best home gym for small spaces

With only so many hours in the day, it seems like a pipe dream that you could go to the gym for a workout. Living in a fast-paced environment and working a high-pressure job has taken its toll on your body, and there’s nothing much you can do about it.

Or is there?

Home gyms are revolutionizing the way we work out and take care of ourselves. With a complete set of equipment at your fingertips, home gyms help you stay fit and healthy without pushing you to step out of your comfort zone.

So, why not equip yourself with the ultimate home gym?

Whether you have a small space or a large one, the following home gyms will fit perfectly!

Before We Begin

Understand that when we refer to a “home gym,” this does not mean a complete set of equipment that takes a corner block of your room. There are different types of home gyms, all of which come in different shapes and sizes.

You’ll find a range of compact multis, which are available in traditional and extreme styles. The conventional home gyms employ a basic pulley system. Modern home gyms feature rails and sliding seats and therefore take up more space.

You’ll find some foldable features and even some designed to look like a gym in a box. And while these will suit you if you have a smaller space, they will offer a limited range of exercise too.

How Do You Choose The Right Home Gym?

Your choice depends on your fitness goals. If you want to maintain your body and not gain muscle mass, a compact model is the best choice. If you want to grow strong, build lean muscle mass, you’ll want something that can accommodate other workout features, such as a squat rack or dumbbells.

If not, then the basic pulley system is more than enough. For our ease, we will focus on compact home gyms.

5 Best Home Gym for Small Spaces

We have list down the best compact home gyms.

1 – Marcy Multi-Function Steel Home Gym

Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym

Initially, the Marcy Multi-Function Gym will not seem as compact as you’d like. But, if you can spare a few more inches here and there, then this set is definitely worth the purchase. What makes the Marcy gym so valuable is its additional features, such as a pulley system and weight stack.

That means that you can perform just about every exercise you want, from lat pull-downs to chest presses, by using this gym. This system also features a leg developer with a foot wrap, so if you want to strengthen your lower body, this is the best gym to use. It also helps that the gym’s pivot points keep your knee joints aligned, which reduces the chances of any knee injuries.

It also comes complete with a modifiable preacher pad that helps minimize strain on your shoulder joints and arms. If you experience joint issues and want to strengthen your bones without worrying about injuries, the Marcy multi-function gym is an excellent deal.

And let’s not forget, the home gym is also pretty hefty since the tube frame is made with some heavy-grade 14-gauge steel and is coated with vinyl. So, if you’re needlessly worried about being heavy or worried that the home gym won’t be able to handle your workout intensity, there’s no need. You’ll get long-lasting results with a home gym that’ll stand the test of time and your workout efforts.

2 – Bowflex X-Treme Best Home Gym for Small Spaces

best home gym for small spaces

One of the best factors about the Bowflex X-Treme home gym is that the gym can fold, so you can tuck it away in a corner whenever you’re done working out.

Design-wise, the Bowflex gym offers four pulley positions, so you have different resistances for each workout. In terms of strength, the machine can pull about 210lbs of resistance, which is enough for a simple workout routine. The machine focuses on working out all your body muscles. So, with almost any exercise, thanks to the design, you work out your legs, arms, shoulders, back, traps, chest, and core, all at the same time.

And what’s even better is that there’s little to no risk of this machine causing any muscle or joint pain because the seat comes with incline and flat adjustments.

The best way to use the home gym is to do some Pilates or yoga to warm up and start your exercises at the gym. This will ensure that you don’t overdo those muscles.

The Bowflex X-Treme home gym is a worthy investment. However, the warranty isn’t as long since the company only covers the frame for about a year and the rods for five years. So, while that’s not an issue if you take care of your machine well, it may be a sore point for those who don’t want such a limited warranty.

3 – Wieder Ultimate Body Works Bench

best home gym for small spaces

The Weider Body Works Bench is the ultimate piece of equipment you need to maintain your body but not add too much bulk yet.

Although it may seem simple in design, this workbench offers just enough support so you can tone and strengthen your body and joints. With its glide board design and incline, the bench offers just enough resistance to your workout, so you put in the extra effort. But it’s not so aggressive that you can’t handle the extra pain.

The weight resistance of this home gym comes at a sweet 50 pounds, with four resistance band levels. So, if you want essential workout equipment, are a newcomer to the workout realm, or a senior who wants to stay fit, this workout bench does enough to benefit your body so you look and feel fit and healthy.

Another significant factor is that the bench is small enough, so it doesn’t take up much space. But don’t let its size fool you. The bench has a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds and is sturdy enough so you can accommodate several exercises and workouts.

Thanks to the attachments, including a pull-up bar, a sit-up station, and a footboard, this versatile bench is the best option if you want something to aid your workout sessions.

4 – Total Gym XLS Workout Machine

Gym XLS Men/Women Universal Total Body Training Home Gym

Want a workout machine that takes minimal space but packs a punch? The Total Gym XLS machine is a piece of foldable equipment that fits under your bed and is easy to take down and set up.

Interestingly, the Total Gym XLS was made famous by Chuck Norris, so you can only imagine how useful this machine is. With a maximum weight capacity of around 400 pounds, this machine features many workout options and supports over 80 different workout regimes.

So, whether you want to squeeze in a quick workout in the morning or have a full-intensity session, this home gym offers enough support to get your heart pumping. The Total Gym XLS boasts a great feature in that it uses your body weight to increase resistance rather than a weight stack. The machine’s glide board also comes with six recline options and offers a cable pulley system that makes it easy to add various exercises if you want to work out your whole body.

Whether you’re a senior citizen looking for a sound machine or a fitness lover who wants to maintain their physique, this machine satisfies all your needs. And hey, if it’s good enough to make Chuck Norris a fan, it’s undoubtedly suitable for everyone else too!

5 – BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym

Bodyboss 2.0 full portable home gym workout

Do you hate not being able to work out when you travel? The BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable home gym is here to solve your problems.

Keep in mind; this portable gym is not like the other gyms mentioned in the list above. When in use, this setup spreads out to mark just enough space that a yoga mat occupies. And when it’s folded up, the setup has enough weight to pass off as a lightweight suitcase. So, if you’re looking for an intense workout with multiple resistance capacities, you’re out of luck.

However, if you put all that aside, you may find the BodyBoss home gym to be the best equipment you’ll ever find. This setup is based on a resistance band system. So, you not only get lower body workouts, the setup allows you to partake in upper body workouts, cardio resistance workouts, boxing workouts, and more.

You can attach various things such as resistance bands, a workout bar, or ankle/wrist straps with the fold-up platform and perform about 300 exercises to stay fit. You can also adjust your workout intensity by changing the length of the resistance bands.

All in all, the BodyBoss home gym allows you to make your body fit wherever you are. All you need is the proper regimen, and you can carry on feeling fit and healthy, whether you’re near the larger gym equipment or not.

Final Thoughts

Especially when people don’t have enough hours of the day to complete all their tasks, having a gym at home helps them reduce stress and stay fit, all in one go.

If you’re such a person who could do with using a home gym for a small space, then buy the ones we’ve listed above. Your body and mind will thank you for investing in some much-needed self-care.

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