best stationary bike for home gym

A stationary bike is a great way to get in shape and stay fit without going anywhere. A good stationary bike will be durable but also foldable so that you can store it easily.

 Why choose the best stationary bike for home gym?

Cycling is one of the gentlest forms of exercise, and besides being warm for your joints, it takes no time to start seeing benefits. It can be a great cardio workout if you up the intensity with higher resistance. You don’t even have to leave the house to exercise on a stationary bike.

In this post, I’ll review some of the best options for your home gym. 

To understand better, let’s first have a look at the benefits of stationary bikes.

Benefits of Using Stationary Bikes

  • Cycling is one of the gentlest forms of exercise, and besides being warm for your joints, it takes no time to start seeing benefits.
  • It can be a great cardio workout if you up the intensity with higher resistance.
  • You don’t even have to leave the house to exercise on a stationary bike.
  • An indoor stationary bike also encourages more family activities.
  • Using an exercise bike at home is a great way for seniors to stay mobile and remain independent as they age.  
  • Using a spin bike at home can be easier than going out for a regular bicycle ride.

1. Mercy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709

Are you looking for an easy way to lose unwanted weight and increase your fitness level? Then, Marcy’s recumbent exercise bikes will not disappoint you in training. It is versatile training equipment suitable for stamina development, muscle toning, and light cardiovascular exercises.

ME-790 features an adjustable foam seat for comfort and safety for the proper strides. The wide counterbalanced pedals are constructed with non-slip textures fused with straps for safe grip during intense workouts. It has an effortless assembly process. Also, ME-709 arrives fully packed, weighing 61 pounds, and can support a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

You can attain your fitness goal faster due to an adjustable resistance knob-based under the handlebar. The trainer can use the tension knob to adjust for different workout levels with eight magnetic resistance levels. Also, you can use the tension tightening knob to adjust the seat height to fit different individuals. It is the best stationary bike for home gym.

The bike is designed to produce less noise, making it the best option for a home gym. ME 709 features an ultra-functional computer screen with big numbers for improved readability. The screen tracks speed, time, distance, and the number of calories burned. Moving the recumbent bike is easier due to the front transport wheels. Also, it is commonly used by older people and those with knee problems.



2. Sunny Health & Fitness Best Stationary Bike for Home Gym

Suppose you are searching for a lightweight and affordable recumbent bike to add to your home gym? SF-RB4616 from Sunny Health and Fitness Company will fit your home gym perfectly and will not disappoint your workouts. The bike has an ergonomic padded seat and backrest that can be adjusted forward and backward direction. The backrest and the seat are made of the vinyl material that is sweat resistant and easy to clean.

It has a sturdy base frame of rear and front stabilizers with rolling caps. The front stabilizer is designed with small transport wheels for easy moving around. SF-RB4616 has a seat in the reclined position, having wide-spaced double handlebars for comfortable grip.

Sunny Health and fitness has eight magnetic resistance options to increase the workout intensity. When you increase resistance, the magnet moves next to the flywheel and vice versa to reduce the resistance level. The magnetic resistance design makes the workouts quiet and smooth, suitable for home gyms. SF-RB4616 has a console with a simple LCD screen to track distance, calories, pulse, speed, and distance covered.

Assembling the recumbent bike is an easier process as it comes with a pre-assembled main body. Additionally, SF-RB4616 arrives with a step-by-step guiding manual to help in setting up the bike in less than an hour. The sturdy frame constructed from steel supports a maximum trailer weight capacity of 300 pounds. You can change resistance levels manually by shifting the adjustment knob under the arm.



3. Pooboo Recumbent Exercise Bike W258-1

If you are on a tight budget, POOBOO is the affordable and effective recumbent bike to buy. The stationary equipment has front and rear frame parts. The rear part joins the drive system, and the middle console mast to the front part. A small stabilizer is there to supports the two frame parts constructed of steel tubing. You can not adjust or fold the sturdy frame, but it comes with a step-through design.

A two-inch foam cushioning seat and backrest provides extra comfort during training. The seat can move backward and forward on its rail; use the knob on the right side for adjustments. Also, the durability of the upholstery is promising due to the vinyl construction material that makes it easier to clean. The seat has handlebars that you can use as elbow rests for additional comfort.

The W258-1 bike has eight magnetic resistance options that provide smooth workouts. It provides a quiet working environment due to the belt drive mechanism and the magnetic system. Moving this stationary training machine is an easy task because of the transport wheels.

One of the impressive features is the ultra-functional LCD monitor. The screen helps track working speed, calories burned, pulse, time, and total distance covered. Operating the console is easy as it has only three resets, mode, and set buttons. You can enjoy a hassle-free assembling task because the resistance, drive, and front section arrive pre-assembled.



4. Mercy Magnetic Recumbent Bike NS-716R

In case you are searching for a smooth and effective training bike with magnetic resistance. Mercy magnetic recumbent bike will not disappoint you as it arrives with eight magnetic resistance levels. You can shift between the levels easily by using a tension-adjustment knob for simple to intense workouts. Your safety is set as a number one priority due to the availability of adjustable pedal straps.

The comfortability of this machine is on another level as the seat and the back pad is made of high-density foam. It has a bottle holder for quenching your thirst without breaking your workout. Any family member can use this exercise bike due to the adjustable seat that the trainer can shift using the twisting knob.

Like other recumbent bikes, NS-716R has a belt drive system that enhances quietness during workouts. The training meter helps track time, calories burnt, speed and the total distance coerced when exercising. With two rubberized handlebars, you can hold the equipment without slipping for additional adherence and comfort.

It has a two-piece steel frame between the pedals and the seat that increases stability. One thing to note with NS-716R has a stationary seat and backrest fused by an adjustable frame. Maintaining and assembling the training machine is easier as it arrives with a guiding manual.



5. JEEKEE Best Home Gym Bike

JEEKEE is recommended as the best recumbent bike for adults as it has stable power that provides a smooth riding experience. Suppose you have a shadow of a doubt; the bike has a double external magnetic flywheel driven by a dual-belt mechanism. This technology makes it a quieter alternative gym device to install in your home, and you can use it from anywhere due to its noiseless feature.

The training bike’s frame is constructed by heavy-duty and strong steel for long-lasting use. Jeekee has nine-seat adjustment positions that fit all the family members, making it the best home gym. Trainers can change their workout intensity through the eight options available, and the bike fits for physical therapy and relaxation.

When pedaling, your safety is the priority due to the adjustable straps preventing falling during workouts. The backrest protects your spine from injuries when training for a long period. Comfort on the Jeekee is on the next level as it arrives with a large cushioned seat and backrest made from vinyl material.

In addition, Jeekee has an ultra-functional LCD console display that tracks real training data like time, speed, calories, pulse, and overall distance covered. The tablet holder and the bottle holder make your training experience easy, and you can watch or play games while exercising. Setting up the stationary bike is a straightforward task as it comes with a step-by-step assembly guide manual.



6. Bifanuo Stationary Exercise Bike

Suppose you are looking for a single training bike that can support several workouts, then you are in the right place. A stationary foldable magnetic recumbent bike from Bifanuo Company is a three-in-one training equipment. The ergonomic seat design fits all trainers despite the height because of the eight adjustable positions divided into four sections.

Storage of this exercising device is easier because of the foldable design. There is a maximum of ten magnetic resistance options that enables you to customize your training standard. The optimal seat provides extra comfort when exercising due to the thick cushion made from vinyl material for easy cleaning. The entire folding bike is constructed with top-quality steel for long-lasting usage.

The digital monitor display provides clear vision when tracking speed, distance covered in miles, and the number of calories burnt per workout. When training, your feet are held tightly by the anti-slip strap pedals preventing you from injuries. The handlebars contain pulse rate sensors that track real heart rates throughout the training and display the information on the LCD screen.

Additionally, trainers can strengthen their arms by using arm tension resistance bands with flexible foam handles. Moving the training bike is simple because of the in-built transport wheels, and the foldable design makes it easy to store. The exercising bike ensures a quiet and smooth-riding experience for all genders despite age or height.



7. Anconats Bike Comfortable Cushion

When we talk about durable exercising bikes, Anconats is the perfect example. It is constructed from commercial thick alloy steel. The foldable training device has undergone thousands of tasting, proven to be safe and noiseless. The testing and other features make it the best recumbent bike to add to your home gym for faster attaining your fitness goal.

Individuals looking to enhance core strength, rehabilitation, aerobic, and muscle shape can achieve this through the available eight resistance levels. The seat has six adjustment positions that can fit different sizes of individuals. Also, there are two designs of this bike that have a backrest and one that lacks, consider this before deciding on buying this bike.

The available straps help you tighten your foot for safe and comfortable pedaling. Assembling the recumbent device is a straightforward task as it arrives with a step-by-step guiding manual. The seat cushions are made of PU material that enables double comfort during workouts, and it’s easier to clean.

One outstanding feature is the convenient LCD touch screen that helps track your speed, time, distance, and calories burned. The tracking happens in real training time and can help you project your training progress. Handlebars are designed with monitor rate sensors that aid in monitoring your heart rates during workouts.



8. Harison Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Have you found the right exercise bike for your home gym? Harison B8 magnetic exercise device is the right equipment. It is the best because of the stable stainless steel frame construction that can withstand a maximum of 350 pounds user weight. The frame is coated with baking paint that makes it corrosion and rust-resistant.

Choose your workout plan from the available 14 magnetic resistant levels, from lungs and heart exercises to full-body training. The device provides a silent riding experience, making it the right choice for a home gym. Also, it has an extra padded seat made from quality material suitable for all weights. You can adjust the seat to fit different heights.

The multi-functional LCD helps track and record time, heart rate, speed, PRM, calories, and odometer. The vented backrest made from mesh material gives you a cool, comfortable riding experience. Moving the gym device is an easy task due to the transport wheel.

Safety and comfort come first because of the adjustable foot straps and the non-slip design that provide foot support for comfortable training. Putting the bike together is a straightforward task as long as you follow the assembly steps included in the manual. Harison B8 is the bike to add to your home workout station for magnificent results.



9. Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706

For individuals looking to lose weight, burn calories, and attain their fitness goal faster, this is the Marcy is the one to buy. The bike holds a motorized magnetic resistance system with a servo motor and an internal generator. There is no need for an external power source due to the bike’s self-generating ability.

ME-706 has a strong frame made from heavy-duty steel, coated with anti-rust black paint. You can pedal in reverse and forward positions smoothly and quietly as the flywheel and the resistance belt support such operations. The recumbent training machine arrives with 23 present working programs that help you attain your fitness goal faster.

Handlebars and the seat of this bike are made of two-inch paddling foam and vinyl upholstery. The seat size is a bit large and adjustable and can move back and forward on the metallic rail. All individuals can train with the bike despite gender, age, or height. It can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Finally, the console unit has a multi-functional LCD screen with LED backlights for easier reading. LCD tracks working speed, PRM, time, pulse, calories, and the distance covered in miles. Assembling ME-706 is an easy task as it comes with a setup manual. The bike includes a lithium-ion battery.



10. Schwinn 270

The Schwinn exercise bike is the best recumbent bike on the market for newbies and experienced trainers. Like no other bike on our list, this one has twenty-five magnetic resistance levels for light to intense workouts. A 17-pound magnetic resistance system supports the 25 levels.

With 29 present diverse workout programs, you can train and focus various body muscles. The 29 programs are divided into 12 profiles, nine heart rate control, four trainer-defined, three fitness tests, and a quick start. The seat is adjustable on its aluminum rail, and it has high backs for lumbar support.

Ventilated backrests made from mesh material provide a cool training experience. The contoured seat gives extra comfort due to the thick padded material. You can train from home without disturbing others as the bike has a smooth and quiet operating system.

Additionally, the bike contains a dual digital LCD screen with blue backlights for easier reading. The monitor tracks the trainer’s speed, time, distance, calories burnt, and pulse. Bluetooth, sound system, holders, and USB charging port are some of the additional features that make it the best.



Comparing the Best Stationary Bikes for Home Gym

Products Material Manufacturer Item Weight in pounds Maximum Weight in Pounds Dimensions in inches
Marcy Recumbent Bike ME-709 Plastic, Steel Impex 61 300 58.2 x 20.1 x 38
Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4616 Alloy Steel Sunny Distributor Inc 58.6 300 46.3 x 24.5 x 38.1
Pooboo Recumbent Bike Steel pooboo 55 330 36.2 x 21.5 x 13.4
Marcy Magnetic Bike NS-716R Stainless Steel, Plastic Impex Inc 41 300 52.3 x 25.1 x 38.2
Jeekee Recumbent Exercise Bike Alloy Steel Jeekee 66 300 36.5 x 22.1 x 13.5
Stationary Foldable BIke Steel Bifanuo 46 265 45.35 x 15.45 x 9
Anconats Cycle Bike Alloy Steel qiaodeng 47.6 300 51.94 x 8.67 x 16.5
Harison Recumbent Bike Stainless Steel Harison 77 350 37.2 x 27.3 x 14.9
Marcy Regenerating Bike ME-706 Steel Mercy 99 300 57.2 x 24.1 x 42 Carbon Steel, Aluminum Nautilus Domestic Ohio 86,7 300 64.2 x 27.7 x 49.8

Things to Consider While Buying an Exercise Bike for Home Use

As there are many features to consider, it is important that you first decide what your needs and requirements are. Let’s see some of the essential points while buying an exercise bike for home use.

Size matters

This is one of the most important aspects when choosing stationary bikes. If you have limited space available, you might want to opt for a recumbent bike, and if you have more space, then any of the other stationary bikes will serve your purpose well.

Size refers to the physical size of the spinning bikes and their weight as it influences how easily movable the bike is from one place to another. So make sure you consider that as well.

Resistance level

It is important to understand whether you are training for endurance, weight loss, or building muscles.  The higher the resistance level is, the more calories you will burn, and it will also tone your leg and abdominal muscles faster than a low-resistance level.

You need to determine whether the bike has a magnetic braking system or friction (brake) pad system.  The difference between these two systems lies in how much energy they convert into heat, affecting the electronic components like consoles, sensors, etc., installed inside the bike.  

I would recommend going for a model that uses a magnetic braking system because it doesn’t generate any heat, unlike a friction brake pad, which generates heat.


As you are setting up the exercise bike in your house, you will be using it daily for some time, and hence a console that is easy to read even during night hours would be a good choice.  Ensure that the console features speed, distance covered, calories burned, and a heart rate monitor. 

It should ideally have an LCD with a backlight so that you can view from different angles during low light conditions as well. Other things like pre-programmed workouts and fitness tests like BMI measurement or body fat indicator are added benefits but not necessarily required for everyone.


A dedicated spinning bike costs over $500, so if you don’t want to spend too much money on this piece of equipment, then there is an option to buy a home stationary bike used, which will cost less than half the price.

So with all this in mind, here are some of the best spin bikes for home use that you might want to consider.  I am sure you will find one that suits your budget and needs best!

Frequently Asked Questions

As I mentioned earlier, a spinning bike designed for home use costs around $500 to $700, but you can get one used for less than half the price.  However, there are many online deals where you can even find them under $200. This price range also varies depending on the brand and features of the bike, like resistance level, console type, and its features.

If you are buying a used exercise bike for home use, then it is important that you buy one with adjustable seat height, and in general, any bicycle with an upright position will be more comfortable than a recumbent one.  When exercising on normal bicycles, you do not have to bend your back so much. Why?  Because gravity pulls the upper body down, which makes the lower bodywork harder than would be the case when using an exercise cycle where you are required to sit upright. A recumbent bike looks more like a recliner, and hence these bikes will be more comfortable if you have back problems.

Yes, purchasing a used exercise bike is definitely safe and actually can help you save money. Furthermore, the bikes are very durable, and hence there is no need to worry about their performance in the long term because they will continue working even after several years of usage.

If you were curious about the difference between magnetic braking and friction brake pads, I could hopefully shed some light on this.  The friction brake pad system is more like a traditional bicycle and hand brakes, and these are engaged by pulling a lever that moves a pair of pads against a tire or wheel rim.  Magnetic braking systems use a magnet instead of brake pads, and these are used to reduce the speed of the spinning flywheel present inside the device.

 The console is an important aspect of any exercise bike, and hence it would be good to know which features are essential for you before buying one.  Below is the list of console features and how useful they could be according to your requirement.

  • Speedometer: This feature can help you keep track of your speed on a particular workout routine so that you can improve it over time.
  • Heart rate monitor: This is an important feature for those who are interested in checking their heartbeat or pulse while exercising.
  • Compass: If you are looking to train in a certain direction, then a device with compass feature would be very useful for you.


If you’re looking for a high-quality stationary bike that won’t break the bank, then one of these options should be perfect. The key to finding the right spin bike is understanding your needs and matching those with features like console size, resistance level, or braking system so that you can find what best suits both your budget and needs.

Remember to consider how much space is available in your home because some models will need more room than others.

One last thing worth considering before making any purchase decision would be whether you want an indoor stationary bike or not since this could make all the difference when it comes to which model might work better for you based on where it’s going to live at home!

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