor doubles as a holder for your device, so no need to find support for your gadget; the elliptical machine has you covered. It is one of the best elliptical for apartment.

Though small in size, this elliptical trainer lets you manage your cardio routine; manipulating the handles makes this possible.  It’s a heavy unit, alright, but you don’t need to lift the elliptical trainer.

The machine has a pair of wheels that makes it easy to move around, so you can carry out your exercise wherever you wish.  Its metal frame is of heavy-duty stock. That’s zero chance of an unstable machine that carves in while in use.



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2. The Best Elliptical for Small Space

This is another elliptical trainer that’s both compact and functional. It lets you undertake different exercises by altering the position of the dural handlebars.

Measuring 61.4” x 39.4”, the elliptical machine should fit into your small-spaced apartment without your having to make massive changes to your interior.

The Pooboo elliptical trainer allows you to adjust the resistance as much at 8 different levels. This makes it suitable for different age groups looking to maximize the use of the machine.

Like the Afully elliptical trainer considered earlier, this Pooboo unit boasts of an LCD monitor and a device holder. Through the LCD monitor, you stay informed on helpful information about your exercise routine such as pulse rate, virtual distance covered, calories consumed and more.

For such a compact trainer, it’s great to see the flywheel is of the magnetic variety. It embodies both sturdiness and efficiency. You shouldn’t have to worry about letting everyone know you’re on an elliptical machine as the noise is barely noticeable.

The Pooboo elliptical trainer packs a pair of roughed pedals built to reduce the chance of you slipping while using the machine. Also, no matter the size of your feet, the pedals can support them.

You can’t ignore safety, so it’s great to see that the elliptical trainer has a heavy-duty steel frame. It’s unlikely to struggle under pressure. Despite the weight, you can move the elliptical trainer easily thanks to its wheels.



3. SNODEE16 the Best Space Saving Elliptical

SNODE takes its “less is more” slogan to a whole new level of awesomeness in this elliptical trainer. The fitness brand delivers an elliptical machine that’s simple while delivering on the desired benefits users seek from such devices.

Not deviating from the norm, the elliptical trainer has 8 distinct levels of magnetic resistance possible through the adjustment of the tension knob. This makes it suitable for different users as the intensity of the exercise routine can be adjusted based on the user’s preferences. Add the machine’s 3PC crank to the equation, and the duo of intensity and sturdiness are adequately covered.

The SNODEE16 has a weight capacity of 265 lbs, which should cater to most users. Should the machine prove unstable due to a significant workload, you can fiddle the horizontal stabilizer to restore balance to the machine.

Typical of any elliptical trainer, this SNODE product has slip-resistant pedals, so you don’t have to worry about your safety while using the machine.  With the SNODEE16 covering just 0.193m^3 of space, it’s a great fit for apartments where space is a luxury.

The machine also comes with a digital monitor/pulse sensor that provides real-time data on your exercise routine and your well-being.



4. Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Marcy, one of the oldest brands in the fitness industry, is at the center of this elliptical trainer and most recommended one as the best elliptical for small space. The machine delivers on multiple fronts: efficiency, comfort, and innovation.  Its 64” length and 51” width is sufficient proof of the machine’s compact nature. You can have it in your apartment and not struggle with a space crunch.

The elliptical trainer has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, which is more than the SNODEE16 is capable of handling. Of course, this suggests a greater array of users with different BMIs can use the machine.

There’s an LCD monitor right at the apex that keeps you updated on your use of the machine, ranging from speed to virtual distance and time spent.

With its two properly contoured pedals, you can carry out your exercise routine without fearing for your safety. There are also ergonomic textured handlebars complementing the ease of use of this trainer.

You can manage the intensity of your exercise routine by adjusting the tension knob within the 8 distinct levels possible. This makes the elliptical machine more suited for individuals of different capacities.

Shuffling the elliptical trainer between locations in your home doesn’t have to be backbreaking. The device has transportation wheels, so moving it around is less troubling.



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5. Best Elliptical for Small Apartment

Sunny Health and Fitness are well-known in the fitness industry for innovation and quality, so it’s great to see a compact elliptical trainer from the company.

The SF-E905 has all the premium features on a compact machine. And you can’t query its suitability for small spaces – its 11” stride length paints a clear picture.

The weight capacity of this Sunny Health elliptical trainer – 220 lbs – is much lower than Marcy’s. Though this might affect the sort of users that can use the machine without a wobbly movement, it’s still large enough for most people.

Like most elliptical trainers reviewed earlier, the SF-E905 has a digital monitor that lets you track your exercise progress and your well-being. But there’s no appendage to hold your mobile device while exercising.

The combination of highly mobile arm handles and contoured pedals help make exercising on the SF-E905 easy and safe. And you can manage the intensity of the process by fiddling with the 8-level tension knob. Of course, this is what makes the elliptical trainer great for users of different capacities.

While this trainer weighs about 60 lbs, transportation of the machine doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task as a pair of wheels at the base of the device lets users tag it along.

Though the SF-E905 might appear fragile from afar, it’s less likely to fall while in use as the machine has floor stabilizers that keep it firmly on the floor, regardless of the nature of the underlying floor.



6. PerleCare Best Small Elliptical Machine

If space is a major deal-breaker for you, then this PerleCare under desk elliptical trainer might be what you seek. It doesn’t get more compact than this unit.

The absence of handlebars and armbars on this under-desk elliptical trainer makes it the ideal machine for small spaces. Of course, stability becomes a front-burner issue. With a height of 11.4” and width of 13.6”, it’s the compact elliptical trainer most dream about.

The trio of textured cover, mat and petals help minimize the vacuum left by zero handlebars and arm handles. Yet, it might take some getting used to, so thread with caution.

The under-desk trainer might be minuscule, but it still keeps you posted on your workout process through the LCD monitor. Knowing how long you have been on working out, calorie burned and virtual distance covered is still possible, but you have to look downwards.

You can still adjust the intensity of your workout routine by fiddling the tension knob on this best elliptical for small space. But it’s a lot less comfortable as you have to step off the petals to access the controller.

Since this trainer is a ‘9.5’ on the compact scale, wheels have been replaced with a portable handle. Though you will have to lift the machine, it’s much easier compared to dragging the other elliptical trainers outlined earlier.



7. Stamina 55-1602 Elliptical Machine

This is another under desk elliptical trainer. Like the PerleCare elliptical machine, the Stamina 55-1602 doesn’t have overbearing handlebars and a front console. This makes it suited for use under tables and desks.

As always the absence of handlebars, on this machine, is a good thing. The Stamina 55-1602 conforms to an apartment with inadequate space.

With the elliptical trainer constrained to just the use of foot pedals, the workout range is limited. Don’t expect to tone your arms and shoulders as you would using those units with handlebars and arm handles.

Despite its shortcomings, the Stamina 55-1602 still possesses most attributes of a truly effective elliptical trainer. There’s an LCD monitor on the chassis of the machine so you can still stay informed on the progress of your exercise.

The textured pedals allow user exercise in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.  There’s also the opportunity to increase or reduce the intensity of the workout by fiddling with the tension knob.

Unlike the PerleCare elliptical trainer, the Stamina 55-1602 has its tension knob, so it’s much easier to reach. The 24 lbs weight elliptical trainer might be lightweight, but its lack of an actual handle doesn’t help its mobility.



8. Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Elliptical Machine

This under-desk elliptical trainer is another unit on this list. It has a build that inspires confidence in the user. Like the other under-desk elliptical trainers considered earlier, this Sunny Health machine doesn’t have handlebars and a front console. What the device lacks in these cumbersome appendages, it makes up for through its compact nature.

The under-desk elliptical trainer still has the tension adjusting knob, so you can manage your workout intensity. Compared to a few other under-desk elliptical trainers, this machine has as many as 8 levels of magnetic resistance possible.

There’s also the LCD monitor that provides real-time information on the progress of your exercise routine. With contoured foot pedals big enough to support most users, this trainer is great for exercising while doing other things. Surely, you can bid farewell to the gym with this elliptical trainer in your home.

One of the noticeable difference between the Stamina 55-E905 and this Sunny Health is the presence of a well-positioned handlebar. This makes the former much easier to carry despite similarities in weight.

The wheels attached to the stride improves the fluidity of the movement, so it’s much easier to navigate while keeping the exercise routine process under wraps.



9. Best Elliptical for Appartment

Here’s another elliptical trainer with a front console, handlebars and arm handles. Of course, it won’t fit beneath your desk or table, but it allows you to exercise more parts of your body.

As usual, there’s the LCD monitor on the front console, so there’s no need to strain your body to get the information you need. You can track your speed, distance, and calories burned.

Its 17.72” textured pedals give users a chance to work on their exercise routine without losing control of the machine’s build. Like most trainers, this one has a device holder, which provides users with the opportunity to use their gadgets while exercising.

The JKangFit elliptical trainer lets users adjust the tension knob, so exercises of different intensities can be managed. This is quite helpful in homes where different users have a definite exercise routine.

Another interesting thing about this JKangFit trainer is there’s a pulse indicator. This helps users proceed with their travel plans while staying atop their well-being. It is the best elliptical for small space and no doubt its features make it the best.

You can use the pair of wheels to move the elliptical trainer without lifting the machine. This saves you the cost of lifting the JKangFit.



10. Ancheer Electric Best Compact Elliptical Machines

This elliptical trainer embodies all the attributes of the average under desk variant and more. It’s compact and fits right under a table or desk. Anyone struggling with inadequate space in their apartment will find this Ancheer product a right fit.

This trainer, like other under-desk units, doesn’t have arm handles and handlebars to take up space. There’s also the presence of an LCD monitor to stay updated on your workout progress.

Where the Ancheer elliptical trainer takes a different path is the absence of a tension knob. The machine comes with remote control, so you can manage the intensity of your exercise without disrupting the status quo.

The remote operation lets users manage the speed and mode of the workout without exiting the trainer.  As usual, this elliptical machine has textured pedals to improve their convenience on your feet without compromising on safety.



Wrap Up Best Elliptical for Small Space

The best elliptical for small space can make all the difference in reaching your fitness goals. In this review, the machines considered in this review ha e what it takes to keep you fit, even in a small-spaced apartment. Regardless, we feel the Afully Elliptical Machine takes the cake. 

We recommend you measure the available space first to figure out in reality what you can buy. Then pay attention to the dimensions of a machine which you are looking into. In this way, you could get the right machine for a small space.

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