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If you hate working out, even when you’re motivated, what you surround yourself with is often to blame. In particular, the colors on your walls have a significant impact on your workout style and energy.

Color psychology teaches us the effect of hues on all five senses. So expect these various hues to affect your mood and emotions

Many gyms use specific colors for their branding and the gym’s physical structure. It’s not only to make their brand look exciting. They do so to attract and motivate people as well, so they can get excited about working out.

But as someone who works out at home, which color do you choose to match your energy and mood? Here are some details you should know before selecting the best paint color for home gym.

For Those With Home Gyms

If you own your property, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to switch your color. However, if you rent your home, there’s no reason why you can’t add some color to your walls either.

Just about all landlords permit painting walls on their property, provided that you change the color back before moving out. Get their okay before giving your walls a makeover, and you should have no problem creating a vibrant, fun workout space.

Best Paint Colors for Your Home Gym

Thousands of colors are available but we only choose which are good to keep you energetic during your workout session. which are:

1. Duck Egg Blue

If you’re not one to love neon blues and bright colors, then duck egg or eggshell blue is a perfect choice. This best paint color for home gym is popular among all age groups.

This shade of blue is a very soft but vibrant color that doesn’t show any starkness but is bright enough that it improves your room’s ambiance. It’s more relaxed and fresh and creates a very positive aura, especially if you have a source of natural light.

With the sunlight streaming in and fresh wind blowing, you not only feel more energized, but you also won’t feel as exhausted either.

Neon bright colors often overwhelm the senses, whereas a white color offers no respite to some who’s been working out for two hours.

A softer blue color like eggshell blue is a healing shade that gives off a sense of calmness, so you feel invigorated and accomplished, even if you feel like you might just cough your lungs out from the heavy wheezing after an intense workout!

2. Celosia Orange

This is a prevalent color that you may have seen in gyms. If you’re partial to it, then adding the Celosia orange shade to your home might just take your workout to another level.

The orange color family represents the best qualities of yellow and red. This color represents fun, excitement, stimulation, wit, spontaneity, optimism, and energy. By far, orange is the most wholesome and underrated color in the selection.

In particular, the celosia orange stands out because it’s soft but still presents the warmth of yellow and red.

When painted on a wall, this color doesn’t look too much. It provides a subtle backdrop that’s bold but calming, warm but positive.

In other words, this color keeps you energized and offers comfort and a feeling of accomplishment when you work out.

3. Deep Green

best color for home gym

Green is probably the most calming color of all and is a favorite among those looking for some peace while working out.

This color is exceptionally known for its calming, relaxing energy. Green adds depth to the surrounding space but also provides an uplifting hue. Because it mimics our more natural surroundings, green brings out the child in many and allows them to relax and let go.

That’s why you’ll often find this shade of green, sage green, and lime green in yoga and meditation zones.

Green also makes the room look bigger and is often used as a backdrop for people who want to create a small Zen area for themselves.

If you’re more into Pilates, yoga, and low-impact workouts, painting your feature wall a green color may be just the cherry on top.

4. Red Clay

If you want a color that imitates the heart-pumping sensation of your full-throttle cardio session, the red clay shade is the only option for you!

This color is a combination of orange and red. But it takes out the bright, vibrant, somewhat stark shade away from the combo, leaving you with a deep, inspiring, energetic shade that is sure to excite you.

Although you may not consider a red wall as anything more than an interior design faux pas, this color passes that test and can look very refreshing when paired with equally exciting décor.

This color is inspiring, energetic, and motivating. It’s exciting and will surely get your blood flowing fast as you imagine working out with the very best warriors of the fitness industry.

Note: Many people consider red to be ideally suited for larger spaces. Don’t be fooled. The shade “Red Clay” can be used for half walls and even small areas. The color is at that idyllic point where it will enhance even smaller workout spaces.

5. Peach Dust

home gym paint colors

Don’t be mistaken by the name! This color was previously named Champagne pink but was changed later on.

This color is the softest shade of pink imaginable, even more than powder pink, and is perfect for those who want a soft, whimsical color to surround them as they work out. The peach dust shade is cool, subtle, elevated, and sophisticated.

If you mostly rely on dancing, ballet, or yoga for your exercise, this color will suit your purpose.

This shade of pink is commonly used in dance studios, along with shades of white.

However, this color still trumps the ever-present white as the only shade that motivates those around it. This shade is also ideal for minimalists, so if you want to add a sense of personality without necessarily adding color to your home, peach dust is the only way to do it.

Our Opinion About the Best Paint Color for Home Gym

best paint color for home gym

Even if you’re a skeptic of color psychology, consider the many ways our environment affects us. Walking along the ocean, hiking in the forest, taking a trip to the hustling bustling city—all the colors that surround us have a way of affecting our personality and mood.

Yet, if you still don’t agree, think about changing the colors to improve your home gym’s aesthetic. Why not add an incredible backdrop when you know you’ll be documenting your progress along the way?


The colors mentioned above are some of the most widely used shades in the fitness industry. Take a clue from their guidebook, and add another element to improve your workout. Hopefully, this guide serves you well to choose the best paint color for home gym, that’ll keep calm, motivated, and energetic during your workout sessions.

You’ll feel the difference as you get in the zone and start hitting fitness targets without much effort at all!

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