best home gym for seniors

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no age limit when it comes to staying healthy. Whether you’re nine or ninety, every person should do what they can to keep those muscles moving and their joints lubricated. Now, that’s relatively easy for all aged nine and above.

But for the senior members of our society, moving does become a little tricky with age. However, we all know that limiting mobility as you get older is even more dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, some of the more common issues older adults experience include neck pain, back pain, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and geriatric symptoms, including frailty, falls, and delirium.

Many older adults also experience obesity, heart problems, liver problems, and other chronic health conditions. Many of these issues can be prevented if people maintain a healthy regime. This isn’t to say that a walk a day will cure any rigorous symptoms related to genetic or chronic conditions.

However, exercise will prevent your body from getting worse. In fact, according to a study published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal, BMJ Journals, an article review shows that physical activity works as a medicine for older adults.

So, if you’re dedicated to living life well, then in addition to your essential medication, you must invest in some physical medication too. And to make the job easy for you, here are our picks of the best exercises that’ll help you stay happy and healthy.

A Note Before We Begin

While you may have seen some images circulating online of buffed-up seniors with enviable muscle tone, understand that those people are professionals. They maintained a strict regime throughout their adult age and well into their older years.

Getting that same body as you grow older—without any history of intense workouts—is well near impossible. Instead of making your body rock solid, your focus should be on staying fit. For older adults, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intense aerobic activity per week, meaning about 30 minutes in the week, excluding the weekend.

You can separate this exercise regime by having two sessions covering strength training, or you can use equipment or a home gym to work out for 30 minutes each day. However you choose to spread out the 150 minutes per week, we will now list the machines to help you accomplish your body goals.

1. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

best home gym for seniors

These bikes are massively popular among exercise lovers and professional athletes, so you can guess that they’ll be great for you too.

What makes the recumbent bike so beloved is its ease in structure. Unlike the average upright bike, which forces the rider to be straight-backed, pumping on those pedals, and putting pressure on the joints, the recumbent bike allows you to lean back and work out those muscles. This removes any pressure from the joints and gives you some ease when cycling.

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent bike is an excellent addition to the collection and comes with 25 levels of resistance, so you can workout at high speeds for an intense workout or low speeds for that easy ride around the countryside. With in-console speakers, you can listen to music or a podcast online and an adjustable fan to boot, so you won’t have to sweat along during the workout. This recumbent bike is a must-have, even more so if you’ve had joint problems in the past and want to give them some time to recuperate.

Only, keep in mind that while we recommend this one, there’s no reason why you can’t choose any other model of a recumbent bike that’s more within your budget. It’s even better if you can check and test the product before buying. If not, though, and you want something worth the hefty price tag, the Schwinn 270 is the only option we’d recommend.

2. Ultrasport Mini Bike

best home gym for seniors

Here’s a no-nonsense trainer for your knees and arms that’ll have your muscles wanting more. While it may seem too good to be true, this compact home trainer packs a punch for your joints. Featuring adjustable pedal straps for your hands and feet, this mini exercise bike strengthens your muscles without causing fatigue.

The machine also features a large LCD, which displays time, rotations per exercise, distance, and calorie consumption. The maximum weight for this exercise bike is about 100 kg, but given that you’re only using your hands and feet, that is more than enough.

The Ultrasport Mini Bike is also very easy to assemble. Still, it comes with an assembly kit including complete material and instruction manual, so if you’re the clueless type, there’s no need to worry.

Although it’s strangely noisier than an elliptical machine, if you’re okay with a bit of background music to accompany your workouts, that’s no problem. The pedal trainer also works well as an under-the-table treadmill. So, next time you’re on a Zoom call, not to worry, you’ll be getting a lot of work done than just some calls.

3. Best Home Hym for Seniors

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black

The XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill is a favorite among workout junkies, and for a good reason. This treadmill offers a sizable walking or running platform, is foldable, can speed up to 10 MPH, offers 12 preset programs, and has three incline settings.

The machine’s maximum weight recommendation comes to about 250 pounds, useful for all fitness levels. The machine also features a 5 inch LCD, has direct access speed keys, and the standard hand pulse grips. The foldable feature serves well for all the seniors out there since none of us want to end up tripping on a wayward corner of a treadmill. The machine is also quiet enough, even though it has a 2.25 HP motor.

Reviewers rave about the treadmill’s extensive warranty, durability, and ease. It’s an excellent choice for all first-time buyers and works out all your muscles too. So, if you’re not one to go out for a walk, the treadmill gives just enough support, so your overall body stays healthy.

And if you have other people in the house who want to work out too, that’s not a problem. As said before, with the machine’s weight recommendation, no matter what your weight is or size, you’ll fit on the treadmill easily.

4. XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

 XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

If you have no joint or back issues, then the folding exercise bike is the one for you. The bike features a solid X-frame and folds, so it doesn’t take up too much floor space. Slide it under your bed, and you wouldn’t even notice that there was a large exercise bike there.

A great feature of this bike is that there’s a seat with back padding and cushion, which helps a lot if you have sensitive glutes. The seat is also large enough, so you still won’t face any issues if you have more weight.

Like almost all exercise machines, this one also features a sizeable LCD, which displays all the crucial information, such as distance, time, speed, pulse, and calories. The machine also has eight annual resistance levels and is easily controllable, thanks to the dial tension knobs. This bike wins on all counts with its 3-piece pedal crank, smooth feel, accessory pockets, and heart rate pulse grips.

The bike is also easy to assemble, and once done, it is quiet too. So, if you like to bike while watching your favorite TV shows, this one will help you do both without a hitch. For the seniors out there, another feature that makes this bike worth buying is its wheels. So, when you’re done, all you need is to flick the bike’s mechanism, so it folds, then wheels it to its spot. Not bad for those who may be a little intimidated about lugging workout machines here and there.

Final Thoughts

As a senior, it’s your duty to your health to participate in beneficial physical activities. So, don’t sit around. Have a look at the machines above, and buy one that fits your fitness levels. Keep your bones, muscles, and heart-healthy the right way!

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