recumbent bike vs exercise bike

A recumbent bike is the kind of bike on which you can exercise in a reclined position. On the other hand, an exercising bike is a type of bike on which you can pedal away the calories in an upright style—both these bikes aid in solving hundreds of problems. This is an in-depth comparison of recumbent bike vs exercise bike that discuss the pros and cons of each.

Let’s highlight some of the effective problem-solving techniques of these bikes.

Problems Solving Features of a Recumbent Bike

It seems as if a recumbent bike was designed like a problem-solving machine on purpose. There are so many issues that can be resolved by simply using a recumbent bike. A perfect friend in time of need, a recumbent bike is there to help you out through thick and thin.

i) No Complicated Mechanism:

Recumbent exercise bicycles have a way of making life easier in a million different ways. Most of the gym equipment we come across is challenging to manage because of many confusing settings. However, recumbent bikes are the exception. You do not have to be a master in making a recumbent bike work effectively because it got everything covered for you.

All you have to do is to mount on it and start pedaling away from the calories. There is no specific position that you have to make to use this bike. Easy to mount in and out, the most convenient exercise equipment you will ever encounter.

In short, you can become a model-like fit within some months without following any complicated rules. Everything is an open book in a recumbent bike, and every person can read it with ease.

ii) Ideal For People With Small Heights:

Having a small height is not a crime, but this world is a cruel place, and most of the gym equipment is designed without considering the issue of small heights. If you have a small height and want to burn calories with a low-intensity workout, then elliptical or upright won’t do you any good.

In such a situation, the only bosom-exercising friend you will find is a recumbent exercise bicycle. They do not have much height. They are designed in such a way that they are much closer to the gravity of the earth.

A Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Short Person offers the same benefits that a tall or heavy person can get; such exercise bicycles are available with a highly adjustable seat which usually can be adjusted in both ways.

Plus, the pedals are parallel or almost parallel to the adjustable seats. This makes it easier for people with small heights to work out effectively without any hassle. Adjustable seats are a plus point, and people with short heights can constantly adjust the seat and bring it closer to the pedals for their ease.

iii) Ideal to Use After Coronary Bypass Surgery:

Low impact exercise is ideal for rehabilitation after a patient goes through coronary bypass surgery. There is nothing better than a recumbent bike to recover from such heart disease.

A recumbent exercise machine provides a comfortable workout that does not strain the heart and other body muscles. With the help of a recumbent bike, you can increase blood flow, keep the blood pressure in check and save yourself from diabetes.

All these factors eventually lead to the heart’s proper functioning, precisely what a person needs after bypass surgery. In other words, a recumbent is a faithful companion of your weak heart and will do everything in its power to make it strong and healthy.

During this comparison recumbent bike vs exercise bike we learn that this benefit if only possible with recumbent style bicycles.

iv) A Companion of Octogenarians:

An octogenarian is a person whose age is between 80 and 89. Old age is a person’s worst enemy and if you want to fight this foe with dignity, then keep on trying to stay fit and healthy. Using exercising Equipment is not something an older adult can do easily.

However, a recumbent bike has got you covered. If you are a person who is 80 or 80+ or your parents or grandparents are of this age and want them to stay healthy, then a recumbent bike is the perfect solution to all your problems. This bike is easy to operate and is a good tool for rehabilitating arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

Older people can run it without facing any trouble. Plus, due to the parallelization of the seat and the pedals, it won’t put much pressure on joints and knees. Hence, a recumbent bike is what you need to protect the ones you love so much from getting sick.

Problems an Exercising Bike Can Solve

recumbent bike vs exercise bike

When it comes to solving fitness and health problems, exercising bikes do not leave you in the dark. With the help of its remarkable features, an exercising bike can make your life a lot easier than you can ever imagine it to be.

i) Ideal Solution For Type 2 diabetes:

Cycling is a fun way of staying healthy and burning calories, but outdoor cycling for a diabetic person comes with many hassles. This is where exercising bicycles come to your rescue. A person with diabetes may find it hard to go to a gym or take out a bicycle for outdoor cycling every day.

However, if you have an exercising bicycle at home, your diabetes problem will be solved quickly. Regular use of an exercising bike makes your muscles use more and more glucose, which lowers the blood sugar level. An ideal solution for diabetic patients, exercising bicycle is like an Insulin shot. It balances the insulin level, which aids in recovering people from continuous diabetic attacks.

ii) Effective Weight Loss Mechanism:

Another significant role of exercising bikes is that they aid in an effective overall weight loss, unlike other gym equipment. You can quickly burn more than 600 calories by riding an exercising bicycle for half an hour. What more do you need than something that is not only fun to use but is also very helpful when it comes to losing weight?

You can place the exercising bicycle in front of your favorite window or spot and start pedaling away the extra and unnecessary pounds. Within some days, you will not recognize yourself because of all the fat you lost by using this bike.

iii) Compact in Size:

Usually, people avoid buying exercising Equipment because they do not have much space to accommodate it, but that is not exercising bikes. These are mostly compact and small in size. You can stash them in the corner of your house and use them whenever you want to.

The setting or furniture of your house won’t be disturbed at all. It is Equipment that takes the least amount of space, and yet it manages to give you a Kardashian body; an exercising bicycle is an all-in-one deal. Homemakers who do not go to gyms can manage to keep themselves fit with the help of these bikes.

iv) Toned Lower Body:

Working out separately for your legs, thighs, hips, and back can be very tiresome. Too many workouts are not only time-consuming but are also draining. However, an exercising bike will provide you with a single workout session which will aid in toning the whole lower body. All you have to do is to mount on this bike and start riding it.

Your legs, thigs, hips, and back will begin to tone up within days. Without doing too many rigorous workouts, you can work on your lower body with the help of an exercising bike. Moreover, your muscles will be strengthened, which in turn will protect your joints and make your mobility game more potent than ever. You can have toned and perfectly structured legs with veins popping out, all thanks to the exercising bikes.

Comparison Between a recumbent bike vs exercise bike

i) Fat Loss:

When it comes to fat loss, both the recumbent and exercising bikes are helpful. However, if you want to lose fat fast, then an exercising stationary bicycle is more effective because of its upright design. It requires more force to run an exercising bike which aids in fast weight loss.

ii) Budget:

In case you are looking for a budget-friendly way to lose weight, then exercising a bicycle is the answer. Although there is not much difference between these two bicycles yet recumbent bikes are expensive compared to exercise bikes.

iii) Muscle Toning:

Both the recumbent and exercising bikes are significant when it comes to muscle toning. Your muscles will gain more strength and will be in better shape no matter what kind of bike you use among these two.

iv) Age Group:

These bicycles are suitable for all age groups. However, a recumbent is more suitable than an exercising bike when it comes to old age. It is precisely because of the reclined outlook and design of the recumbent bicycle.

There are many other benefits that we found during recumbent bike vs exercise bike comparison but they are least favorable.

When not to use a recumbent bike?

Do not use a recumbent bike when:

  • You are dizzy
  • You are pregnant
  • You are sensitive to workouts

When not to use an exercising bike?

Do not use an exercising bike when:

  • You have an injured foot
  • You have had food
  • You are sick


Staying fit and healthy is a dream of every person; however, not everybody is ready for high-intensity workouts. Recumbent and exercising bicycles are ideal for everybody as even those who are not fans of workouts tend to enjoy using these bikes.

Perfect for every age group and a cure for thousands of diseases, recumbent and exercising bikes are ready to take over the world. We advise you to read this comparison recumbent bike vs exercise bike in full before making your final decision in favor of one as the first exercise machine in your home.

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