best elliptical machine for tall person

Are you tall and looking for the best elliptical machine for tall person? Long stride, heavy & large wheel, and long handles, are some of the requisites that you need in an elliptical.

An effective regular thirty-minute workout session helps momentously to manage anxiety and stress and keeps you hale and hearty. Following a regular exercise routine is sometimes challenging, especially when you have to go to the gym after a chaotic day at work. You can make a good workout session at home; indeed, you do not need to have traditional fitness equipment’s that we see in gyms.

One exercise equipment that allows upper and lower body workout can be your home-gym-like one is an elliptical cross-trainer. It will save you from going outside in hot summer and cold winter, and you can enjoy the rain while staying inside. It may not be last, but a humble elliptical should be your very first home gym equipment.

Here we review the best elliptical machines for tall persons; these machines are made for short, healthy, skinny, or tall persons. Let’s move on to the products:

We recommend most people get the best elliptical under 500, it’s a complete solution that allows one to work out with different difficulty levels, and everyone in the house can use such affordable machines.

1. NICEDAY Elliptical Machine

NICEDAY Elliptical trainer designed as a cardiovascular workout machine that depends on a magnetic resistance to challenge the exercise. The stable and reinforced steel frame makes its structure robust and capable of holding 400lbs weight.

It’s equipped with transportation when and stabilizers, wheels allow it to move it around quickly, and polygon stabilizers at the back keep it firm during the training session.

Deep groove ball bearings instead of the conventional crank, belt drive, and hyper quiet resistance system make it real elliptical worth investing. It nearly makes a 20Db sound during the exercise when it moves at high intensity—moving your arms along with your lower body together gets to burn calories.

When you need to stay still, you can hold fixed handles while still moving forward with the legs workout. Its resistance is real. You can feel the difference between every point; allow you to choose between 16 levels so you can follow different workout goals.

Levels 1 to 6 are suitable for beginners, give a good start without tiring the user, and 7 to 12 are ideal for shedding extra pounds while the higher ones challenge strengthening the muscles. During the workout session, you can keep an eye on the distance covered, calories burned, pulse rate through the handle sensor, and time as well.

It is a single solution for fat burning and weight loss as well as to tone the muscles. The manufacturer is enjoying good reputation in 30 countries, and this model introduced two years ago. Three years warranty shows manufacturer trust in this elliptical trainer.



Why It's Best Elliptical Machine for a Tall Person

We recommend NICE DAY Elliptical Trainer for tall person based on its long 15″ stride, which is similar to the running stride, put minimum burden on the joints due to its smooth trajectory. It’s pretty safe and stable and can hold weight up to 400lbs without annoying motors and footstep noise. It is our most recommended best elliptical machine for tall person.

2. Precor EFX 833

Precor elliptical is a versatile exercise machine that keeps your heart rate up and assists you in losing extra pounds. Its intensity is adjusted to tone muscles to any extent of workout intensity. Those that come with adjustable stride length can provide more resistance and incline. Fancier versions are costly but offer a lot more. So, either you are building a complete home gym or want only an exercise machine to use in the break, the elliptical trainer should be your preference to get low impact full-body workout.

Suppose you are fond of technology and love to exercise on the futuristic machine, then indeed it’s made for you. We list its monitoring panel and design most, which turns it into a highly adjustable machine. A novice and serious exercise are possible on this machine.

Secondly, its build quality is remarkable. We only see a slight downside, that is its’ price. Such a high price tag make it less favorite among workout enthusiast. Its wheel is quite extensive and ultra-quiet, while resistance controlled from the control panel, and the fancy device holder placed at the exact correct position. If you place your mobile there, you can see the screen of your mobile easily.

When it comes to looking and appearance, no other exercise machine can match this beauty. It’s a futuristic machine that gives you experience that no other machine can do.



Why do we Recommended this?

We recommend Precor EFX 833 for taller people because it has a long stride and mechanism, which can challenge a user further. It’s bigger and more expensive. Suitable for every family member, the design is highly adjustable. Its pedals ergonomically positioned and preferably adjust naturally for toe and heel angle.

3. Best Elliptical Machine for Tall Person

The manufacturer is selling exercise machines from years and has expertise required to make extraordinary ellipticals that can bear weight and allow taller people to exercise comfortably. This machine is the ideal solution for people above 6’4″ and can bear up to 300lbs weight. Its 44lbs wheel and 20″ long stride make it near the natural running, while full motion handlebars move the arm and chest muscles to provide a whole body workout.

A tall person needs a long stride that can give a natural feel of running and walk. A long stride provides ample room to move the legs forward and backward and moves smoothly without any jerk.

There is MYCLOUDFITNESS service associated with the machine, you can try it free for 30 days, and onwards it will cost 15$. In this service, you can browse programs to move ahead step by step and a session to get the start and adjust your diet.



Why do we Recommended this?

We recommend Fitness Reality Smart Elliptical Trainer based on a real long stride that is 20″. Suitable for a user of 6’4″ height. Made with a solid frame, take less space than bulky machines, and more importantly, priced very reasonably.

Our experts recently figure out some side effects of elliptical machines, and they also discuss how one can stay away from side effects.

4. GOELLIPTICAL Elliptical Exercise Cross Trainer

The tall person always looks for ellipticals that allow a stable exercise session, long stride, and sturdy frame are two basic requirements that come first. Adjustable foot position is a real advantage that we see in this machine. When it comes to its stability and structure, it’s solid but still setting it up takes a lot of time and effort. You might need a professional to make it able to ride.

Increased resistance level where you can choose from 0 to 24 and random setting allow you to make your programs. Eight points foot pedals adjustment and chrome swinging arms worth a higher price tag. As the best elliptical machine for tall person it has all that a big and tall guy needs. 



Why do we Recommended it for heavy and big guys?

We recommend GOELLIPTICAL Elliptical Exercise Cross Trainer for people below 6′ as its stride makes it ideal for medium heightened people. It looks great, and it also offers many features that otherwise possible with the higher price tag.

The Right Stride Length

When searching for an elliptical, it comes first, especially when you are above 6′ and wish to tone your muscles at home. Elliptical machines with longer stride lengths usually have a strong base, a large wheel, and more weight-bearing capacity.

Keep in mind the stride length of an elliptical is defined as the distance between two pedals moving apart, front to back, during exercise.

Stride length decides how large steps you can take, and it also contributes toward the comfort of exercise. Too short stride length will not give you a feel of activity and will also make the experience uncomfortable as you only can take baby steps.

We recommend looking for 20″ stride length if you are above 6′ and 16 to 18″ if you are between 5’6″ and 6′. Keep in mind as a tall person, you may remain unable to use the elliptical with a short stride, but all of your family members can use a machine with a long stride.

The cost of the machine increases as you move forward for a longer stride. It’s the only hurdle that will hit you hard. We review the best available options. You can choose any that seems best to you.


As a tall person, you are willing to spend a handsome amount to get an elliptical trainer, so it’s necessary to make sure you are buying a durable machine that can last for many of the coming years without any significant maintenance issues, and the machine that you buy suits you best.

The best elliptical machine for tall person which we recommend most is NICEDAY Elliptical Machine because its sturdy built and comes with a long stride. 

To figure out the quality issue, we advise you to look at the warranty because manufacturers who try to cut corners make their warranty less useful for end-users. So, it’s an excellent gauge to consider the manufacturer’s warranty. We follow the same parameters and selected up listed machines.

Some seniors believe that rowing machines are more useful for weight loss, to know the facts we make a comparison of elliptical vs rowing machine will overcome all doubts and help you make a final decision.

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