best way to burn fat on elliptical

Well, for an average weighted person (185 lb), a 30-minute workout set using an elliptical trainer can burn around 250-400 calories, depending upon the steady pace and intensity you’re maintaining. Now, if you think you can shred this body fat by just simply burning more and more calories through an elliptical trainer without any proper schedule or workout plan, then you’re drastically wrong.

Without a doubt, elliptical trainers are an excellent fit for burning body fat, but without proper guidance and a work plan, even an elliptical will be much more effective. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about using it properly; we’ll cover it all in this article. Just pay attention to all the details, and you’ll be good to go with your new workout schematics. Let’s figure out the best way to burn fat on elliptical so that you can start the right away. 

Take start with the elliptical 30 minutes a day weight loss method and you will be able to set your goals and can reach them quickly. 

3 Best Way to Burn Fat on Elliptical

i) High Intensity, Low Duration

After reviewing countless methods of designing workout sets for fat burning using an elliptical, the best one we have got is the ‘high intensity, low duration’ method.

In simple words, to make your workout set highly effective for fat burning, all you need to do is follow short duration multiple workout sets throughout the day. Each workout set should not exceed more than 30 minutes. But the most crucial part is to set the elliptical to the maximum intensity level you think you can handle.

ii) Maintaining a Healthy Diet

You must be thinking, what diet has to do with an elliptical? Well, you can’t imagine how closely related these two are.

Elliptical trainers aren’t like traditional stationary bikes or treadmills. Ellipticals make sure that your complete body is involved during the workout, both your upper body and lower body. That’s why maintaining a healthy CVS (Cardiovascular System) is vital to ensure that you’re going to last on the elliptical for a reasonable time. So, will eating irregularly and junk food help you to strengthen your CVS in any way? Certainly not!

iii) Using the ‘Hill Climber’

What’s a hill climber? A hill climber is a pretty intense workout mode with most of the elliptical trainers you and I use.

As the name implies, this mode is at a whole other level in terms of difficulty. But the effort is all rewarding. The hill climber makes you feel like you’re passing through a long trek of mountains and massive boulders, which require strength from every muscle of your body if you want to pass through them successfully.

But remember, the hill climber is not to be used every day and not for a very long time. Two times a week with a 45-minute set, each is more than enough. It can be the best way to burn fat on elliptical but may be exhausting for seniors.

Most of you might be thinking, why is there so much hype about these trainers and body fat burning? Well, there’s one thing you must understand. Without a doubt, elliptical trainers are almost perfect for burning body fat.

But not without proper workout structure and machine understanding. You might think that all you need to do is to get on an elliptical trainer for the next 30 days, and your body will magically transform. But this isn’t a movie!

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Does the Elliptical Burn Thigh Fat?

does elliptical burn thigh fat

Does elliptical trainers help you in slimming down your thighs? Well, in simple words, yes! But how they do it is the question we’re going to address today.

Since we got the first-ever elliptical trainers in the market, these trainers have been massively successful. Why? Because of the low-impact fat-burning design of these trainers. Instead of targeting a specific body region, these trainers are well known for evenly distributing the workout impact throughout the body—a significant reason why these trainers are preferred worldwide for fat burning, especially in the thigh region.

But how can you get maximum results from elliptical trainers to reduce your thigh fat? Here’s how,

i) Set an Appropriate Intensity Level

Think about this; you’re a beginner who just got an elliptical trainer for a home workout. Will, you set the intensity level to 8, which is also the maximum intensity level of your elliptical. Will you be able to work it out properly? Not.

Similarly, setting the appropriate workout intensity level is essential, especially if you want optimum results. Remember, there’s no shortcut in this routine; you must spend the appropriate amount of time on each intensity level before finally taking up the pace and getting the exact results you were looking for.

Setting an appropriate intensity level not only helps to get the maximum out of the best way to burn fat on elliptical but also improves overall results.

ii) Keeping a Good Body Posture While Working Out

best way to burn fat on elliptical

No doubt, elliptical trainers are well known for body fat shredding, especially in the lower abdomen region. But, maintaining a good body posture while working out is important too.

Let’s say you are working out on an elliptical trainer five times a week, intending to slim down your thighs. But there’s one error from your side that you aren’t noticing. During the workout, you keep your shoulders elevated to get more of a forward-leaning body posture. Will your thigh gets enough workout exposure in this position? Well, no, but your back will surely start to ache after a few days.

iii) Follow a Diet Plan

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘A healthy body has a mind’? How can the body remain healthy if it’s not getting the proper diet?

Well, most of us think that working out 5-6 days a week on an elliptical trainer will be more than enough to burn that extra fat in the thigh region. But that’s now how an effective workout works. To get the optimum results, you need a balanced diet full of nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc., instead of junk and oily food—a small price to pay for the betterment of your body indeed. 

The best way to burn fat on elliptical may not work for you until you choose to follow the right diet plan.

Well, we understand how hard it was before elliptical trainers to burn your thigh fat. No doubt, elliptical trainers have made it way more convenient now, but still, there are some things that you need to care about while using an elliptical trainer. Don’t worry; we believe in you. A little more time and effort, you will be there in no time!

Well, now it is sure ellipticals burn fat; another question might pop into your mind! does elliptical burn belly fat? Our experts write on how it does and which methods work well to lose belly fat; please visit to know more. 

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