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Home gyms are a significant investment toward achieving your fitness goals. You have a major piece of equipment that works out every muscle in your body, and you burn calories while using it too.

Yet, can you buy a home gym if you’re not even sure what to buy?

Home gyms or “multi-gyms” are not one-size-fits-all machines. This single piece of equipment comes in many variations, each allowing you to work out your different muscle groups. Some are massive in size, while others are compact enough to fit in the corner of your home. And some are also a lot more expensive than you think.

Before purchasing the best home gym and beginning your workout journey, here are some factors you should consider when buying a multi-station home gym.

What to Consider When Buying a Home Gym

1. Price

Considering their function, we can assume that multi-gyms are more pricey than your average workout bench.

However, the prices can vary, depending on the type of machine you buy. For example, a Marcy Smith Cage Machine with multiple workout options will cost more than Marcy’s 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station.

Given that they’re both from the same brand, we can assume that the quality will be equal. But don’t assume the same of other cheap models. Low-tier models don’t last long. The soldering gives way, and the cable quality deteriorates within a few uses.

If you want to buy a reliable multi-gym, you will have to invest a fair amount, so you don’t regret your purchase later. If not, look for multiple payment options.

2. Warranty

A multi-gym comes with many parts, including weights, pulleys, adjustable seats, and much more. These components are far easier to break than the non-moving parts because you use them more frequently and with more intensity.

Before buying a multi-gym, do two things.

First, look for the brand whose manufacturer is based in your country. Remember, while the retailer will sell you the home gym, they won’t do anything about the warranty. The brand handles that. And if the manufacturer is not based in your country, you’ll waste a lot more time and energy because you’ll need to contact them on their time. Not to mention that if they specially manufacture a component, it’ll take longer to get to you.

Also, if you buy a cheaper model from a small brand that doesn’t have a customer service set-up, you’ll probably end up wasting money on something you won’t likely get a replacement for. Look for the warranty and the company policy for your potential choices. Choose a supplier that’s well-reviewed and one with the most extended warranty.

Second, check the company’s reviews for customer service experience. This may seem like an afterthought, but customer service lets you know everything about the brand, its quality, and its dedication to customer satisfaction.

If you see people complaining about missed calls, mismanagement, being asked for more money, skip that brand. Also, double-check any brand that only has five-star ratings. A majority of big brands have five-star ratings, but customer opinion is often all over the place. If a company only has five stars and short generic reviews, they’re more likely fake.

3. Materials and Technology

The typical multi-gym utilizes a solid, strong metal frame. The weights are stacked using a pulley system, and all weights are hefty and sturdy. In short, just about all components are designed to be solid and durable.

But, what you want to pay attention to is the more minor elements to check for quality.

Parts like pulleys, chains, cables, and soldering should be clean and high-quality. You can check those details before buying by zooming in on the high-resolution images. If not, you can also go to the store and check out whichever gym you want. And if that’s not possible, reviewers often include such details in their comments.

Also, when buying a home gym, double-check the technology added to the machine. There are plenty of multi-gyms out there that use a system to apply resistance, such as the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE.

4. Extensions

best home gym

A multi-gym, at first glance, will seem quite basic and similar to other options. But each multi-gym offers a different selection of exercises. Here are some extensions you’ll find in almost all models:

  • Preacher pad
  • Lat pulldown
  • Chest press
  • Pec deck
  • Weighted row
  • Leg developer

If these satisfy your need, then any average workout machine will be good for you. However, plenty of other (more expensive) models and fitness equipment should give you a greater workout. You’ll find multi-gyms that offer 45 exercise options as well as more compact workstations that come with a lat attachment or a bench workstation. It all depends on what your needs are.

As long as you know what your workout requires, you should be able to find the ideal multi-gym to match your fitness level.

5. Weight Stacks

The average workstation or multi-gym comes with an average 70kg/160 pounds weight stack. This is standard for almost all home gym models. However, if you want to have a larger weight stack, you will need to research whether your home gym will be able to withstand the added strain.

For example, the Bowflex machine mentioned above will carry a maximum weight of 95kg/210 pounds. But, if you’re an intense weight lifter, you’ll want to have a double-sided machine with about two weight stacks so that you can get maximum resistance.

If that’s not possible, i.e., not within your budget, you’ll benefit from a rack with lat pulldown instead of adding more weight to a machine that may not sustain it.

A Note on Space and Flooring

A home gym will have a larger footprint than your standard elliptical or even a treadmill. You will want to make sure you have enough space around the machine, so you can work out without being interrupted. We recommend having at least two feet of space on all sides.

You will also need some cushioning under the machine, so nothing is pressing on the carpet, linoleum, hardwood, whatever type of flooring you have. You can invest in rubber flooring, like you may have seen in the gym. Even if it’s for a corner, having this rubber flooring will prevent tears, scratches, and marks.

Rubber flooring is relatively easy to install and cheap enough. Consider this an investment for your home flooring, and install it before the machine arrives.

1. Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym

Are you searching for a multifunctional gym for full-body training to complete your home gym? Marcy MWM-990 will not disappoint you. The durable and versatile training station is constructed from steel, having soft pulley wheels, top-quality welds, and weighty-duty cables.

Offers up to 30 strength exercises for weight lifting, training, and gyms such as chest press, leg/arm curl, triceps press, lat pull-down, and leg extension, just to mention a few.

The home station holds 150 pounds load capacity customized to your skill options and supports 300 pounds maximum user weight. MWM-990 measures 68l x 36w x 79h fitting under many ceiling heights. Carry high and low pulleys connected to a weight stack by cables saving time loading and unloading weight plates.

Contain a double function leg developer with pivot points aligned to knee joints with large foam roller pads giving comfort when handling leg exercises. MWM-990 contains top-density boxed upholstery seats that minimize impact and tension.

Marcy MWM-990 home gym provides a safe workout, and the weights come behind the protective weight stack with a combination pin and lock.



We recommend Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym based on its durable build, adjustability, and customization. It’s built for all family members; everyone in the home can customize it for his own needs. It is one of the best home gyms for isolated bicep exercises, and it is a perfect companion for building muscles and losing weight.

2. Bowflex PR 1000 Best Home Gym

PR 1000 from Bowflex is a rod-based flexible all-in-one home training machine that supports over 25 exercises providing entire body workouts, minus using conventional weights. The home gym has high and low pulleys for triceps pull downs, bicep curls, and delt flys.

Comes with three fixed power rods and an adjustable bench for classic fly and bench press.

Containing a leg developer attachment at the bench edge for leg ham curls and leg extension, PR 1000 carries a sliding seat enabling comfortable aerobic cardio rowing and leg press. Providing up to 210 pounds rod resistance grouped into 2 “50s”, 2 “30s”, 4 “10s”, and 2 “5s” better for newbie lifters, the modern models can carry 310 pounds or 410 pounds depending on the power rod upgrade.

Also, support 300 pounds maximum user weight for a versatile full-body workout.

The Bowflex home gym has many pulley cable options enabling easy and flexible angle resistance, increasing the effectiveness of different exercises. PR 1000 contains a vertical folding bench design that allows you to maximize the gym space and safety when not used.

The budget-friendly machine enables an efficient training routine that increases strength due to the simple adjustable settings to utilize.

Also, the home workout machine arrives with a convertible media rack that holds your mobile or tablet, allowing you to follow training tips and lesions while lifting weights.

The PR 1000 manual comes with seven different training plans, helping achieve your fitness goal the best investment for your home gym.



We recommend Bowflex Home Gym Series PR 1000 for serious geeks and those who want to buy the most simple home gym machine and every family member who wants to build muscles or lose weight. Bench converts to a rolling seat for aerobic rowing, and it comes with a built-in media rack. So, you can enjoy music and videos during a workout.

3. Marcy Smith Cage Machine

One of the most recommended all-in-one home gym equipment used for various fitness exercises targeting different body muscles. The home workout machine is durable and safe when training, built of 14 gauge square steel tubing, has a convertible back pad, and a plate foot that supports the bottom pulley preventing body injuries. The multi-functional home gym measures 65 x 97 x 85 inches, while the bench holds 68 x 26 x 45 inches.

MS-4008 comes with double independent upper pulley cables used with a crossover cable, cable handles, and overhead triceps extensions for the upper body exercises. The home training machines come with an adjustable and removable bench for the flat, decline, and inclines exercises.

Also, containing a pull-up bar and top cross pulleys used for cross-over lifting, the leg developer can support 100-pound weights and provide various leg exercises.

Marcy Smith’s machine comes with a barbell that enables easy squatting and pressing exercises, a chest press station used for sitting flies, and a valuable footplate in rowing training. Designed with four storage posts that enable easy organization of plates within the arms reaches when training.

Marcy Smith Cage workout machine can support a maximum user weight of 3000 pounds and 300 pounds weight bar.

The pull-up bar supports over 200 pounds and helps in strengthening the arms, back, and shoulders. SM-4008 arrives with some accessories such as tricep rope, chain link, two handles, shiver bar, ankle strap, and v bar.



We recommend Marcy Smith Cage Machine, a star product of Marcy with strong footholds in the market. It offers various fitness exercises to tone and strengthen the core, thighs, arms, and legs. Suitable for serious workouts and to achieve aggressive goals. On safety sides, it comes with adjustable safety stops and bars catch.

4. Bronze Times Power Tower

An excellent five-in-one fitness workout station primarily used in very versatile exercises. The training equipment you require if you need explicit ads, stable back muscles, and a solid upper body. Bronze power station made of top-quality steel frame coated with durable scratch-resistance for easy cleaning, wearable, and durable supporting up to 400 pounds maximum rider weight.

 The home workout machine is designed with nine options on the height power tower to adjust, moving from 70 inches minimum to 83.7 inches maximum. The two screws hold the device tightly, avoiding shaking, and the power tower comes in various sizes and shapes, fitting each family member.

It is the best home gym, available with three handle adjustment levels and a cushion pad that protect the elbow and provide comfort.

 Multi-functional dip station supports several exercises, vertical leg/knee raise targeting abdominal muscles, pull-up for broadening shoulders and backs. Push-ups aim to strengthen shoulders, chest, triceps, and entire body warm-up to improve the muscles, lungs, and heart.

The Bronze power tower is constructed with a back cushion for spine protection, containing a backrest pad with six adjustment levels.

The bronze home workout machine comes with a U-shaped bottom bar to maximize the floor space and the contact area, increasing stability when training. The base rectangle steel area covers 37 x 30 inches, giving ample space during the workout.

If you desire to keep your life healthy and attain your fitness goal, this is the workout machine you need at home.



We recommend Bronze Times Power Tower Workout Dip Station for limited exercise and only to those who want to shed extra pounds; it can be a part of your gym if you want to build muscles but cannot serve you well as a stand along with the home gym. It offers you 3 levels to adjust the length of handles, so it is suitable for every family member.

5. Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System

PM-5108 is an effective all-in-one home training machine for the entire body workout containing the Deluxe Cage System having weightlifting from Marcy Pro. Constructed from 14 gauge steel, coated with top-density upholstery for chipping and steady resistance scratches, giving you durable and sturdy workouts. The home machine can support 300 pounds maximum user weight, and the workout machine weighs 190 pounds.

The home gym can support up to 40 strength exercises, contain a top pull-up bar and catch bars that can hold 300 lbs each, providing rubberized handles. PM-5108 has a leg developer supporting 100 pounds maximum weight, and all frames and bench have a corrosion-resistant paint finish.

The top bar for pull-ups and catch bar has a gray paint finish, the main bar carries a black paint finish, and the base bench frame has a light gray color.

 Bench measures 68.25L x 25.7W x 45.5H inches, made from steel, making it heavy but gives better stability. PM-5108 cage measures 50.75 x 42.25 x 83.75 inches, contains two upright pillars having eight levels for catch bar, and renders enough sturdiness to the cage.

Arrive with some accessories such as two extension chains, lat bar, ankle cuff, D-handle, and a short row bar for the best workout experience.

 Marcy Pro home gym equipment has a multi-optional bench, targeting various body muscles in all exercises. The cage holds safety catches and adjustable bars merging six and 7-foot Olympic barbells that you buy separately.

Assembling the machine is challenging, but the maintenance does not need much than little lubrication.



We recommend Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System as the most cost-effective solution as a home gym which can be your companion to get into shape; It’s a total body workout home gym that is adjustable and highly effective. Durable build and safety features have given importance while designing this machine. It can target various muscle groups by performing pull-ups, bench presses, leg curls, etc.

6. Pelpo Power Tower

The most recommended multi-functional power tower works best on the entire body targeting several body muscles with many workout plans. pelpo home power tower is a lifetime investment constructed with a weighty duty steel frame that provides safety, stability, and durability.

Pelpo power tower caters for full-body training exercises ranging from push-ups, inverted rows, chin-ups, dips, leg/knee raises to pull-ups, thus multifunctional full-body workout equipment.

The power tower station arrives with adjustable backrest pads that aim at protecting your spine, having four distance adjustment options.

 The power tower machine arrives in an X-shape and four long non-slip base caps that keep tight contact with the floor, providing stability.  The workout machine can support a maximum user weight of 400 pounds, making it convenient for newbie and medium-sized trainers.

It comes with seven options for adjusting the height and two screws holding the device tightly, avoiding shaking during training. pelpo home workout station provides comfort and safety due to the two thick armrest leather cushions.

The top pull-up bar holds spongy foam handles, and the machine arrives with two pull rings, a power tower, setting tools, screws, and a user manual.

The home workout machine measures 70.8H x 25.6W x 32.6L inches, but the large ones measure up to 90.5 inches. If you’re searching for a home workout machine that is affordable, convenient, durable, and fashionable, then the pelpo power tower machine is what you need.



We recommend pelpo Power Tower 7 level height adjustable home gym to meet full-body training needs, pull-ups, dips, and push-up. It is an ideal solution for those who want few exercises which are most useful to build muscles, its comfortable armrest, and spongy foam handle keep you comfortable during exercise.

7. Bowflex Home Gym

The multi-station home workout equipment provides various exercises aiming at the entire body without using any rods or weights. The machine adds up all advantages of a dip tower and a standard pull-up, using the E-Z horizontal bar having seven adjustment levels creating many exercise options to increase the workout intensity.

Bowflex body tower machine can support 300 pounds maximum user weight both for the handgrips and power tower. The device can support up to twenty strength exercises such as chin-ups, dips, push-ups, vertical rows, pull-ups, among others.

The locking pin situated at the frame sides allows you to adjust the handle height depending on your size and the exercises.

Sling straps and hand grips constructed from strong commercial-grade steel give a vast range of options while preventing unwanted movements when training. The machine measures 50L x 50W x 77H inches with a 28-inch distance between the two handles, and the device holds a weight of 120 pounds.

Arrive with additional accessories such as nylon arm sling straps, workout placards, and hand grips vital for beginners.

 You will find eight crucial workout exercises on the placard: squat, triceps dip, chin-up, vertical knee raises, push-ups, crunch, and pull-up.

The manual comes with ten activities such as forward angle calf raises, incline push-ups, hanging leg raises, assisted inverted row, assisted leg squat, and assisted triceps dip bars.



The Bowflex Home Gym comes with 7 levels of adjustment that allow you to do 20+ exercises. So a single investment will allow you to tune all of your body. As a total body workout home gym, it is the most stable and commercial grade machine.

8. Bowflex Blaze the Best Home Gym

The most popular multi-station can execute up to 60 strength exercises for the entire body targeting the chest, abs, arms, legs, and shoulders. Bowflex blaze machine frame is made from top-strength steel and powered by a six-point floor system that provides stability during intense workouts. The cables are durable due to the plastic-coated braided steel the pulley system gives strength.

Bowflex blaze sliding seat carries a design of primer quality and smooth leather padding that providing comfort, enabling the workout of leg press and aerobic rowing.

The backrest of this machine arrives with an informational placard, ankle cuffs, and triple purposeful hand grips that speak to the machine’s durability, strength, and performance.

 Blaze comes with multiple pulley cables allowing custom workouts, and the lat tower contains an angled lat bar for building shoulders and back muscle faster. Bowflex blaze measures 90 x 38 x 83 inches, the power rod® resistance system that gives an ultra-soft fluid movement that lacks the risk of joint pain.

The power rod holds 210 pounds that you can upgrade to 310 pounds or 410 pounds.

The home training machine carries a workout DVD that guides trainers on different workout plans. Blaze carries a workout DVD to track and measure the user’s progress towards achieving their set fitness goal.

If you’re looking for the top-rated, most popular, and affordable entire body home training multi-station, then you should consider the Bowflex Blaze.



Bowflex Blaze Home Gym is another variant of Bowflex, which is a renowned name for workout enthusiasts. It comes with 210 lbs weight-bearing capacity and offers 60 plus exercises for a full-body workout. Suitable for ages and genders. Moreover, triple function hand-grip ankle cuffs are included for your convenience.

9. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

PR3000 workout machine is the best mid-range home training equipment from Bowflex, comes with the Power Rod® resistance mechanism that minimizes injury treads. The home machine measures 64 x 41 x 83 inches. The rod resistance supports up to 210 pounds that you can upgrade to 310 inches.  PR3000 arrives with an intact pulley, so there is no wasting time changing the pulleys.

Apart from the simple usage, the machine can support over 50 strength exercises targeting the entire body and specific muscles minus purchasing additional attachments. The manual comes with 26 detailed workout exercises with upper, low, middle pulleys and other imaginations.

With a vertical bench, the workout device suits individuals with mobility problems making the training more accessible.

Chest press workouts feel the same as when doing them from a gym due to the vertical bench, and the machine arrives with an ankle cuff, hand grips, and the leg developer. Because of the upright seat, PR3000 does not require any aerobic rowing and squat bars.

The assembly of the Bowflex home gym is a straightforward process that will take two to three hours and simple maintenance.

PR3000 can hold a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. The home training machine features a quick-change system that enables the user to shift between different exercises minus changing the positions of the pulleys. 

PR3000 includes an aerobic rowing station, a four-inch roller cushion, and a media rack that provide extension comfort.



Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym is another gem of Bowflex with 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance and offers countless exercise, and nothing can beat it as a total body workout home gym. The durability & long life span are some other reasons to recommend this machine.

10. Total Gym XLS

XLS is the most recommended, best-selling, and all-in-one home workout equipment from the Total Gym family. XLS home workout machine can support up to 80 strength exercises focusing on cardio workouts, circuit stretching, and training for the entire body fitness. The training machine holds a maximum user weight of 400 pounds, and the device weighs 83 pounds, the best training equipment for all family members.

XLS training machine carries a Glideboard-system where you apply your bodyweight to oppose resistance, and you can fold when not using the equipment. It comes with six resistance options, and the pulley resistance style minimizes the chances of injuries when training making it suitable for newbie trainers.

Available with a nutritional meal schedule guide and two ankle cuffs used with the leg pull accessory.

Total gym measures 90 L x 19W x 43 H inches, and when folded, the machine measure 51L x 19W x 9H inches. The machine does not require any assembly process as it arrives fully assembled with a ribbed squat stand, training deck, and wing attachments.

Total gym XLS home machine gives free streaming access for workout lessons and guidance from the Total Gym TV across all fitness levels.

The XLS training equipment comes with sturdy two-inch and quarter-inch tubing on the frame with a lifetime warranty. The user can switch easily between various exercises using different grip levels due to the minimal cords and the pulley design.

In addition, the equipment comes with six DVDs for tracking your workout progress and detailed wall charts for full-body training. So if you’re thinking of expanding your home gym, the Total Gym XLS home machine is all you require.



Total Gym is our last recommendation, but it can offer 80+ exercises with 6 resistance levels and 400lbs weight-bearing capacity. In addition, it comes with  2 ankle cuffs, an exercise wall chart, a training deck, and a nutritional/meal planning guide as well as manufacturer offers free access to gym tv.

Comparisoin of Home Gym Machines

Products Material Weight Capacity Color Dimensions (LxWxH)
Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym Heavy-duty steel 300 pounds Black 68 x 36 x 79
Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym Leather, Steel 300 pounds upgradeable Black 81 x 84 x 38
Marcy SM-4008 Home Gym Steel 300 pounds Black 68 x 26 x 45
Bronze Power Tower Gym Alloy Steel, Foam, Leather 400 pounds Grey, Black 45.5 x 14 x 6.5
Marcy Pro Deluxe PM-5108 Alloy Steel 300 pounds Silver, Black 83 x 43 x 84
Pelpo Power Tower Alloy Steel 400 pounds Black, Silver 50 x 50 x 77
Bowflex Body Tower Steel 300 pounds Grey Body Weight
Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Duty Steel, Leather 210 pounds upgradable to 310/410 pounds Silver, Black 90 x 38 x 83
Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Alloy Steel 300 pounds Red, Black 64 x 41 x 83
Total Gym XLS Home Gym Steel, Leather 400 pounds Black 90 x 19 x 43

Wrap Up

Working out at home instead of the gym is perhaps one of the smartest steps you can take.

Not only does this save on transit costs, but you also get full access to the equipment you typically wait for when working out in a public gym.

With the information given above on the best home gym, you have all the tools you need to buy a home gym that ticks all the right boxes. Look for premium brands like Bowflex or Marcy’s if you’re ever in doubt, and fall back on the details we’ve given if you’re confused about your choices.

We will help you make the right move for the sake of your finances and your fitness goals.

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