elliptical vs bike vs treadmill

Like several other portions and segments of our lives, technology has also taken over the workout division. From stationary bikes to treadmills, we have got a whole new range of advanced workout equipment.

Moreover, the equipment today also serves the purpose of rehabilitation and keeping oneself well in shape. Arthritis, Achilles Heel, lower limb paralysis, and several other severe neuromuscular diseases are now being cured using these bikes or treadmills.

But the real question is, which will be the best choice for you? Don’t worry; we understand that you aren’t well aware of each of these remarkable three devices. That’s why this article will provide a perfect comparison of elliptical vs bike vs treadmill three remarkable workout machines.

Elliptical Bike Treadmill
Calories Burn Using an elliptical machine can Help you burn 350-450 calories per hour. An average cycling speed and intensity (12-13.9 mph) can burn up to 570-600 calories. With a steady treadmill workout, you can easily burn up to 700-1000 calories after an hour-long ride.
Impact on joints Lowest impact on joints due to workouts that are easy on the body. Moderate joint impact due to increased level of workout intensity. Highest level of joints impact, thanks to the SOFT deck technology.
Muscle Strengthening Moderate muscle strengthening due to better workout designs and machine schematics. High muscle strengthening, especially in the lower abdomen and lower limb region. Low muscle strengthening, because the treadmill works on sliming better as compared to muscle strengthening.
Portability Higher portability with transport wheels. Higher portability due to transport wheels and lighter body. Lower portability due to heavier machine weight.
Space Occupied Lower space occupied due to smaller yet stronger body frame. Lower space occupied with foldable features. Higher space occupied due to static and wide-body structure.
Ease of use Lower ease of use because of the multiple complex and hard to understand features. Moderate ease of use due to a more user-friendly interface. A high ease of use with an easily understandable interface and machine design.
Maintenance Easy to maintain due to highly efficient magnetic flywheel technology used in most ellipticals. Moderate to maintain due to the belt/chain driven system used. Hard to maintain due to a much complex and bigger belt-driven mechanism.
Best For Due to its lowest joint impact, ellipticals are suitable for people with knee or joint issues. With a moderate knee impact. Bikes are best for people who prefer a more intense knee workout than an elliptical but lower than a treadmill. With the highest joint impact, treadmills are the most suitable for people who prefer high-intensity workouts and maximum control options.

Well, there was a brief comparison of the three most popular workout machines that are available in the market today. Now, let’s get into each machine individually.


For the past few years, elliptical trainers have witnessed a sudden boom in usage across the globe that was well deserved and long overdue. Elliptical trainers are simply the epitome of a convenient and user-friendly range of workouts that will increase your stamina up to an unbelievable level.

With all the added remarkable workout features, however, there is one issue that elliptical trainers’ manufacturers still need to address. With this all-new technology integrated trainers, most people still find the interface hard to understand.

Other than this, the elliptical trainers are perfect for both rehabilitation and fitness workouts at a lower joint impact.

Elliptical always does not mean thousands of dollars, you can get the best elliptical for money in a reasonable budget, or choose anyone from our recommended ones.


An exercise bike, commonly referred to as a stationary workout bike, is perhaps one of the most famous home workout equipment ever. As the name implies, the stationary bike is just like any other ordinary bike.

Still, instead of going somewhere, you experience the intensity of a cycling adventure from the comfort of your room.

Whether an upright or recumbent exercise bike, stationary bikes provide a more advanced yet moderate-intensity workout that will target those aching muscles and joints just the way your doctor wanted. Resulting in you being in love with the bike itself in no time.


Perhaps the most commonly known and used workout machine across the globe. A treadmill is more like a moving runway whose speed can be adjusted according to your workout requirements. More importantly, a treadmill has magical slimming powers if used with a proper workout routine for a specific period.

The incredible thing about the treadmill is that it engages your whole body in action.

The very same reason that makes it so popular. Imagine running on the treadmill for a complete hour; as soon as you finish up, your body will feel way lighter and at comfort thoroughly before getting on the treadmill.

Primarily because of the complete body workout and high-intensity features of the treadmill.

Comparison Between Elliptical, Bike, and Treadmill

elliptical vs bike vs treadmill

With all that being said, now is the time to take a closer look at how each of these fantastic machines will handle particular situations and features.

i) The Number of Calories Burned

Taking about elliptical trainers first, elliptical trainers are designed with a low impact design, which is why ellipticals are not that much great with burning calories. For an average weighted person (185 pounds), a half an hour elliptical trainer workout will burn around 200-250 calories.

Talking about stationary bikes, with a more advanced and intense workout structure, workout bikes are better at burning calories than elliptical trainers.

For an average weighted person (185 pounds) working out with an average speed of 12-13.9 mph speed, the number of calories burned in half an hour will be around 300-400 calories.

Last but not least, treadmill users enjoy the highest calorie-burning odds compared to elliptical trainers and stationary bikes. The main reason behind this dramatic difference is the structure of the treadmill itself which completely engages the body during the whole workout.

For an average weighted person (185 pounds), working out on a treadmill for half an hour can quickly burn up to 500-550 calories.

ii) Effect on Muscles

Talking about elliptical trainers, elliptical trainers are considered moderate when talking about workout machines that will help muscle strengthening. Indeed, elliptical trainers engage major limbs and muscles of the body, but the workout’s effect is rather distributed throughout the body instead of diverting it to particular muscles.

Now come to stationary bikes, stationary bikes have the highest impact on muscle strengthening. These bikes mainly focus on body muscles, especially in the lower abdomen and lower limb region.

Being more of a slimming workout machine, a treadmill is more suitable for looking for an intense yet refreshing and soothing workout that will act as a complete calorie-burning slimming package for them. Not for someone who’s looking for muscle strengthening.

iii) Operability

Based on countless reviews across the globe, most of the users consider using elliptical trainers hard compared to other workout machines. And the primary reason reported behind this is that most of the users still prefer a traditional or an old school workout machine compared to a machine that has countless efficient yet hard to understand features.

Talking about stationary bikes, stationary bikes have somehow maintained a middle position in this regard. Most users find stationary easily operatable, but some features are hard to get or operate.

Last but not least, without a doubt, treadmills are still the most user-friendly and easy to use among different types of workout machines. While using a treadmill, all you need to do is to adjust the speed, intensity level, and you will be good to go just like that!

Comparison of elliptical vs stationary bike and elliptical vs glider vs max trainer are a great resource to get in-depth knowledge that what an elliptical can do that is not possible with other exercise machines. 

Wrap Up — Elliptical vs Bike vs Treadmill

With all that being said, now is the time to ponder and think about the most important question so far. So, what should I choose? An elliptical trainer, a stationary bike, or a treadmill?

Well, there’s only one guy who can answer this question, and that is you. After going through the above comparisons between elliptical, bike, and treadmill, now it’s up to you to choose what suits you the best.

Remember, each machine has its pros and cons. Similarly, each one is precisely perfect in performing one or two functions under different conditions. Some will work for muscle strengthening, while others can be a complete slimming package. But now is the time for you to decide which one will be perfect for your desired requirements and features.

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