The best exercise bike for bad knees

Are you suffering from kneed problems and want a quick recovery? Or are you in the knee rehab stage? The best exercise bike for bad knees provides the opportunity to work out at home. Such a bike is easy to handle and does not put much pressure on the knees during exercise; such a machine contributes to a quick recovery.

This is the reason doctors always advise swift exercise on a bike for the rehabilitation of knees. In this article, we listed and reviewed some of the best available bikes. When you have to rehab your knees, you need to look for the Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes for the Money, so the money never is wasted, and you rehab your knee with exercise.

While buying a bike to address knee problems you must look for under listed features like:

  • More workout levels
  • Adjustable seat
  • Advanced Monitoring panel
  • Large comfortable pedals
  • Weight and firm stand

We follow the same criteria and find under listed exercise bikes, please read full review before making your final decision.

1. Progear 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike

best exercise bike for bad knees

Workout levels: 14 | Capacity: 250 lbs | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: LCD | Speakers: Absent | Weight: 60 lbs | Dimensions: 47 x 22 x 43 inches

Key Features

  • Compact size Does not take much space.
  • Sturdy Composed of highly durable steel.
  • Soft seat Has smooth cushioned seat.

Progear 555LXT recumbent bike is by far one of the most durable and highly effective bikes that I have ever come across. When it comes to working out with a bad knee, I know what is best and what is not because I have been there.

I have a job that requires me to move from place to place; that is why I am familiar with all the exercising equipment. Not too long ago, I was in New Orleans, and there I used to go to a physical therapy clinic. My legs need monthly physiotherapy sessions, and my physiotherapist recommended me this beauty.

Trust me; the experience has been so good so far. I never faced a single joint or knee pain while working out on this recumbent bike. It has made things a lot more convenient for me, and now I can even move way more freely than I used to.

Why it’s best exercise bike for bad knees?

To be honest, all the features of this bike help out the bad knees, one way or the other, but there is one feature that makes working out with a bad knee a smooth ride. The slider seat rail adjustments make it convenient to adjust the seat according to your height, which plays a significant role in protecting your knees from extra load. This feature makes this recumbent bike exceptional for bad knees.

2. Folding Indoor Exercise Bike with Arm Resistance Bands 

best recumbent exercise bike with arm workout

Workout levels: Eight | Capacity: 300 lbs | Arm workout: Yes | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: LCD | Weight: 20kg | Dimensions:  45.7 x 17.5 x 9.1 inches

Key Features

  • Arm Strength Training Comes with a pair of eight-level arm resistance workout straps for multiple workout dynamics.
  • AI-based LCD Helps getting track of calories burned and much more.
  • Lightweight The recumbent bike is made from the high-quality lightweight material, making it highly portable.

BulbHead is a wonder in itself for all the right reasons. A friend of mine got in a pretty bad knee situation a few weeks back due to an accident. So, keeping his knees in action with precaution was a must if he wanted to get back to his pre-accident gym routine. At that time, we got the BulbHead exercise bike for him to at least work out step by step back at home to recover his knee injury.

Today, it’s been only 3-4 weeks since the day he started working out on this exercise, and he’s fully fit and active once again for his old gym routine! It is like magic; a person who could barely walk a month ago is lifting weights at the gym now, amazing.

Why it’s best stationary bike for bad knees?

Well, if you ask me why BulbHead is one of the best exercise bikes for bad knees available in the market today, there’s the only reason I can think of. The adjustable eight-level resistance adjusting knob is way beyond its time! Other bikes come with the same feature of resistance knob, but this bike has a bad knee-specific knob design which is undoubtedly a first.

3. Best Exercise Bike for Bad Knees

MARNUR Recumbent Exercise Bike

Workout levels: Eight | Capacity: 300 lbs | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: LCD | Weight: 29.4kg | Dimensions:  46 x 20 x 9 inches

Key Features

  • Anti-slip pedals making sure that you get maximum pedal resistance to your feet during intense workouts.
  • Handle pulse meter notes your pulse in an advanced and accurate way.
  • Anti-noise working allowing you to work peacefully without any machine noise.

Marnur saved me and how. For the past couple of months, I have been facing this bad knee problem due to excessively long work hours and zero workout routines. After consulting various doctors, every single one of them suggested the same thing, ‘you need to work out a bit to keep your knee in shape at least.

At that time, my mother suggested to me the MARNUR recumbent exercise bike that she has been herself for quite a long time. I must add something; this bike has healing powers!

At the start, I started with a slower pace and lower resistance levels but eventually started to pick up the pace with the multi-functional design of this recumbent. So now, after almost using it for a month, my bad knee has disappeared! Leaving me fit and active enough to take my workout routine to the next level.

Why it’s best stationary bike for knee rehab?

The bike has various remarkable features for sure. Still, the flying magnetic wheel technology will undoubtedly boost this recumbent bike to the best exercise bikes for bad knee available in the market today. The wheel is super smooth with zero noise production, almost like working out in a room with pin-drop silence even when the bike is working at its full potential.

4. Best Rated Exercise Bike for Knee Rehab

Circuit Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 15 Programs

Workout levels: 32 | Capacity: 300 lbs | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: LCD | Speakers: Absent | Weight: 99.2 lbs | Dimensions: 55 x 25 x 48.5 inches

Key Features

  • Tablet holder To keep you entertained during a workout.
  • Transportability — The bike is easy to shift.
  • Leveler Allows minimizing wiggling.

CIRCUIT FITNESS magnetic recumbent bike is a knight in shining armor for all the fitness lovers out there who have been bothered by their bad knees until now. My son is familiar with my bad knee troubles and knows how hard it is for me to go to a gym regularly. This February, he gifted me this bike on my birthday, and now I do not want to stop riding it. Everything about this bike is terrific.

What makes me praise it even more is that the more I work out on this bike, the more my bad knees turn better. And this is the same reason you can get real Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bike while exercising on it.

Whenever I am using this bike, I put on my headphones, play a serene track, and ride peacefully. Working out does not feel like a stressful task when I am using it. Plus, I do not have to put much pressure on my knees while riding it, making life even more remarkable.

Why it’s best exercise bike for knee replacement rehab?

This bike’s seat adjustment adds a bonus to its compatibility, but the step-through design makes it even more appealing for people with bad knees. I do not have to bend my knees to step in or out of it. The wide-open design makes it easy to move in and out without putting any weight on your joints or knees. This makes it ideal for bad knees.

5. Vive the Best Exercise Bike for Bad Knees

best stationary bike for bad knees

Workout levels: 8 | Capacity: 220 lbs | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: LCD | Speakers: Absent | Weight: nil | Dimensions: nil

Key Features

  • Magnetic tension knob Easy to adjust resistance levels.
  • Padded seat Cushioned seat makes it comfy.
  • Ergonomic design provides optimal support.

VIVE recumbent exercise bike is another star in the sky of bright recumbent exercise bikes for bad knees. My 20 years of workout experience tells me that this bike has all those qualities that will take all the burden away from one’s bad knees. Low impact cardio workout through this bike aids in shredding away all the extra pounds. it aids in strengthening the muscles and ligaments around joints as well.

The detailed design of this bike seems to be easy on both knees and the back. I can easily set the workout level according to my preferences and burn all the calories in the world without any worries.

Why it’s best exercise bike for knee problems?

One thing that makes this exercise bike ideal for bad knees is its adjustable step-through design. The adjustable seat can support the spine and get rid of any tiredness in the back plus it also avoids putting pressure on the knees. Because of the easy-mount in and out feature, I can quickly dismount without overextending my lovely legs, which will protect my bad knees.

6. 900XL Recumbent Exercise Bike with Pulse 

900XL Recumbent Exercise Bike with Pulse

Workout levels: 8 | Capacity: 300 lbs | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: LCD | Speakers: Absent | Weight: 63 lbs | Dimensions: 54 x 22 x 34 inches

Key Features

  • Step-through design Easy to mount in and out.
  • Oversized seat Comfortable for the back.
  • Easy to move Has transportation wheels.

Exerpeutic 900XL extended capacity recumbent bikes is most certainly one of the best exercising bikes for bad knees. This bike is so typical because of its extraordinary features that I think you might have also used it at least once in your life.

Most of the gyms that I have been to have this bike and the demand for this recumbent bike has never decreased. Most people with destructive knee issues prefer this bike because of its faultless design and ease of operation, even with a bad knee.

No doubt it is the best stationary bikes for bad knees.

This is high-quality equipment that has aided in reducing my bad knee issues and has also helped my fellow gym members eliminate their lousy knee problems. I have this obsession with staying fit and in shape, and this bike has been my partner for an extended period now.

It has helped me in pedaling away any extra pounds, even with bad knees.

Why it’s best stationary bikes for bad knees?

In a nutshell, the overall design and features of this bike make it ideal for bad knees. Not only the adjustable seat feature but also the non-slippage pedals aid in protecting the bad knees. My knees never had to face any shocks because of this bike’s user-friendly nature.

7. Best Exercise Bike for Knee Replacement Rehab

Workout levels: Eight | Capacity: 300 lbs | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: LCD | Weight: 31.3kg | Dimensions:  57 x 25 x 43.5 inches

Key Features

  • High-tech LCD provides real-time monitoring of your body while working out.
  • Steel structure provides durability and sustainability for a long period.
  • Portability the bike comes with a couple of transport wheels on the front, making it extremely easy to carry.

Marcy proves magical for my mother. A few weeks back, my mom faced bad knee problems due to a lack of any workout routine in her daily schedule. The doctor advises her to do some workouts even back at home; that’s when my dad bought the Marcy recumbent exercise bike for her.

Being a cautious fitness guy, I have worked with Marcy products before back at the gym, and once again, Marcy didn’t disappoint even a single bit.

This bike is incredible! The technology used, the design, the features, everything in this bike has a positive effect on her, and she seems to be way more and happy and active with her knee problems gone in such a short time!

Why it’s best exercise bike for bad knees?

I think it’s the adjustable stride length feature that includes this bike among the best exercise bikes for a bad knee. From my mom’s experience, I know how hard it can be to get that perfect length where your knee won’t hurt so you can work out peacefully, and Marcy has finally introduced a brilliant solution to this.

8. Best Exercise Bike for Knee Problems

best exercise bike for knee problems

Workout levels: Eight | Capacity: 300 lbs | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: LCD | Weight: 34.4kg | Dimensions:  60.98 x 19.02 x 40.51 inches

Key Features

  • LCD inbuilt controls Allows a highly advanced user interface for multiple actions.
  • Perimeter flywheel For a super smooth and quiet work experience.
  • Padded seat Making that you can easily carry on your long work routines.

Schwinn is beautiful inside and out. I remember the first time I saw the Schwinn recumbent bike online; I was impressed by the features as I needed just something like this to get my knee back in action after an injury. At first, I wasn’t very sure that will this thing even work!? As the features are too good to work together but against all odds, this bike has undoubtedly shown me why it’s one of the best exercise bikes for a bad knee.

Hardly after a couple of weeks, my knee seems to get better and better as I gradually increased my workout pace and intensity, and the bike also coordinated super well for my recovery.

Why it’s best for a bad knee?

I think it’s the inbuilt monitor features; I mean like you can control your speed, resistance level, track your vitals all with a few clicks around the LCD buttons, and voila! You’re all set for your personalized knee recovery session.

9. cycool Recumbent Exercise Bike

best stationary bikes for bad knees

Workout levels: Eight | Capacity: 300 lbs | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: LCD | Weight: 23kg | Dimensions:  23.6 x 53.9 x 40.1 inches

Key Features

  • Easy to move With two rolling wheels, this recumbent bike is highly portable.
  • Cushion backrest An incredibly unique feature, the seat comes with a cushioned back for maximum comfort.
  • Catchy LCD Offering a new and innovative look.

Cycool will steal your heart. Well, I have always been a fan of the Cycool products after using them for years back at the gym. That’s why I recommended it to my gym buddy when he needed a recumbent exercise to get back out of his knee injury to his previous gym routine. And trust me, after specialist doctors, this bike is the only thing that has helped him to overcome such a lousy knee condition in just a month.

The bike provides a large seat area with a padded cushion back, maximum support during intense workouts, and high resistance paddles for a firm grip. After gradually maintaining his pace on the Cycool recumbent exercise bike, this is his new favorite home workout equipment!

Why it’s best for a bad knee?

If you ask me this question, I would say it’s the belt-driven magnetic flywheel with all the magic to take this recumbent bike among the best exercise bikes for lousy knee!

10. Smart Technology Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

best stationary bike for bad knees

Workout levels: Twenty-four | Capacity: 325 lbs | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: Magnetic | Monitoring: BacklitLCD | Weight: 17.4kg | Dimensions:  60.5 x 34.5 x 47.5 inches

Key Features

  • Most advanced features This bike comes with the most advanced workout features available in the market today.
  • Airsoft back Allows the user to get proper back ventilation during hot summer workouts.
  • MyCloudfitness compatible — Allowing this bike to get connected to your smartphone with just a single app.

Fitness Reality has my heart. A few months back, I met an accident that results in some gruesome knee injuries. I wasn’t able to walk correctly, so joining a gym to get out of this knee injury wasn’t an option. That’s is when a friend of mine recommended this Fitness Reality X-class recumbent bike. And trust me, this bike is undoubtedly one of the best bikes for a knee injury.

The bike comes with a built-in app that helped me personalize my workouts following my knee injury, and I was back on my feet perfectly healthy in just one month since I started using the Fitness Reality X-class!

Why it’s best exercise bike for bad knees?

There are many features, but the one I preferred after facing knee problems is the highly comfortable and adjustable seat, which can be a problem in such a state if your recumbent bike doesn’t provide such features.


In short, all the bikes, as mentioned earlier, are suitable for bad knees. These bikes are full of those features that will provide extra protection to the bad knees and even backs. Plus, the adjustable features make things even more convenient for people with lousy knee issues.

Although all these bikes are full of unique features yet Progear 555 XLT aces them all. This is the only bike that makes working out with bad knees a heavenly experience. All these exercise bikes are best for bad knees, but Progear is exceptionally best.

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