best home exercise equipment for beginners

Best home exercise equipment for beginners is almost a prerequisite in these times. However, according to verified studies, just a couple of years ago, the concept of having a personalized home gym was considered a luxury rather than a necessity. But the recent events happening around the globe have shown us why having a customized gym specially designed for our body workout needs and dynamics is a great idea to keep oneself fit and active all year long.

But what should you have in the best home exercise equipment for beginners? What could be the best home exercise equipment for weight loss?

Well, it depends upon you. Generally, there are a few common types of gym freaks around the globe. Some prefer fat burning, some who love cardio, some who work on body cuts, while others are fans of muscle strengthening.

That’s why the equipment you’re going to use or keep in your home gym depends upon the type of workout you’re looking forward to. Stationary bikes for cardio and muscle strengthening, benches for bench pressings, resistance ropes for core toning, and finally, the weight pairs or more commonly known as dumbbells for muscle shaping and toning.

Still got any questions regarding the best home exercise equipment for affordable home gym setup you can get your hands on?

Don’t worry; this article covers all the aspects regarding the type of equipment you must have in your home gym, so let’s start exploring to find right the best home exercise equipment for weight loss.

1. BodyBoss 2.0

Body Boss is great and surely the best . Since early March this year, I was pretty much worried that there is something I must do to keep my gym-trained body in perfect shape regardless of the harsh and tiresome conditions we all were facing. That’s why I got the Body Boss 2.0 system as a complete package for all my workout-related needs, and trust me; this system is undoubtedly a one-person army with all these remarkable features.

Why is it the Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners?

You know what I like the best and probably the reason why the Body Boss 2.0 is one of the best home gym setups across the globe? The portability. Where can you get a device that can be folded back into a compact form and then expanded depending upon the intensity of the workout?

Moreover, the dedicated ports for multiple resistance ropes according to the level of resistance level required for the workout are also quite impressive for a device that’s so compact.



Why do we Recommend it?

According to our experts, we think that the Body Boss 2.0 will be an excellent choice for your home workout setup because there are many great features in a highly compact form that are one of the things you were looking for in your home gym equipment.

Think about this, all you need to do is place the system at one point across your living room or yard and fold it back after the workout. Also, the effects of resistance-based exercises with various arm grips and high compact door anchors will be highly impactful and beneficial for your body toning and muscle strengthening equally.

2. Battle Rope

Being a former Navy SEAL, my brother was facing a hard time back from the mission in Afghanistan. We all knew that he would get back to his previous routine once he starts going to the gym again. But as we know, that wasn’t possible last year. So, he decided to get the Firebreather Battle Rope for his home gym setup. This has been a total rock star! The amount of workout freedom, resistance, and durability is simply mind-blowing!

Why is it the Best Exercise Equipment for Beginners ?

According to my observations and asking him the same question, I think that I have got the exact answer to this question. So, you know most of the workout equipment we have in the market today focuses on a particular body workout technique or region.

But that’s not the case with the Firebreather Battle Rope. While using it, you are the master of your body and workout completely. Upper body, lower body, core, and workouts can cover your entire body region with excellent results. That’s why I think it’s a great choice for home gym owners.



Why do we Recommend it?

Well, there are countless amazing reasons why we think that this rope will be the perfect choice for your home gym. First, there’s no fuss while using the battle rope. All you need to do is place the anchor straps and begin your workout routine just the way you want. Second, these battle ropes can engage your complete body in a workout.

For example, you may be simply doing a swinging drill in a foldable posture, and the next thing that happens is that your core starts to ache to show the effect of this high-intensity workout. The lying weight pulls, lifting weight pulls, front raise, double wave, criss-cross, there’s no limit to the number of workouts you can perform while using these great ropes.

3. Brave Heart Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell

Braveheart is too good for words. A few months back, my mom got this amazing idea! Being a dedicated and super-loving housewife, she hasn’t got much of an opportunity to work on her body fitness all these years.

But it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t got the spirit to work on her fitness and body. So, that’s why she decided to finally dedicate a complete room for her home workouts and her favorite BRAVEHEART Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell weight pair, which she got after getting a recommendation from a friend who is also a celebrity fitness trainer.

Why it’s the Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss?

Well, according to my mom, she simply loves the way she’s able to carry these dumbbells around and adjust the width for each of them according to her workout needs; these dumbbells allow her to customize the weight limit up to a maximum of 44lbs (22lbs each) which I think is a pretty reasonable weight rang when you’re talking about arm muscle workouts.

Moreover, the plate designs are truly remarkable! Her favorite ones are the red-black weight plates; they match pretty perfectly with her workout suits.



Why do we Recommend it?

We think that Brave Heart Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell are an excellent choice for your home workout gym because of their easy-to-use and highly effective workout results of these dumbbells. Like, all you need to is adjust the weight plates according to your workout requirements, and you will be good to go. It’s all that simple.

Moreover, according to verified reports and surveys done across the globe, dumbbells are probably the most effective workout accessories for arm and shoulder muscle strengthening. The dumbbells allow you to build a dedicated and certain amount of pressure on these regions following the orientation you prefer to follow while holding your dumbbell during workout sessions.

4. AVAH Portable Home Gym

AVAH will bring forth impressive results because it is the best inexpensive home gym. . You know, all of us have suffered greatly during the recent challenging times. However, there have been some positive outcomes as well. For instance, my sister was always looking for an opportunity to work on her body shape before going to college the following year. And the recent lockdown finally proved to be the opportunity she was looking for.

All that was needed was the right equipment for her home workout setup, which she finally got in the form of an AVAH portable home gym. Trust me, guys, this set is a super effective complete gym in a compact format.

Why it’s the Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss?

Well, according to her, this gym setup is an all-in-one portable gym for her. Like, this single set covers most of the high-demand and effective workouts that can work impactfully on your complete body. So sit-ups, immediate steps, push-ups, lift stretches for the hip, and many more high-impact exercises are a specialized area for this fantastic gym set.



Why do we Recommend it?

Well, being a home gym owner, we understand that you’re looking for quality workout equipment keeping in mind the fact that excessive space is not an option you may be enjoying at the moment. That’s why we think that the AVAH portable home gym setup will be a great choice for you, based on the fact that this setup allows you to perform multiple high-impact workouts by adjusting the gym setup in various ways.

For instance, if you’re ready for the bench presses, adjust the portable pin heights, and you’ll be all set for a tiring bench-pressing session.

5. Vigbody Exercise Stationary Workout Bike

In the market today, no doubt that there is countless new and improved home workout equipment that you may find interesting. But being a fitness trainer myself, I will always suggest you use the VIGBODY stationary exercise bike for an all-in-one workout experience.

As a fitness trainer, the recent sanctions and series of quarantine campaigns on the government level weren’t a great time to maintain my fitness. That’s why I finally decided to start working out in my home gym. Trust me; besides some standard gym accessories and gadgets, I only use this amazing stationary bike for a complete body workout set.

Why it’s the Best Home Gym Setup?

I have got only a one-word answer for you. The cardiovascular impact of the VIGBODY stationary exercise bike. I think this stationary bike has the most user-oriented and cardio strengthening-based machine dynamics from all the cardio-related equipment available today.

It is the best home exercise equipment for beginners and professionals, so every family member in the family can benefit from this exercise machine.

Which is great for someone like me who loves to work on his cardio more than any other kind of workout set. Moreover, the bike offers a one-of-a-kind balance structure which is great for rigorous workout sets.



Why do we Recommend it?

Being a stationary bike and a pretty effective one, the VIGBODY stationary exercise bike is an excellent choice for home gym owners looking for a complete body workout machine to give them maximum options for customized workout levels.

In addition, this bike allows you to change the level of resistance by simply pressing down a knob. That is it, and you’re all set to adjust the resistance levels according to your requirements.

Resistance Type Core Strengthening Machine Dynamics Portability User Friendliness Workout Focus Price to quality ratio Muscle Impact
Body Boss 2.0 Rope Yes 15.9 x 2.8 x 20.1 inches High Yes Full Body High High
Firebreather Battle Rope Rope Yes  17.5 x 13.5 x 7 inches High Yes Full Body High High
BRAVE HEART Weight plates No 21.26 x 9.25 x 6.69 inches High Yes Arm and shoulder region High High
AVAH portable home gym Rope, inclined Yes 64.37x 11.81x 53.5 inches High Yes Full Body High High
VIGBODY stationary exercise bike magnetic Moderate 36 x 31 x 9 inches Low Yes Lower body and cardio High Moderate

Commonly Asked Questions

Well, it depends upon you. Let's say that you are a person who prefers core strengthening over any other workout form. So, what are you going to get? Not a stationary bike or a dumbbell. In this case, a bench press or resistance rope set will be the perfect choice for you.


That's why selecting what kind of workout equipment depends upon you and the type of environment and space you have back at home. You know the width and length of the room, whether it can hold the equipment perfectly and allow you to work out smoothly. One thing more, don't forget to consider the overall room damping and room temperature, as well as it can get hot in there after a long and arduous workout set.

Quality at all cost. We understand that you might be thinking that it is a better idea to get as much workout equipment as possible for the home gym set up but believe us, that will not be the best choice for you.


Think about this, which option is going to be better, A top quality workout machine that you are going to probably use every single day under a well-structured workout plan or some random workout accessories and stuff that you are probably not even going to take out of the cupboard for the second time? The first option. That is why going with a well reputed and high-quality equipment-delivering brand is a much better option than going with every other workout-related stuff that you can quickly get in bulk.


With all that being said, now is the time to summarize some of the fantastic facts we have learned so far with the best value home gym.

First, all of the equipment discussed above is carefully selected for your consideration by our dedicated teams of gym and workout experts. Secondly, keeping a keen eye on the market trends and new and improved technology, we are getting today.

There are countless unique and eye-catching workout machines & accessories that you may want to add to your home gym collection. However, we think the equipment discussed above will be more than enough for you if you’re going to follow a well-structured and time-worthy workout routine.

Secondly, consistency is the key. Let’s say you want to burn your excess body fat. Now, you have two options in this case. First, you can work consistently for a whole month, stick to a strict diet plan, and stay committed to your goal; you’ll not only burn your excess body fat but will also be able to tone your body shape up to a great extent.

We hope this article will surely help you decide on the best home exercise equipment for weight loss for your setup.

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