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While fitness and exercise machines are becoming trendier, we observe that the gym mats are not lagging. They are just as popular as any exercise equipment. The best gym mats for home allow people to do yoga, high-impact or low-impact cardio, and several other exercises like weightlifting, pushups and jump ropes, etc., with ease and convenience. The gym mats are usually spacious and thick, providing enough room to exercise and comfort the joints.

The best mats for home gym protect the user’s body from the impact of the high pressure that the hard floors create when the body’s joints struggle against them. Therefore, gym mats are essential to use at home if one wants to exercise regularly. They protect the joints against the pressure and the shock waves created by the hard surfaces.

The gym mats come in various designs, sizes, and shapes, usually made of different materials. Many toxic-free and eco-friendly gym mats are now available in the market that ensures the user’s safety and health.

Gym mats are often very effective in motivating people to exercise. They promote personal space and cleanliness as well while providing support and comfort to the user’s body.

1. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam

BalanceFrom gym mat for home is a high-end 0.5-inch exercise avenue for incessant exercise spree. The mat is extremely lightweight. Moreover, the double-sided surfaces provide excellent safety to thwart injuries and maintain balance. It is bestowed with moisture-resistant technology and can be washed with simple water and soap.

Why is Balance From the Best Gym Mat For Home?

BalanceFrom is considered one of the best is feeling its high-density EVA foam that provides even comfort to the elbows, knees, hips, and spine. Moreover, this technology is moisture resistant and easy to be cleaned with water and soap.

The portability is elevated considering the feather-light weight. Furthermore, the protective workout flooring extends a cozy workout space. At the same time, the assembly is relatively swift and fundamental to the core. Besides home, BalanceFrom is fittable for use in fitness rooms, kids’ play areas, gyms, and garages.



Why do we Recommend it?

BalanceFrom exercise mat is highly recommended owing to the following three reasons. Firstly, gym-geeks have innate agility; a fragile mat cannot withstand the wear and tear of the exercise hardships. Fortunately, the high-end BalanceFrom mat is designed on a puzzle locking system that locks it tightly.

We recommend it as the best gym mats for home because, it has a pure non-slip texture that allows the ultimate freedom to exercise on your way, sans any fear of slippage.

Lastly, an exercise mat is not an ordinary rag that should not be an eyesore. Variety is the spice of the gym; BalanceFrom comes up in three colors; gray, black, and blue. Moreover, each pack comes up with 12 end borders and six tiles, covering a 24 sq. ft. area.

2. ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat

ProsourceFit puzzle exercise mat is one of the best workout horses for the home—ideal for training, muscle recovery, yoga, pilates, and strength. Besides the room, the mat is also viable for the basements and garages, considering the floor protection and noise-reducing factors. It’s the best mats for home gym while also can be used at other spaces where you need rubber flooring.

The 0.5-inch thick foam protects the surface from the equipment, weight, and sweat. Moreover, the formation is built to last long and for dependable use, considering the low maintenance and waterproof construction.

Why is Prosource Fit the Second-Best Gym Mat For Home?

ProsourceFit is fixated as the second-best gym mat for home, considering the non-skid and durable formation that is featherlight and extremely easy to assemble. Moreover, it perches on a high grade of usability that could be wiped or air dry with a dry rag.

Each EVA foam tile measures 24″ x 24″ x ½.” Fortunately, ProsourceFit is free from toxic phthalates; there is no imminent threat to wholesome health.



Why do we Recommend it?

ProsourceFit is recommended for the second slot owing to the following three befitting and compelling reasons.

Firstly, space is the first make-or-break stance for the home gym practitioner. ProsourceFit wins this avenue by including a total of 24 sq. ft. The mat has 12 borders with a finished and polished look.

Secondly, the mat is easy to assemble and disassemble, a perfect scenario for the customized projects. These interlocking vibes extend the horizon, and the mat could be used everywhere.

Lastly, the foam is dense enough and rolled out on the more challenging terrains of basements and garages. The dense foam also extends a perfect scenario for yoga.

3. Amazon Basic the Best Floor Mats for Home Gym Area

AmazonBasics gym mat is another excellent avenue for a variety of exercises, including aerobics. Amazingly, the high-density mat creates a barrier between the floor and fitness gear. It’s top-rated and best floor mats for home gym area as per customers’ view.

This looks elite on face value, considering the clean, smooth, and harmless construction by experienced veterans. The PVC material provides a high grade of usability and durability.

Why is AmazonBasics the Third-Best Gym Mat For Home?

AmazonBasics is the third-best exercise mat for the home fitness geeks considering the very high density of 3 × 8.5 feet PVC. There is no fear of placing the heavy exercise equipment; the mat remains the same after the rigorous usage.

Furthermore, the aesthetics are optimally high, and the sleek black color extends an eye-catching scenario for the onlookers. The general aerobics are ideal for this mat, thanks to the thick foam and spacious space.



Why do we Recommend it?

Every product has a specific reason behind the recommendation. We have not one but three reasons behind the listing. Firstly, the AmazonBasics mat is backed by the original and trustworthy name of Amazon, an e-commerce giant that incessantly rolls out genuine products all over the globe. It means there is no fear of cheapskate involved in buying; the buyer can go with ultimate freedom.

Secondly, the construction of high-density PVC gives rugged strength to the rectangular mat; the cushioning surface adds extra comfort.

Finally, the mat is also fit for exercise with equipment. The mat’s thick padding can easily ensconce the bulky fitness equipment such as a rowing machine or exercise bike. Moreover, the AmazonBasics mat is also recommended for aerobics.

4. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka yoga mat is one of the best gym mats for home. I bought this mat with high expectations, and I can gladly admit that it works well. In the beginning, the mat felt a bit slippery, but after using it a couple of times, it doesn’t feel greasy at all now. As the best rubber mats for home gym they can be used inside the home as well as for Yoga outside the home.

This gym mat has a thickness of 6mm and is quite dense. It is damage-resistant and promises durability along with longevity. Its closed-cell surface formula ensures that no bacteria or sweat seeps into the mat cushion, making it very easy to clean.

Thanks to the density, my joints feel protected and safe while practicing challenging yoga poses. In addition, this gym mat is OEKO-TEX certified, which declares it to be toxic-free and safe to use by humans.

Why is it the Best Gym Mat For Home?

Manduka yoga mat is one of the best gym mats for home because it provides enough space for a person to practice hard. The rug is a bit heavy, but that’s fine for me. The mat’s thickness is good enough to lower the impact on joints as the ultra-dense cushioning allows excellent stability plus comfort. Also, the cleaning and maintenance are super quick and easy with the Manduka cleaning agent.



Why do we Recommended it?

We recommend Manduka Pro Yoga Mat because it provides an excellent exercise experience right in the comfort of home. It has excellent grip on both sides neither it slips on the surface and nor the user slips on it. While staying firm on this mat your can make your moves freely.

5. BalanceFrom Best Mats for Home Gym

BalanceFrom quickly makes it to the list of best gym mats for home with its ergonomic design and folding ability. The 4-panel design makes this mat portable and easy to store. The form incorporated in the design is super durable yet soft and provides total comfort to the user.

The 10 feet long and 4 feet wide foam with 2 inches thickness allows the user to perform various activities on this mat. You can do yoga, martial arts, aerobics, Pilates, and gymnastics easily on this mat.

The incorporation of Velcro allows you to connect multiple mats to create more room for practice. In addition, the vinyl surface is durable and toxic-free, which also promotes easy cleaning with soap and water.

Why is it the Best Gym Mat For Home?

BalanceFrom mat is one of the best gym mats for home because it provides comfortable padded foam that allows you to carry out different activities with ease. In addition, this mat is durable, so it can conveniently tolerate your body weight without wearing it out.



We recommend BalanceFrom Folding Exercise Aerobics Mats on the basis of their good-quality materials, great endurance, and durability. In addition, this mat is safe to use and adds value to the user’s life. It’s cost effect as well as light weight option, highly portable and fully washable. 

6. SPRI Hanging Exercise Mat

SPRI fitness and exercise mats are lightweight yet durable. It is one of the best gym mats for home because of its high-quality control and low-impact exercise. This mat is best for yoga, core training, and stretching. It comes with grommets for hanging when done using, or you could also roll it for storage. The grommets are rust-proof and do not deform if stepped on.

One good thing about this mat is that it maintains its flat shape whether you roll it, stack, or hang it after use. With its thickness and density, the body feels low pressure on the joints.

The commercial-grade quality of this mat makes it suitable for use in gym clubs as well as homes. This mat is perfect for your home gym, where you can exercise for long hours with ease. This mat is ideal to use for all body types.

Why is it the Best Gym Mat For Home?

SPRI mat is one of the best gym mats for home because it provides good yoga and exercise right at your home. You can conveniently use this mat to do different activities as its thickness and density deliver complete comfort. Moreover, it is perfect for hardwood floors and doesn’t slip at all.



We recommend SPRI Hanging Exercise Mat due to its dense and durable design. It’ll allow you to exercise with comfort. Easy to layout and easy to fold, you will feel it soft on your hands and foot, it’s easy to clean and over time will not tear but due to its strong build. 

7. Gorilla Premium the Best Rubber Mats for Home Gym

Gorilla Mats are unique. I ordered one after reading all the overwhelmingly positive reviews. After using this for a while now, I have to admit that it’s so good that even I am forced to write one to appreciate the fantastic quality and the refined design of the mat. Indeed, it is one of the best gym mats for home ever.

These best rubber mats for home gym allow you to practice several exercises and beautifully tolerates all the weight of your body. Whether you dance, jump, do HIIT workouts, weightlifting, kickboxing, MMA, Plyometrics, or any other exercise, this mat will not wear out or get damaged at all. In other words, it is super durable and sturdy.

The top layer of this mat is quite dense and non-slip, while the bottom layer incorporates a circle pattern that stops the rug from sliding around. Moreover, the materials used to craft this mat are all eco-friendly and toxic-free, making it safe to use.

Why is it the Best Gym Mat For Home?

Gorilla mat is one of the best gym mats for home because it prevents your floors from damaging. You can use this mat on any floor, including wood, concrete, and tiles, etc. Moreover, the Gorilla mat also protects your joints from shock waves. You can do workouts with or without your shoes on this mat.



We recommend Gorilla Premium Large Exercise Mat because this super convenient mat protects the floor and joints, towel, straps, and carrying bag everything that you need to make it portable is included in this package. Moreover its a cardio, strength, or dance workout mat. 

8. GXMMAT the Best Gym Mats for Home Use

Gxmmat is one of the best gym mats for home. This mat is extra large and ultra-spacious. The user can practice yoga, warm-up, meditation, pushups, foam rolling, and many more exercises barefoot. The surface of the mat is constructed durable yet soft to give a gentle effect to the joints.

This mat is suitable for all floors, including hardwood, concrete, carpet, tiles, and outdoor ground. With its double-sided no-skid surfaces, the user can expect a firm grip and zero slippings. The circular pattern incorporated underside prevents the mat from sliding. The 7mm thick memory foam provides more stability and comfort to the user.

This mat made of premium quality materials is toxic-free and eco-friendly. Therefore, it is safe to use and good for promoting better health.

Why is it the Best Gym Mat For Home?

Gxmmat mat is one of the best gym mats for home because it can deliver a gym-like experience right at home. You can do yoga, meditation, or exercise on this padded foam mat with comfort and stay in shape with good health.



We recommend GXMMAT Extra Large Yoga Mat for yoga poses, pilates, meditation, stretching, light cardio, or other workout routines. It provides you with a good deal of stability and comfort during different workout activities. As it is extra large, you can also exercise easily with a partner on this mat.

9. GXMMAT Extra Large Exercise Mat

Gxmmat extra large mat is excellent for exercising. It is one of the best gym mats for home as it comes with an extra-large and wide design which allows a massive range of cardio exercises like P90X. The dance workouts like Zumba and T25 are also very ideal for performing on this mat. You also can do several home gym exercises like pushups, sit-ups, jump rope and weightlifting, etc., barefoot or with shoes.

The surface of this mat is slightly textured, so it prevents hands and feet from slipping during the workout to reduce the chances of injuries. The grooved and matrix-circle underside prevents the mat from sliding and locks it in a fixed position on the floor.

2The 7mm thick memory foam protects the floor from damage and also helps to reduce the noise created during the workouts. The foam is plush yet durable and makes the mat sturdy, tear-resistant, and resilient. It also protects your joints during exercising and provides you stability plus comfort.

Why is it the Best Gym Mat For Home?

Gxmmat is one of the best floor mats for home gym use. It allows you to practice yoga, high-impact cardio exercises, other activities like dance workouts and Jump ropes, etc., on its large and wide surface. You can also use this mat to put it under heavy exercise equipment at home.



Why do We Recommended it?

We recommend GXMMAT Extra Large Exercise Mat for serious workouts. This mat comes with one pair of workout gloves, one storage bag, and 2 Velcro straps which adds more convenience and value to the user’s workout experience at home.

10. GAIAM Yoga Mat

Gaiam yoga mat is one of the best floor mats for home gym. I love their collection of innovative and breathtaking aesthetic designs. The impressionist color schemes are attractive and vibrant enough to light up your mood and motivate you to exercise on the mat right away.

Another wonderful thing about this mat is that it is lightweight yet very resilient and scratch-resistant. The 6mm thickness provides comfort to the joints during yoga. I sometimes do Zumba practice on this mat, too, and it seems to tolerate my weight well, also absorbing the shock waves that could hurt my joints.

This mat has beautiful design patterns with textured non-slip surfaces on both sides. You could use any side according to your mood without worrying about slipping or falling. Toxic-free materials are used to construct this mat, making it a smart choice for maintaining good health and fitness.

Why is it the Best Gym Mat For Home?

Gaiam is one of the best gym mats for home use because it’s a lightweight yet durable mat that allows you to do yoga or any other exercise in the comfort of your home. This mat is easy to clean and maintain with a Gaiam washing agent, which smells quite lovely.



Why do We Recommended it?

We recommend Gaiam Yoga Mat on the basis of its reversible design textured sticky non-slip surface which gives it super grip. Available in various breathtaking designs and provides total comfort during yoga and other exercises right at home

Comparison of 7 Best Mats for Home Gym

Products Colour Material Dimensions Item Thickness Item Weight
Balance Form Black Vinyl 23.62 x 23.62 x 0.39 inches 1\2 Nil
Prosourcefit Black Eva Foam 25 x23.62 x 3\4 7 pounds
AmazonBasics Black nil 23.62 x 0.47 inches 5 x 25 nil 0.3 kilogram
Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Black PVC 71 x 26 x 0.24 inches 6 Millimeters 7 Pounds
BalanceFrom Black Nonwoven-Fabric 49 x 31 x 9 inches 2 inches 15 Pounds
SPRI Black TPE 56 x 23 x 1 inches 5/8" NIL
Gorilla Mats Black Foam 6 x 4 x 0.25 inches 0.25 Inches 14 pounds
Gxmmat Extra Large Mat Black Eco Micro-foam 73.23 x 120.08 x 0.28 inches 7 Millimeters 5.3 Kilograms
Gxmmat Exercise Mat Black High Dense Micro-foam 72.05 x 120.08 x 0.28 inches 7 Millimeters 33.8 pounds
Gaiam Divine Impressionist Foam 68"L x 24"W 6mm 3.2 Pounds
Sensu Blue and black 16P-ECO mat 72"x 48" 8.5 mm 18.87 Pounds


The best rubber mats for home gym have become a must-have piece of equipment in the fitness world. They are necessary for providing support and comfort to the user during hardcore workouts. The thick padded foam incorporated into the mats gives relief to the joints while exercising and protects them from dangerous shock waves that could cause accidents.

The hard floors can often hurt the joints of a person while exercising directly on them. People feel soreness in their muscles and joints if they do not use a gym mat. Therefore, the use of gym mats is inevitable, especially at home.

Fitness-driven people take good care of their health by keeping their bodies active and in shape. To maintain such fitness goals, those who prefer exercising at home must have the best gym mats to achieve their exercise objectives without getting hurt. We think that Manduka Pro Yoga Mat, BalanceFrom, and SPRI are the best options for all eight mats to opt for home use. However, other gym mats are excellent too.

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