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Fitness doesn’t need to come at a hefty price tag, and your treadmill sure doesn’t have to rob you of your monthly budget. When looking for the best treadmill for a home under $500, you can get access to highly affordable machines that aren’t priced spectacularly high without compromising quality.

But with the market loaded in options, you need to pick the right option without fail.

So, to help you achieve your fitness goals, here is an extensive guide that brings to you top treadmills under $500. These machines will help you achieve your fitness goals without the need for additional equipment.

But, before we take a look at the top choices, let us understand the features to look out for before you get yourself a treadmill for home.

Before moving forward let’s have a quick look at our top three recommendations for the best treadmill under 500:

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Buying Guide for Treadmill for Home under $500

A workout session to help meet your fitness goals doesn’t need to be too costly. Today, with so many efficient technologies in place, treadmills can be bought at a cheaper price without compromising quality.

Today treadmills under $500 are available with all the necessary features to help you with your fitness routine.

Efficiency: Treadmills under $500 are efficiently designed to help you burn your calories & improve your general wellness and health without costing you 1000s of bucks.

Just ensure that it is designed to bear the weight of each member in your family and a motor speed that is ready for the fitness regime you have planned.

Look for Features You Require: While most premium treadmills pack in every little detail and feature into the machine, the affordable ones might not have all the features. Now, everybody is different and needs various features to focus on fitness goals.

So if you can let go of a feature or two that seem unnecessary, you can surely get your dream machine at pocket-friendly prices.

Durability and Warranty: If you don’t plan on running a marathon on your treadmill, these machines will last you years. Now, a treadmill priced 1000s of bucks might surely last way longer, but technology changes quite quickly, and would you want to invest so much in something that will become outdated in a short span.

Minimally Cumbersome: Expensive and premium treadmills tend to take up a lot of space and weigh a ton. If you don’t have that much space, invest in these pocket-friendly treadmills that have a foldable design and easily fit under your bed or sofa.

Easy to Assemble: When assembling a treadmill, the expensive variants are difficult to put together instead of the cheaper ones. So, look for machines that take 30 minutes or less to be assembled completely.

If you are having trouble putting together the machine, you can always call for professional help to ensure there isn’t any damage to the treadmill.

4 Factors to Consider While Buying a Budget Treadmill

When looking for a treadmill under $50o, don’t simply barge into an online store and start looking for something without prior research. Here are some features that should be on the top of your mind before you start shopping.

1. Running Deck

Whether you plan on walking or running, the deck needs to feel firm and stable. It must also provide proper cushioning to help alleviate the hip and knee and reduce any possible discomfort.

A running belt that is short or thin might make your exercise routine inconvenient.

2. Usage Pattern

Before you purchase a treadmill, make sure you keep in mind the usage pattern. Consider whether you would use it daily or occasionally.

If your whole family would use the machine, you need to consider everyone’s weight and whether the machine can handle the same.

3. Space-Saving Design

Budget-friendly treadmills feature foldable designs that are compact and fit into a limited space, making them useful for people that live in small apartments.

Plus, it must be light in weight to roll around to the desired location.

4. Motor Size & Weight Carrying Capacity

When you search for the best treadmill for your home in your budget, make sure you keep in mind the weight capacity & motor size of the same. If you go over the suggested weight capacity, the machine might break down.

Plus, if you are into heavy workouts, make sure you go for a powerful motor of at least 2.5HP.

Now that you know the basics of purchasing the right treadmill let us get to the part where you can shop for the best options in the market.

Top 10 Best Treadmill for Home under $500

1. XTERRA Fitness Folding Treadmill TR150: The Best Treadmill Under 500

Are you looking for a treadmill that fits your budget while packing in all the features of a superior-quality machine? Then, you cannot go wrong with the XTERRA Fitness TR150 that comes with large 16-inch width and 50-inch length. Ideal for home use, this treadmill features a 5-inch display with an LCD screen that shows you distance, time, incline, speed, calories, & pulse.

The machine has a powerful motor that goes from0.5mph to 10mph to help you work out at different fitness levels. No doubt it is the best treadmill under 500.

In addition, you can easily pull the designated knob in the treadmill to unfold or fold the machine as needed.

With XTERRA Fitness, you also get access to 12 different preset programs that offer you unmatched speed variety and inclines to adhere to your workout routine. Additionally, you also get access to 3 incline settings that can be set manually.


  • Can handle users with bodyweight up to 250 pounds
  • It has a powerful 2.25 Horsepower motor
  • Constructed with top-notch steel along with durable plastic casings
  • Sleek and durable design that can be stored anywhere
  • Wheels to help you move it around to the desired space


  • Proper cushioning isn’t provided in the belt
  • The incline isn’t high enough
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2. Sharewin Folding Electric Treadmill with LCD:

Crafted from high-quality steel, the Sharewin treadmill has a multi-functional design that can be folded and stored in the desired place to save space. In addition, the machine’s LCD helps you track the key metrics when you work out on it. It includes elements such as pulse rate, distance, time, and more.

The handrails feature a speed button that helps you start, stop, or control your pace. It also features a test function for your heart rate when you place your hands on the handrails. The machine also comes with a safety protection option that helps you with an emergency stop when needed to avoid accidents.

The treadmill emits low noise with its highly integrated motor design that is designed for your home environment. In addition, its space-saving design helps you safely tuck it away beneath your bed or any other area of the house.


  • Features wheels to ensure easy moving
  • It comes with a phone or iPad holder
  • Houses a strong and noise-limiting 2.0 Hp motor
  • Energy-saving design that doesn’t increase your bills
  • It helps protect your knees & joints from impact-induced pain


  • Wheels tend to wear out after few uses
  • Heart-rate monitoring could have some glitches
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3. Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill SF-T7515:

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 is a grey-colored beauty that has the potential to work exceptionally even when used by someone weighing 240 pounds. This machine made of steel is loaded with a 2.2 HP motor that can take the speed from 1mph to 8mph.

The treadmill also features a quick access button that helps with your auto-incline requirements and up your fitness game. Sunny Health gives you 12 different incline levels that range from 0 percent going all the way up to 12 percent. We recommend it as the best treadmill for home under $500.

Additionally, the treadmill has three well-designed count-down modes that help you keep track of the calories burned. The speed of the machine ranges from 1mph to 8 mph. Further, you get access to an integrated BMI calculator that helps you achieve your fitness goals.


  • Features a heart rate pulse-grip monitoring option
  • It comes with a Bluetooth wireless connection feature
  • Packs in music and phone function with an MP3 cord
  • It can be folded with ease for transportation and storage
  • Integrated speakers to help you listen to your favorite music


  • The motor is a bit noisy that increases with speed
  • Ground shock absorption isn’t ideal
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4. Kalkal Treadmills with Folding Design & Bluetooth:

The Kalkal Treadmill packs a massive running surface for the users that ensure stability as you achieve your fitness goals. The durable & non-slip design comes with a 47.2-inch long deck with a 15.7-inch width. Additionally, the handrail’s height can be changed from 39.8 inches to 51.6 inches depending on the user’s height.

The Kalkal also features a 2.5HP motor designed to support belt speed going as high as 7.46mph without emitting a lot of noise. Even at its highest speed, the noise level is just below 60dB. In addition, the machine is designed to carry users weighing 265lbs or less.

Additionally, you get access to an integrated Bluetooth speaker to help you listen to music to keep you going as you walk or jog on the treadmill. The machine also doesn’t require assembly. Instead, open the package and unfold the machine to start exercising right away.


  • LED display to indicate time, distance, speed, or calories burned
  • App named Smarttreadmill to help control the treadmill’s speed
  • Can be rolled under the sofa or bed after exercising
  • Features a tablet holder to help you watch videos
  • 5-layered wear-resistant treadmill belt


  • Weight carrying capacity could have been higher
  • Retractable handrail knob might get stuck at times

5. UREVO Foldable Electric Treadmill:

The UREVO electric treadmill features a space-saving design with a soft-drop design to unfold the machine in a safe way & hands-free. The comfortable and powerful treadmill has a 2.5HP motor that could achieve speeds ranging from 0.5mph to 7.5mph.

The treadmill guarantees a stable operation when used by fitness enthusiasts that weigh about 260lbs. The belt is 16.5 inches wide with an anti-slip design to help prevent accidents when running or jogging on the treadmill. The belt also features a safe cushioning design to help protect your knees from impact.

The machine also features 12 preset programs for intensive training sessions. The programs are designed to help stimulate the natural terrains and burn down maximum calories. In addition, the LCD is designed to display the distance, time, speed, & calories burned. These are the reasons we consider it as the best budget treadmill under $500.


  • Features a multi-layered tread belt with extra space for running
  • It comes with six non-slip mats to ensure it doesn’t scratch your tiles
  • Features a phone holder to help you watch as you exercise
  • Safety key that helps you come to an immediate halt in case of emergencies
  • Transportation wheels help you move the machine to the desired location


  • Wheels do not roll properly and get stuck at times
  • It cannot be used on spaces with thick carpets

6. LSRZSPORT 2-in-1 2.5HP Folding Treadmill:

The LSRZSport folding treadmill is crafted with high-quality aluminum that can easily withstand a user weight of up to 240 pounds. This 2-in-1 treadmill has a foldable design with 2 tension ropes to help you exercise and shed that weight. The treadmill is ideal for walking and running, with speeds going from 1mph to 12mph.

The tension ropes help you exercise with ease and change the modes as required. Additionally, the runner packs in a shock absorption design that is designed to help your knees and joints stay pain-free. The 8 points cushioning system also features a 16.7 inches wide running track by a powerful yet quiet motor.

Even when this 2.5HP powered motor runs at its full speed, the noise emitted is 57db or less, making it ideal for office or home use.


  • Features a multi-functional console and remote control
  • LED with high-quality speakers to keep you entertained
  • Designed to monitor your speed, distance, calories, and time
  • Completely assembled design with no need for the extra effort
  • Safe key to help halt in case of emergencies


  • The display could show glitches at times
  • Remote connectivity is delayed

7. OMA Treadmills 5108EB Exercise Treadmill:

The OMA treadmill is a black-colored steel-bodied machine that works on a 2.25HP motor. The machine is capable of supporting 60 minutes of intensive exercising sessions. In addition, its heavy-duty design can easily support a user weight of 300lbs or less.

To diversify the exercising routines, the OMA also brings you 36 various preset programs along with 3 options for customization. In addition, the LCD shows you the current speed, pulse rate, distance, time, or calories burned to help you keep track of your fitness goals easily.

The button present on its handle can help stop or start an exercising routine anytime required while speeding up to 8.1mph from zero. The treadmill belt features a 6 layered design that is great for your knees and joints.


  • Anti-slip & shock-absorbing design to keep you safe
  • Features 3 different manual inclines
  • It can be installed with ease in 15 minutes or less
  • It doesn’t produce a lot of noise (under <60dB)
  • Features 2 phone holding slots


  • It is narrow for tall people
  • Screws aren’t fitted well and might come off mid-routine

8. BESPORTABLE Electric Treadmill 1.5HP:

The BESPORTABLE electric treadmill features a corded electric design that can be folded down and stored under your bed, furniture, or desk to save space. The low-noise 1.5HP motor is ideal for use at home & office without disturbing anyone in the proximity.

The machine also features a shock-absorbing design to help you enjoy your exercising routine without dealing with knee pain or joint exhaustion. In addition, its multi-functional LCD intuitively displays the calories burned, heart rate, time, & distance.

The treadmill also has a set of high-performance speakers accompanied by a wide holding case for mobile phones. As a result, you can easily switch between 12 different programs designed with adjustable ranges to help tweak your exercising routines.


  • It can go from 1mph to 10mph depending on the exercising intensity
  • Features a 19.7 inches wide belt
  • It comes with a cup holder to store water
  • Features a security key to help stop the machine in emergencies
  • Easy to use transport wheels to help you carry it around


  • The machine trembles at 10mph speed
  • The incline isn’t as great

9. Advenor Treadmill Electric Exercise Machine:

When in need of a versatile treadmill in your budget, the Advenor Treadmill is an ideal choice. This lightweight commercial-grade treadmill is silent yet integrated with a powerful motor of 3.0HP. Additionally, the machine features a self-cooling tech with speed from 1mph to 14mph.

The machine is suited to users in need of different fitness levels and packs in 3 manual inclining positions to intensify the exercising routine. Advenor treadmill also features a 5-inch backlit LCD monitor with HD & top-notch contrast for better visibility.

While you exercise, you can track your real-time data, including speed, time, pulse, calories, distance, body fat, and other metrics. The machine also features 64 different pre-set programs to help you train with 8 powerful intensity levels.


  • Features a high-quality MP3 and audio cable
  • It comes with a wide belt for easy running for taller individuals
  • A deck designed to decompose any impact or knee injury effectively
  • Foldable design with top-notch transportation wheels
  • Accessory holder for holding portable devices or water bottle


  • Screws aren’t the right size; difficult to assemble
  • The belt is slightly inclined to the right side

10. RUNOW Fitness Folding Treadmill:

The RUNOW folding treadmill fits right in your budget and helps you experience a powerful exercising session with its 2.5HP motor. The machine is powerful yet quiet to ensure it can be used easily in your office or home environment.

The machine packs up 8.1mph speed along with the combination of 3 manually adjusted inclines. In addition, it can handle 300lbs of user weight to help each member of your house exercise with ease. The 18 inches LED comes with 36 preset programs that can be set with ease to help you track time, calories burned, LED monitor, and your pulse rate.

The portable treadmill features a 16.5 inches wide running belt with 49.2 inches in length. Its shock-absorption design helps protect the ankles and knees to help you exercise longer than usual. This is our last recommendation as best treadmill under 500.


  • It gives you a free treadmill part replacement warranty for a year
  • Track distance covered in KM/H and MPH
  • Features a 7-layered elastic belt
  • It comes with a hydraulic folding design to help fit under the bed/sofa
  • Features high-quality transportation wheels to move the machine around


  • The heart-rate monitoring feature isn’t steady
  • Wheels get stuck mid-movement when being rolled around

Comparison of Best Treadmills Under 500

ProductsMotor PowerWeight CapacitySpeed RangePreset Programs
XTERRA Fitness Folding Treadmill TR1502.25HP250 pounds0.5mph to 10mph12
Sharewin Folding Electric Treadmill with LCD2HP220 pounds0.5mph to 6.5mph12
Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill SF-T75152.2HP240 pounds1mph to 8mph12
Kalkal Treadmills with Folding Design & Bluetooth2.5HP265 pounds0.62mph to 7.46mph12
UREVO Foldable Electric Treadmill2.5HP260lbs0.5mph to 7.5mph12
LSRZSPORT 2-in-1 2.5HP Folding Treadmill2.5HP240lbs0.6mph to 7.6mph
OMA Treadmills 5108EB Exercise Treadmill2.25HP300lbs0.6mph to 8.1mph36
BESPORTABLE Electric Treadmill 1.5HP1.5HP220lbs0.6mph to 10mph12
Advenor Treadmill Electric Exercise Machine3.0HP220lbs0.6mph to 8.7mph64
RUNOW Fitness Folding Treadmill2.5HP300lbs0.6mph to 8mph36


Treadmills no doubt help you indulge in effective cardio sessions. With the right machine by your side, you can shed that unwanted fat and reduce any strain from badly put together machines.

Always check for the warranty that helps cover the parts and the motor in case of unforeseen damages.

Remember, quick research always helps when investing a big amount in a fitness machine!

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