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Are you planning to lose weight? Did you just come across an exciting video that says lose weight overnight? Such a thing may tempt you, but in real life, magic doesn’t happen in an instant when it comes to losing weight. 

You cannot expect to lose all your desired weight overnight and wake up one fine day fit and slim. After all, you might have spent days eating junk food, doing no exercise at all to gain those love handles? So how can you expect to shed it off in a wink? Sounds logical, right? 

This article learns about different ways to lose weight; weight loss does require some dedication and continuous effort to shed your plump side. Unfortunately, all the articles and videos that claim to make you thin in a day are no less than scams. They can allure you at the first point and leave you in tears the following day. 

So do not fall for such false promises and give yourself at least a week to see some changes in your body while following tips to shed weight. Read on to get acquainted with a few tips and ways that you can follow to lose 2 pounds a week.

15 Natural Ways to Lose Weight
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    1. Cleansing and Eliminating

    ways to lose weight

    To kick start your weight loss journey, you can start by cleansing and evacuating a few calories from your regular diet. Moreover, you can chalk out a healthy diet plan by cutting down 250 calories and 150 calories in your breakfast and mid-morning snack, respectively. Then, you can add a glass of lemon juice or any citrus fruit juice of your choice to replace it. 

    Also, while you switch on your TV to hear news or put on your favorite music channel, do not sit idle in front of your entertainment box.

    Instead, consider getting yourself involved in doing some living room workout regime to give wings to your 2-pound weight loss goals in a week. This can be a fun way out to utilize your time effectively rather than simply sitting in front of the TV.

    Further, for your daytime meals and dinner time, chuck the starch from your plate. It will help if you avoid chips, baked potatoes, or anything that has starchy content to commit yourselves whole-heartedly to getting rid of the overweight tag you have to your name.  

    2. The Workout Should Never be an Excuse

    The Workout Should Never be an Excuse

    If you are determined to lose weight and have knocked on the doors of a gym to stay fit and healthy, you should follow it religiously. You will often see people making excuses for not hitting the gym, which you should explain to your heart and mind. Staying at bay from making excuses to hit the gym is a shortcut to stay focused on your weight loss goals. 

    One should consider going in for cardio exercises to burn enough calories during the workout session. An easy way to stay determined is to set short-term goals such as losing 200 pounds or any other goal that you can accomplish with dedication. 

    You can also consider hitting the gym during the time of your favorite daily soap or show.

    This way, when you get over the treadmill, you tend to do double duty by exercising and watching your favorite show simultaneously. On the contrary, your love and enthusiasm to watch the show may prevent you from getting down the tread and help you walk a few extra miles. 

    3. Go Out With Your Pets

    Go Out With Your Pets

    If you have a dog at home, it can prove to be a plus factor for your weight loss goals. Although a bit surprising but your dogs and pups can turn out to be excellent coaches. Do you want to know how? All you need to do is to head out for an outing every day with your puppies and leave the rest in the hands of your pets. Moreover, dogs keep you happy and motivated to be healthy, lively, and full of life.

    Owing to their playful attribute, your dogs can get you indulged in playing with them, and a bit of running and playing can significantly help reduce those extra pounds. And, you can thank your dog later for helping you to get in shape.

    Playing with your furballs is an effective way to build strength and shed some quick pounds.

    A one-hour walk daily can prove to be highly effective in burning 250 calories a day. So what are you waiting for? Start going in for a brisk walk after dinner or indulge in playtime during the evening to witness some productive changes in your body.

    Make sure you avoid drinking water right before going out on a walk. Water should be consumed only an hour or a half before exercising.

    4. More Proteins and Fewer Carbs

    Yes, this is one of the effective secrets of losing 2 pounds a week. Try eating low carbs for a week, and you will automatically get to see the results in no time. A diet that does not include much carbs aids in losing weight and helps improve health. It’s the most prominent and loved one among ways to lose weight.

    Cutting out on carbs can also prevent bloating, and soon you can get to see a positive deflection on your weighing machiBut, on. On the contrary, make sure that you include proteins in your diet in place of carbs. Proteins are a great substitute and can help in enhancing your body metabolism while reducing your appetite on the other side.

    Try eliminating sugary foods and carbs and include protein instead in your diet for a week to see some magical wonders in terms of weight loss.

    5. Consider Junk Food to be Your Enemies and Alcohol as Your Foes

    Consider Junk Food to be Your Enemies and Alcohol as Your Foes

    When you are all set to lose weight, consider going in for wholesome food and practice saying a ‘no’ to any junk food. Simple and wholesome foods stand out to be your best friends in your weight loss goals as they do not add much to your calorie consumption and prove to be filling enough not to make you feel hungry in short intervals.

    So, go in for wholesome foods rather than processed ones to up your weight loss game and keep your eyes closed for any junkie you are offered with. This way, you may soon be noticing some quick and effective results.

    Also, if you consume alcohol, either stop alcohol intake entirely or limit the same to some extent. Alcoholic drinks have sugar content and going by the word of expert dieticians, alcohol can be a speed breaker to your weight loss achievements.

    So, you can decide your own good and bad if you are committed to shedding those extra ounces.

    6. Think Being Active ahead of the Gym

    Think Being Active ahead of the Gym

    Gyms are not the only place where you can be active; there are a plethora of other simple ways to be active. Even when you are not at the gym doing your workouts, you should exhibit your activeness. When you are not exercising in the gym, instead of laying like a potato couch, consider staying active by indulging in some of the chores. This way, you can stay at bay from falling prey to obesity. 

    As a common trend, people turn to be obese these days owing to their 9 to 5 desk job that makes them sit all day long without getting a chance to move around.

    However, it’s not the body that stays active while doing a desk job but only the brain. And thus, it is easy to predict that no activity can lead to weight gain. 

    So, induce small and effective lifestyle changes such as climbing stairs instead of taking a lift, standing more, taking up cleaning chores of your house, walking to work, etc. These simple lifestyle changes can work out some big wonders to help you out in your goal of losing two pounds in a week.

    7. Consume a High Amount of Water

    Consume a High Amount of Water

    Water is the drink of a common person, and you need to drink a lot of it if you are all set to lose weight. So, chuck off the cold drinks or other beverages you get as a complimentary staple in your office and go in for water instead. Such beverages can be tasty and make you crave for the same in between the tea breaks. But you need to know that such beverages are high in terms of sugar content.

    And, we hope you understand how sugar stands to be your biggest enemy in weight loss goals.

    So, turn your head whenever you see people holding their beverage supplies during tea breaks and sip water instead to shed those extra pounds. 

    Drinking water can trigger the fat-burning process and also enhance the body’s metabolism. Hence, give it a try and see how you can shed weight in a quick time.

    8. Burning it Out With Kids

    Burning it Out With Kids

    Just like your pets, your kids can also turn out to be excellent weight loss trainers to get you a fit and well-shaped body. So if you have kids at home, do not stay back at home during the evening; instead, move out with them to a park and get involved in playing with them.

    Consider playing games that involve some running and walking and see how such a schedule helps you lose some quick calories. 

    Further, you can also take some snacks to the park and make sure that those snacks are healthy enough for you to consume and do not include many carbs. For example, taking protein snacks or sprouts can prove to be a healthy yet relishing snack to meet your instant hunger.

    9. Slimming Smoothies and Healthy Snacks

    ways to lose weight

    It’s not just exercise that helps you gain control over your weight but also what you eat and drink. And, by saying things to eat, we mean some healthy meal replacements that can aid in your weight loss goals. 

    You will be surprised to know, but healthy meal replacements can go to the extent of cutting down about 500 calories per day. Just try including weight loss smoothies in your diet and see how you can pace up with high speed to reach your goal. Also, these smoothies are easy to prepare, and thus you won’t be required to spend high time preparing the same.

    A green smoothie consisting of apple, spinach, and protein powder can be a great thing to start with to include diet-friendly smoothies in your daily diet.

    Additionally, taking control over your snacks can also help you win the game like a pro. For all those knick-knack pangs of hunger, when you develop the urge of having something, do not merely gobble down candies and cookies. Be smart about your snack time and eat fruits or healthy snacks instead. 

    A plate of salad or fruits sprinkled with some salt can be a perfect thing to consume to cater to your sudden hunger needs. Learn to satisfy your hungry tummy and not your taste buds. 

    10. Advance Planning of Meals

    Advance Planning of Meals

    Planning your meals beforehand can be a great way to stay focused on your weight loss goals. When you have a predefined menu, you do not have to consume more than what you have prepared. When you stick to such a schedule, you can save yourself from following the words of your hunger.

    On the contrary, when you are hungry and do not have any food prepared, you may get inside your kitchen to prepare your favorite meals. In such a situation, you tend to forget all about your diet plans and weight loss goals and get engrossed in preparing a quick meal that can satisfy your hunger. But, unfortunately, here is where you can go wrong.

    Hunger demands an instantaneous meal preparation, and thus you may end up preparing food that can relish your tastebuds with higher calorie content. 

    But when you have food prepared in advance, your huger stops being a Queen to dictate things to you.

    Instead, it is more prone to settle down for anything you eat at that time. So try planning out your healthy meals daily and see how you are forced to follow the same despite all your yummy tummy cravings. 

    11. Include Satiating Foods in Your Diet

    Include Satiating Foods in Your Diet

    Many people may not even turn an inch fat despite all the food they gobble. All thanks to their skinny genes that do not make them burn fat. But this might not be the case with everyone. Some people can tend to expand even by eating a little to satisfy their hunger.

    But in this case, you cannot starve yourselves to keep yourself fit and in shape. So what do you do? First, consider including satiating food in your diet. If you have a busy bee schedule and cannot measure and prepare your food as prescribed by a dietician, satiating foods can work out the hack. 

    Satiating foods can fill your stomach without making you fat. And an important tip to remember is eating food when you are actually hungry and not when your taste buds are sending some signals to your brains out of boredom. 

    Consuming food like cucumber, broccoli, watermelon, bell pepper, celery, apples, strawberries, etc., that comes under the category of satiating foods can work out the trick of satisfying your hunger owing to its high-level watery content. 

    Eating loads of satiating food is far better than eating a piece or two of fried stuff. You can tend to eat more satiating stuff and still consume fewer calories compared to a slice of junk food.

    So learn to satisfy your hunger and not your taste buds if you are highly determined to lose two pounds a week. Once you get into the habit of following this pattern, then there is no looking back. 

    12. Dance as if no One is Watching

    Dance as if no One is Watching

    If you do not get the time to head out to the gym, you can still lose weight by doing it at home. If you love to dance or admire dancers but have never come to the forefront even to move a limb, now is the time.

    Not only will dance fulfill your desire to shake a leg, but it can also help you get slim and trim in no time. Moreover, exercising in the form of dance can prove to be a fun way to lose weight and thus enjoy while you work out.

    With that said, when you enjoy something, you tend to attain laurels. And, that is what you can expect when you consider dancing your way out to shed your stubborn weight that does not like parting ways with you.

    So, stop thinking, get inside a room, latch it up, and dance as if no one is watching. Further, with the passage of days, you can witness some drastic changes in your fitness and body shape.

    13. Check Out Your Calorie Intake 

    Check Out Your Calorie Intake

    Reduction of calorie intake in your daily diet is again an effective way to trigger weight loss goals. However, you cannot expect to lose some considerable weight until you start taking fewer calories.

    To keep a check on your calorie consumption, you can use calorie counting tools to track your calories. Further, you can also cut down on the snacks and give up eating any treats after dinner. 

    Sauces and other cheesy condiments should come under the list of a total no-no. Additionally, alternatives for tea and coffee, such as protein shakes and smoothies, should be added to your daily regime. 

    Also, instead of going on for full meals like chapattis, rice, and similar food items, try filling your plate with veggies and fibrous foods that can aid in cutting those additional tires that might have developed on your sides.

    14. HIIT Training Workout 

    HIIT Training Workout

    High-intensity interval training is another way by which you can see some quick results concerning your fitness. These exercises can help in shedding faster pounds. All it needs is setting a workout plan correctly that calls for an experienced trainer. 

    This type of exercise schedule involves workouts in small intervals with breaks for recovery. It is said that HIIT is one of the best forms of exercise that can help in burning calories in a shorter span.

    HIIT can enhance the metabolism of the body and can promote fat loss in a quick time. It is one of the trendiest fitness schedules that most fitness freaks follow to get back in shape.

    15. Stick to Your Plans

    In the end, one of the most important things to do is to adhere to whatever you plan to do. Some tips and strategies can help you shed out your excess weight, but what people tend to miss out on are things like consistency and regularity. You might be following the best of best diet plans from expert dieticians, you might be hitting the gym for hours, but all can go in vain if you fail to follow it regularly. 

    So whatever you do, make sure that you regularly continue the same. This is our last and most important recommendation on ways to lose weight; if one can stay persistent, then surely losing 2 pounds a week is a peanut for him.

    It is observed that many people start their weight loss journey with great enthusiasm and dedication. But after some time, they tend to lose interest and start cheating on their diet and workout schedule. And, as a result, the weight remains intact.

    Also, some people tend to skip their workout sessions once they attain a specific benchmark and happen to gain weight again, regretting the same later.

    Do not make this silly mistake because your body still needs exercise to maintain your body shape even after achieving a mark. It is always a better idea to follow a pattern once you adopt the same for weight loss goals.

    Wrap UP - Ways to Lose Weight

    We hope we have given you enough tips to get started with your weight loss journey. But despite all the tips mentioned above, if you fail to follow a regime religiously, you might revisit this page to read out tips to lose weight.

    Thus a committed attitude is all that you may want to get to a place where you can feel good about yourself. The key is to focus on maintaining a healthy weight. So what are you waiting for? Kick start your weight loss journey and dome out more fit and healthy with each passing day!

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