Due to the recent ongoing events, the trend of having a personalized home gym is getting famous, especially for people who prefer to work out and keep themselves active from the added comfort and security of their homes. But what is a home gym exactly, and how to set it up?

A home gym is a personalized gym that you can set up in one separate room of your home. Now, what kind of instruments will be a part of your routine depends on you. You can prefer cardio, abs shredding, muscle toning, or an all-in-one package; it depends upon you. However, according to recent surveys, there’s a gadget that’s like a must-have for a significant proportion of home gym owners – The heavy bag. So let’s dig deep and find the best heavy bag for home gym, which is durable and safe to use at home.

What's a Heavy Bag?

A heavy bag, commonly known as the punching/boxing bag, can either swing from the ceiling or be placed on a stand. What’s unique about the heavy bags is that it is filled with refined shock-absorbent filler that makes these bags a perfect choice for practicing punching or mixed martial arts.

Don’t know much about heavy bags? Don’t worry, here’s a list of some of the best heavy bags for home gym from which you can choose from,

Deciding Between Free Standing vs Hanging Heavy Bag

Free Standing

  • It comes mounted on a base and does not require a mount in the ceiling.
  • Do not take up a lot of room, so it’s ideal for small home gyms.
  • Helpful if you are new to the setting.
  • Mush easier to get started.

Well, on the negative side, if you hit the free-standing heavy bag with all of your force, they can sometimes topple over. This is because the free-standing base can only accommodate a certain amount of power before it is too much and topples. Spring-loaded models reduce the impact; hence they are most stable; some other drawbacks are:

  • Not suitable for you if you are planning on practicing crazy kicks.
  • They are not designed for superman punches.

Hanging Heavy Bags

  • They are made to withstand just about anything that you throw on them.
  • They tend to be heavier.
  • Your hits swing them
  • They are most stable when set up properly.

On the negative side, hanging heavy bags are not compact; they need more room, involves investment on the stand, wall mount, or ceiling attachments, but this is a typical investment, it’s a little bit tricky to set up, but once it is in place, it will serve you for many coming years.

1. Everlast Canvas Heavy Bag

I am a fan of mix martial arts. Compared to general training and workout techniques, mixed martial arts allow you to enjoy a more impactful and tiring workout set. And nothing better to get that extra sweat out except the Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy bag.

Overall, the name of the Everlast brand in the world of sports goods doesn’t need any introduction itself. The company manufactures some top-notch workout and training gadgets, and this heavy bag is undoubtedly one of the best heavy bags for a home gym.

The bag comprises specially produced synthetic poly canvas with an overall top-quality heavy bag stitching and design to give you extra durability and resistance. The bag is hooked with the ceiling through multiple end loops integrated within the bag design. Two heavy-duty premium nylon straps are also included within the set to provide added functionality and impact.



Why is it the best heavy bag for home gym?

After consulting multiple certified trainers of the field, there’s one thing for sure that makes Everlast Canvas Heavy Bag one of the best heavy bags for home gym. The refined synthetic filling is undoubtedly something that adds that premium feels to this heavy bag’s overall impact and effectiveness. The filler allows absorbing the maximum impact of the blows delivered by the user, which is a great thing, mainly if you’re focusing on muscle toning and cardio-based workouts.

2. Everlast Omniflex

In my opinion, there’s always some space in the market left regarding the mixed martial arts or core strengthening training equipment. Based on the overall popularity and effectiveness of mixed martial arts for self-defense and as a body shaping workout, there are hundreds of techniques one can go with.

So, whatever kind of workout routine or technique you go with, the Everlast Omni flex Freestanding Heavy Bag will always be compatible with all your workout requirements. This is indeed one of the best heavy bags for home gyms available in the market today. Easy to set up, compatible, and highly portable, all the traits you and I desperately look for in a heavy bag.

What makes this so impactful is its mode of use and overall appearance. The bag is a freestanding one, i.e., the nag is placed on top of a standing stick filled with water at the base level to provide added stability. And that’s it; now you’re entirely free to practice your free kicks, power punches, cardio punches, and tons of other excellent workout techniques.



Why do we Recommend it?

In the world of mixed martial arts-based workouts, the heavy bag plays quite a vital role in the overall workout structure and schematics. But one thing that lists the Omni flex Everlast punching bag with stand as one of the best heavy bags for a home gym is the 360-degree workout feature. No matter how hard you hit it from any direction possible, this heavy bag will always get back to you to go for another hit.

3. Outslayer

I am a fan of Muay Thai myself. Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is a perfect blend of mixed martial arts and multiple clinching techniques. That’s why the heavy bags used for Muay Thai training are different than the normal MMA training heavy bags. And in the domain of Muay Thai training heavy bags, one can’t get a better deal than the Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy bag.

There are specific reasons why Muay Thai trainers and enthusiasts consider this heavy bag one of the best. The bag itself lengths up to 6ft of height which is a proper high orientation for a Muay Thai workout training bag.

It comes in a prefilled packaging with a maximum weight limit of 130 lbs. The bag is filled with fabric only. The reason behind this is that the Muay Thai techniques are more precision-based techniques rather than impact-based. That’s why high-quality fiber strains are filled within the overall vinyl body of the heavy bag to make it a perfect choice for Muay Thai training.



What makes it the best heavy bag for home gym?

Muay Thai is one of the fastest emerging workout and self-defense techniques in the world today. That’s why a product like the Outslayer is undoubtedly a fantastic deal if you’re looking for the best Muay Thai training heavy bag for your home gym. The overall 6ft length is quite impressive and allows maximum users to easily use the punching bag without adjusting the height from time to time.

4. Punching Bag for Kids and Women

You know there’s a famous saying that you and I both must have heard at some point in our lives. As early you’re going to start something as impactful and meaningful, it will be for you. The same principle fits perfectly when you think about helping your children get the healthy habit of working out.

And what can be a better choice to start with other than the Gymolo inflatable punching bag for kids. Based on its positive reviews and high retailing charts, this is probably by far the best heavy bag for home gyms designed especially for children to start early workout practices.

For children up to 15 years of age, heavy weightlifting or workout is not an excellent choice to stunt their growth. That’s why this amazing setup comes with an inflatable structure that allows the children to learn the very basics of low-impact mixed martial arts techniques. These techniques allow them to stay healthy and active and a great way to learn beginner-level self-defense techniques.



Why do we Recommend it?

As a piece of great equipment for teaching your kids the core techniques of self-defense and mixed martial arts, the Gymolo inflatable best freestanding punching bag has undoubtedly made its name among the best heavy bags for a home gym. However, the signature pro of this bag lies in its building material. It is made up of high-quality, environment-friendly dense PVC. This allows it to withstand the sudden and wild attacks of children from different age groups.


Fan of kickboxing just like myself? As a professional kickboxing trainer, I know what issues are familiar with the type of punching equipment used in the sports industry. Some don’t have a perfect weight, length adjustment, filler quality, etcetera, etcetera. But in my opinion, based on the years of experience I have got, the TOCO FREIDO Punching Bag Set is probably the best heavy bag for home gym available in the market today.

As a leading punching equipment manufacturer, the brand indeed has been able to introduce some compelling and added-on features with their unique heavy bag set. The set comes with a series of bolts, chains, and aligners to ensure that the user gets maximum customization options based on their workout sets and routines.

Also, the set is composed of three base layers. A thickened PU leather-based striking cover, an EPE certified protective layer, and super quality polyester to keep all the stuff together to provide extra durability. This multilayer design is undoubtedly something that aids that extra impact and safety you were looking for in your heavy bag.



Why we recommend it as best heavy bag?

As a popular and highly durable heavy bag available today, the TOCO FREIDO Punching Bag Set has undoubtedly been able to secure some severe business space in the market. According to our expert review, the three-layered schematics and design are probably the main reason why this one is considered one of the best heavy bags for home gyms designed for boxing/kickboxing training.

6. NTR

NTR is a haven for karate lovers. Karate is an art rather than a fighting or workout technique. What makes karate so popular and widely acceptable is that karate does not focus on how hard you can punch but that sometimes all that’s needed to get the job done is a peaceful mind and precise body movements. That’s why even today, karate is considered the most suitable and highly regarded self-defense technique in the world.

For home gym owners like myself, practicing karate was quite difficult until I came across one of the best heavy bags for home gyms that are more focused on karate training and other martial arts. As standard punching equipment are pretty complex and sturdy, the NTR inflatable punching bag is one of the best training heavy bags for karate training to this very date.

The inflatable nature allows it to be highly compatible and transportable at the same time. Due to the thin air filling, the bag doesn’t absorb the impact quite impressively, but it also recoils back quite fast, which is a great way to train oneself in ancient martial arts techniques.



What makes NTR the best?

Among the list of some of the best heavy bags for home gyms that are readily available in the market and e-stores today, the NTR free standing punching bag has undoubtedly been able to make a spot for itself. The primary reason behind such remarkable results lies within the overall impact absorbent nature of the bag. Even though the equipment is filled with thin air with sand or water in its base, it provides an impact absorbent feature that quickly recoils back all the energy that has been put into the punch or the kick.

7. Jayefo

The bad boys of the heavy bag industry are finally back in business to again make a mark. The Jayefo, to this very day, is considered one of the best heavy bags for the home gym, and here’s why.

Technically, these bags are ordinary-looking in their appearance, just like any other usual gym heavy bag that you can get from the market for a few Dollars. But the secret to their massive success lies within their building material. These are made up of high-quality leather, which also comes with a ten-year company warranty to show their confidence in the product.

Moreover, the set includes top-notch hanging strips along with a bungee cord. The primary benefit of a bungee cord is that it is probably made up of one of the most extensible and super-strong materials on planet earth. Second, the bungee rope allows the user to extend the bag level to a height where they feel the comfortable workout.



What makes this the best heavy bag for home gym?

According to our experts, over all the years since its first launch, the Jayefo has offered high-quality and high-impact absorbing heavy bags, which also come with an incredible ten-year warranty. And the secret behind their high durability is all hidden within their excellent quality leather build. Moreover, the bag is an excellent choice for mixed martial arts trainers and enthusiasts to be the best heavy bag for their home gyms.

8. Adidas

Adidas Speed Home Gym Heavy Bag is pretty promising; it is designed with a PU shell and is manufactured from the unused hygienic textile cutting fill. The material used in stitching is quite durable, which means you will not have to worry about the breaking or ripping of it while practicing. It is manufactured in the USA and tested by experienced people. It can stand a lot of power like punching or kicking.

And the plus point is that the hanging ropes are easy to assemble and hang at home. This heavy bag will surely help you maintain your body’s shape and strengthen your muscles. It will feel a little bit uncomfortable at first, but gradually it will soften up, and you will not have to feel awkward anymore. I think it’s an excellent choice for your very own home gym!



Why do we Recommend it?

Adidas heavy bag is a good pick for beginners as they require a sturdy and durable heavy load that is easy to arrange and can be used without any difficulty. Also, it is tried and tested by experienced individuals. It will be a good gym companion at your home and will last longer as per your need.

9. Liitrton

The Liitrton Wall Mount Punching Bag is a professional heavy bag for home gyms. Let’s have a look at its features and details. It is designed with top-notch steel material. It consists of four supporting chains which are highly supportive and cannot be separated at any cost. It can easily handle any heavy sandbag. The metal structure is triangular. It can withstand and bear heavy loads and is safe and stable enough. It requires some techniques to be installed in your home gym.

First, you have to identify the distance between holes and the position you want to set them in; then, you have to tighten the screws to stabilize them. It can be installed pretty much everywhere you want. It can be used professionally at gyms or in the area of fitness enthusiasts. You will have access to full enjoyment while practicing with this heavy bag.



Is it really worhtwhile?

I would suggest Liitrton heavy bag to professional and experienced people as it requires more energy, time to install, and use. However, it is safe to use but will be more appropriate if used professionally. Liitrton heavy bag is a hundred percent recommended. It comes with unique features and materials. You can use it as much as you want without any fear.

10. Qinhum

Qinhum Boxing Punching Bag has got quite exciting qualities. Firstly, let’s talk about the stitching. The stitching is very durable and delicate; you don’t have to worry that it would tear while practicing. The whole package consists of a sandbag, metal chain, a hook, and a carabiner. The sandbag comes empty, sand and beans can be added to it.

The metal chains and the sandbag can be effortlessly connected. It is designed with good quality canvas cloth material and is long-lasting. It comes with a zipper seal and is convenient and safe to use. You can easily hang the bag on the wall and any other challenging item. The sandbag will help to reduce the shock and will protect your muscles and bones.



Why do we Recommend it?

Qinhum heavy punching bag for adults would be a great addition to your home gym. It comes with all necessary instructions and precautions, so it’s safe and stable to use.

Comparison — Best Heavy Bags for Home Gym

Product Bag Height Weight Inflatable Filling Impact Absorbing ratio Building Material
Everlast 4.4 ft 70lbs No Synthetic refill High Synthetic poly canvas
Everlast Omni flex 5.5 ft 130lbs No Synthetic refill High Synthetic poly canvas
Outslayer Muay 6 ft 130lbs No Synthetic refill High Vinyl
Gymolo 5.2 ft 1.59lbs Yes Air High PVC
TOCO FREIDO 3.5 ft 45lbs No Synthetic refill High Faux Leather
NTR 5.25ft 2.12lbs Yes Air High PVC
Jayefo 4 ft 70-100lbs No Synthetic refill High Leather
Adidas 3, 4, 5 50 lbs No Textile cutting fill High PU
Litrton 4 ft 150 lbs no nil High Leather
Qinhum 3 ft NIL NO Air high canvas

Frequently Asked Questions

Thousands of products are available, and every manufacturer claims that its bags are best; we consider dozens of bags initially but landed on the 10 best ones. We recommend most of the Everlast Canvas Heavy, It made with heavy-duty material and, once bought, can serve you for many of the coming years either you are a beginner or a professional. Do not fall against have claims and fancy pictures. A heavy bag that you need to punch for a long time daily should be sturdy built. We recommend everlast because they are present in the market for many years and producing quality products.

Stable, plenty of space to strike, already filled, and soft feel are features that starters need first. There are no hard and fast rules; if you are a start and have a professional heavy bag to start your practice, you can use that. But when buying new, we suggest looking for the above-listed features or considering Gymolo inflatable heavy bag.


A pair of gloves is the first requirement; you need to buy high-quality boxing gloves and start practicing punching on the heavy bag. Gloves provide sufficient comfort to go through the initial hard time. The fact is the impact of the punches get back on the knuckles, muscles, and wrist that may cause some serious problems; gloves absorb that beautifully. Hand wraps are another requirement that you need to fulfill at the start. Wraps provide a good grip between the gloves and hands, while on the other side, wraps also absorb the sweat and do not let the sweat make the gloves slippery.

This is the first thing to consider when looking to buy a bag because the filling will cost you extra money. As a beginner, you must be looking for the already filled heavy bag; it will save you from many hassles. There is nothing more annoying than filling a punching bag; it takes an ample amount of time and effort, so only look for filled heavy bags. As long as you are going to use the bad that has a good quality filling, you will be okay with the inner material that comes with the bag genuinely







In recent times, the heavy bags industry has seen some blooming times. To this very day, more and more people are rushing towards workout and self-defense techniques like the Karata, MMA, or the Muay Thai, etc. That’s why having a heavy bag back as a part of your home gym is becoming more and more important with every passing day.

To make things a bit easier for you, according to our experts, the freestanding punching bag Everlast & Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag and the Everlast Omni flex Freestanding Heavy Bag is probably the best heavy bags for your home gym that you can get today. And the reason behind this all lies in the super durable and trustworthy name of the Everlast brand.

With all that being said, now is the time for you to decide the kind of heavy workout bag you think will be perfect for your home gym based on your workout requirements. A decision is all yours but never forget to compare your requirements and the features of the bag, in this way you will get to the best conclusion fast.

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