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Ellipticals were introduced in 1995, the same decade when baby boomers welcomed this knee-friendly substitute to bikes or stair steppers. Of late, ellipticals have become a prioritized choice for seniors of all hues. These trendsetters cater to almost all of the seniors’ requirements, whether low-impact training or cardio strengthening.

Moreover, a continuous spree of ellipticals improves the bone density manifold, besides making the ligaments flexible.

As we grow older, our bodies cannot stand against the rough impact effect. The seniors require a gentle but effective workout that can only be ensured by leveraging the ellipticals. Furthermore, ellipticals are the highly recommended workhorses by the rehab experts in America.

As per a report by The New York Times, “The most sought-after workout machine for persons above 40 is elliptical.” So we come up with this resource to recommend the best elliptical machine for seniors which can provide the required leverage. 

The best under desk bike is different from traditional ellipticals and cross trainers; it only can be used for a light workout during a break. 

Considering the exigency, our experts have cherry-picked the three best ellipticals for seniors. The elliptical machines are picked after due care, and all the aspects have been taken into consideration. Another unique aspect of this review is that it has taken the impersonal accounts on board.

Let’s start listening to the stories.

1. Body Champ 2-in-1 Upright Exercise Bike

Material: Metal | Weight: 34.9 kg | Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 64 inches inches | Color theme: Gray | Load endurance: 113 kg | Resistance: Magnetic

Body Champ is lovely. The user is Martha Stewart, a 50+ English woman who has recently retired from her lifelong career as a journalist. As her job is sedentary and she has been doing the exercise, she replaced the regular exercise bike with the Body Champ elliptical at this juncture of life. Let’s hear why she recommends this elliptical brand in the very first place, in her very own narration.

I see Body Champ as a premium customized elliptical for seniors. Every aspect of this fantastic machine betrays its age-specific construction. The programmable LCD console is a high thing to mention that facilitated me optimally. It is adorned with 12+ preset workout programs that closely monitor the heart rate and other related health archives, a critical aspect to deal with.

As a cardiac patient, I found this feature helpful; it alarms me when my heart gallops out of control. Moreover, the two-way adjustable seat maximizes the movement and gives me optimal comfort during the rigorous exercise spree. The seat comfort is indeed a must-have for older persons that desperately need bio-mechanical support.

Secondly, I got rid of my old exercise bike owing to its weird design. I had often felt like mounting on an Arabian camel (pun intended); this elliptical is designed in a simple step-through manner with two ergonomic handlebars, a set of bidirectional foot pedals, foam-padded seat cushion, and indeed step-through support.

Body champ gave me a more serene feel rather than sitting on my lounge’s couch. The comfort is extended, considering the versatile functioning as it could be used as an elliptical and upright exercise bike.

Why Body Champ is the Best Ellipticals for Seniors?

Variety is the spice of life; I consider Body Champ as the best elliptical owing to its quick transformation from an elliptical trainer to a stationary bike. In older age, we need more comfort, and Body Champ respects this notion. I never felt any strain on my fragile knees owing to its zero impact mechanism.



I recommend Body Champ elliptical to my age fellows because of its magnetic resistance, which means that meager impact on the knees. The knee is the sensitive part of an aged person’s body, and I like this as it entertains our knees with magnetic care.

2. Body Power the Best Elliptical Machine for Seniors

Material: Metal | Weight: 32.5 kg | Dimensions: 43.7 x 62.2 x 29.13 inches | Color theme: Gray, Silver, and Red | Load endurance: 113 kg | Resistance: Magnetic

Body Power may surprise you. The second account is of a professional workout trainer who has been running his gym at an Old Care home. James narrated the “old-men workout” as the most challenging saga of his career. Eventually, he considers Body Power as the best elliptical. Why? Let’s get to know him directly.

When I first used Body Power elliptical, I was stunned considering its variety. The very elliptical can also be used as a Trio trainer machine, upright bike, and recumbent bike. Secondly, the magnetic resistance does the tricks for the senior citizens.

I also applied this elliptical on the Alzheimer stricken students, as dementia is a new normal in this age, and found them contented and never disoriented thanks to the electronic computer console. The console takes a record of time, speed, and burned calories in its ledger.

What Makes it Best for Seniors?

I consider it one of the best ellipticals for gray-haired friends. The reason is its high usability. Body Power is highly fit for the home gyms as the transportation is effortless. The fragile elders need not shoving and hosting in a cumbersome manner.



One in every third American has cardiac issues might be because of bad eating habits and lifestyle. The chances of cardiac arrest get manifold when the age proceeds further. Hence, I recommend Body Power as the best considering the complete cardio toolkit.

3. Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer 2 in 1 Exercise Bike

Material: Metal | Weight: 29 kg | Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 9 inches | Color theme: Silver | Load endurance: 99.7 kg | Resistance: Magnetic

Plasma Fit is just like the heart of my soul and the best elliptical machine for seniors. Every day I use this elliptical to keep my withering body in shape.

This inspiring elliptical gets hold of the core, upper, and lower body in a supreme manner. Every touch is calorie-burning but muscle-building without putting any strain on the overall health, especially joints.

Why Plasma Fit is suitable for seniors cardio?

I consider it as the best elliptical beachside of a unique LCD mounting technology. The fitness monitor senses the vibes from fingertips through the built-in monitors at the handrails. The data gets illuminated at the battery-powered LCD console in real-time. Using a Plasma Fit elliptical is just like driving an AI-inspired Tesla car. Feel free! The workout will get rectified on its own.



I recommend Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine to general seniors and my junior fitness geeks; Plasma Fit is the most efficient elliptical thanks to high-cardio but low-impact cross-training that reshapes the buttocks, abdominals, legs, and arms evenhandedly.

4. Nautilus Elliptical Series

Material: Steel | Weight: 78.6 kg | Dimensions: 160.5 x 181.7 x 67.7 cm | Color theme: Black | Load endurance : 300 lbs | Resistance levels: 25

Nautilus elliptical trainer is the best, and no one can change my mind about it. My grandpa loves it a little too much, and that makes me very happy because I am the one who bought this elliptical trainer for him as a Christmas present.

I wanted to give my grandfather something beneficial for the Christmas gift, which could keep him healthy, active, and in shape. He is old, nearly 68, but that does not stop him from exercising and living his life to the fullest. Therefore, buying this elliptical was the right choice.

Elliptical trainers provide low-impact cardiovascular exercise and do not strain joints. That’s why they are perfect for senior people. I am glad I did my research and came across Nautilus because it provides unique features and a full-body workout. I am not going to lie; I have used it a couple of times at my grandpa’s place and completely love it. This elliptical machine does what it says, and that’s why I have ordered one for myself to do a workout daily in my apartment.

In case you wonder if this elliptical machine would be too big or space-consuming, you should know that it’s not. It is perfectly compact and can fit in a small apartment as well.

I assembled the elliptical myself with the help of my grandpa. The assembly part was difficult because the manual doesn’t give any written instructions, so you only rely on the pictures. It took us 7 to 8 hours to put it together in the span of two days.

It has some additional features like a USB charging port, Bluetooth connection for playing music, and a cup holder. My grandpa does not use these features, but they are a plus for people like you and me who need smartphones everywhere.

Why is it best elliptical machine for seniors?

This elliptical trainer has a smart LCD screen that displays workout speed, time, distance, resistance level, RPM (pedal revolutions per minute), pulse, and calories. This elliptical trainer is made of steel that makes it very durable and stable.

The resistance does not feel too stiff, and the machine is overall relatively easy to operate. With many pre-loaded programs, the seniors get many options to pick and choose a new workout routine, bringing novelty and variations to the daily exercise on the elliptical.



We recommend Nautilus Elliptical because the pedaling is remarkably stable and allows older adults to maintain their balance. Overall, exercising is accessible on the joints and keeps the person active.

5. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

Teeter Freestep recumbent plus elliptical cross-trainer is a piece of great workout equipment, especially for recovery and rehab. I am a woman in my 46th year who used to consider her reasonably fit. However, last year waves of excruciating pain started occurring in my knee joints and ankles.

When I saw a doctor, it turned out that I had developed osteoarthritis, which was quite shocking because I took care of my body a lot. I used to go to the gym as well on and off, but regular exercise is more important and efficient for proper fitness and health.

Due to my situation, the doctor suggested a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints to keep them active and functioning. One of my close relatives suggested using Teeter Freestep recumbent and elliptical cross-trainer after hearing about my condition.

I am glad that I took her recommendation and bought this elliptical cross-trainer to sit comfortably on the seat and exercise my legs on the pedals.

Doing regular workouts of 15 to 20 minutes on this machine has enabled me to feel better. My joints do not hurt like before, and I can feel my energy revitalizing too. Exercising on this cross-trainer elliptical relieves pain and activates muscles and joints. The resistance is magnetic and very smooth, so it’s very convenient to pedal while lying back on the seat.

The machine operates quietly, so that’s great for me because unnecessary noise irritates me. The best part for me in this recumbent plus elliptical cross-trainer is that I can exercise my legs and arms separately when I don’t feel like doing both at the same time. The seat allows three reclining angles, so I recline it to the position I feel the most comfortable at and do low-impact cardio exercises with ease.

The LCD shows all the workout data and progress on the screen. It records the time, speed, distance, number of strides, calories, and much more. I like the bottle holder a lot and think it’s a great addition to the design. It gives me easy access to water which helps to keep myself hydrated during the workout.

Why is it the Best Elliptical for the Seniors?

Teeter Freestep recumbent plus elliptical cross-trainer is super suitable for seniors. Its low-intensity cardio workout is remarkably beneficial for knee pain and other joints. You can adjust the seating position to match your height, choose a comfortable reclining angle, and set rotating handles to target different muscle groups to burn calories. It is also great for the rehabilitation of arthritis.

The linkage technology and ergonomic design of the cross-trainer soothe the back, hips, and legs by providing complete comfort during the workout.



We recommend Teeter FreeStep because older adults can use this machine with great convenience as it is very comfortable to use and easy to operate.

Wrap up — Best Elliptical Machine for Seniors

After incorporating the personal accounts of all the three experienced ones, the jury is out to declare the best elliptical. Our veterans have evaluated every aspect with due diligence and care. The grades are awarded based on the brands’ viability with the needs of senior citizens. A single manufacturing flaw may land them into severe injuries or, in the worst scenario, permanent disability.

Overall, the brand that secured the highest brownie points is Body Champ considering its overarching approach in every aspect, making it a real senior-grade elliptical. Secondly, Body Power emerged out as the forerunner thanks to the versatility and special old-age care. And finally, Plasma Fit places in the third slot considering the high usability, maintainability, and effortless ergonomics.

We are damn sure that a pick from this list would facilitate the senior citizens in the utmost manner. The health would be maintained, and a memorable positive strike to the overall health would be infused inadvertently.

 To convince our reader that ellipticals are best for workout machines for home users, we compare ellipticals with others machines in elliptical vs spin bike and elliptical vs arc trainer; these resources will help you understand which benefits are only possible with ellipticals.

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