Best recumbent exercise bike for short person

Are you a short person or having short legs but want to exercise on the recumbent bike with all convenience that normal heightened people enjoy? Well, we understand how hard it can be to use a recumbent bike with short legs. You can’t reach the pedals; the designs aren’t comfortable, the handle is too high, etc. But don’t worry, because we found bikes that are specifically designed for people with short legs and short people can easily adjust them to their needs. So, let’s explore the Best recumbent exercise bike for short person and see what benefits one can get from such machines.

With a really good budget, you can get the Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike which can serve short persons well, but even with a moderate budget, you can get a mid-level recumbent bike that offers all the benefits you are looking for.

Also, we have hand-picked some of the best recumbent exercise bikes for people who are not that tall.

What to Consider for Short Legs and Short Persons?

Here are some things you must keep in mind before buying a recumbent bike for short legs.

i) The Pedal Length:

Buying a recumbent bike without considering the pedal length wouldn’t be a wise decision at all. That’s because, in this case, the main thing affected is the legs, and wouldn’t it be annoying if your legs can’t reach the pedals properly?

ii) Seat Adjustment:

Let’s say that the recumbent bike you’re checking comes with the perfect pedal length for your needs; let’s not forget that you will be working out on the bike by sitting on a seat. As you will get comfortable on the bike, you will need to adjust the seat according to different intensity levels of the workout.

And having a recumbent bike without a proper seat adjustment feature wouldn’t be a good choice in the long run.

iii) Hand Grips:

It’s pretty apparent; everyone needs handgrips to maintain their balance while workouts, especially using a recumbent bike. Moreover, most of the recumbent bikes these days come with BPM sensors integrated within the handgrips, which shows why hand grips in a recumbent bike are essential these days.

iv) Flexible Tablet/Mobile Holders:

As being a person with relatively short legs, you need a recumbent bike with full customization options, especially with a tablet holder. Let’s say you are planning a long workout set today while watching your favorite season.

But the tablet holder doesn’t allow you to get a comfortable angle for both your workout and tablet. Annoying.

v) Bike Height:

Whichever bike you choose, always keep the bike height factor in your mind. Trust us, you wouldn’t like to end up buying up a recumbent bike whose seat height is way high than the pedals with zero height adjustment features. That would be nothing less than a bad dream for sure.

With all that being said, here’s a list of some top recumbent bikes that we think would be perfect for people with short legs.

1. Lanos Folding Exercise Bike Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

Best recumbent exercise bike for short person

Workout levels: Ten | Capacity: 300 lbs. | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: magnetic resistance | Monitoring: LCD | Weight: N/A kg | Dimensions: 22” x 20” x 55.5” inches

The Lanos folding exercise bike is genuinely remarkable. Well, I have used this bike back at my gym, I didn’t know about the full potential of this recumbent exercise bike. Until recently, a friend of mine bought this recumbent exercise bike for himself with relatively short legs. And trust me, he loves every single bit of it.

Due to his short legs, it was hard for him to use a recumbent bike that would perfectly fit him. Tt never meant that he was going to stop working on his body. After consulting an expert on the matter, he got the Lanos recumbent foldable bike for himself, which is his new favorite exercise now!

Why Lano’s Recumbent Bike For a Short Person?

Well, there are many things about this bike that makes it perfect for people with short legs. The anti-slip pedals are perfect for his condition.

Let me tell you something, people like my buddy need to keep both their feet at perfect sync to continue their workout sets with comfort, and Lano’s recumbent bike has just delivered him what was needed. It’s adjustability makes it the best recumbent bike for short legs.


  • Monitoring LCD
  • Large cushioned seat
  • Ten levels of magnetic resistance
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Perfectly balanced design


  • It can be a bit noisy

Why DO We Recommend it?

Well, there are many features of the Lano recumbent exercise bike that we think would be perfect for you. State-of-the-art design and pedals are indeed the main reason behind our recommendation. It is a small and compact exercising machine that is foldable, and its height can be adjusted as per requirement. We Recommend it most for short persons and short legs.

2. Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Short Person

best recumbent bike for short legs

Workout levels: Eight | Capacity: 300 lbs. | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: belt-driven resistance | Monitoring: LCD | Weight: 29.3 kg | Dimensions: 45.3 x 25 x 51.3 inches

EXERPEUTIC is the ultimate winner. A couple of months ago, my sister finally decided to break the stereotype that she can’t properly use a recumbent exercise bike due to her short legs. At this point, after consulting some doctors and experts in the field, we finally decided to get Exerpeutic ExerWork recumbent exercise bike for her. At first, she wasn’t quite sure or comfortable; I guess while working out on this recumbent bike. Within a week, things started to change completely!

Just after using this recumbent bike for a week, everyone could see the positive attitude filling her up as she became more confident and more health-conscious. Although she is only 4’7, the Exerpeutic ExerWork has undoubtedly helped her a lot in maintaining her body. And now, she’s way more active and fit than me.

Why Exerpeutic Recumbent Bike For a Short Person?

No doubt, there are hundreds of recumbent bikes available in the market today, not to mention that we have tried most of the brands. There’s one thing that makes the Exerpeutic recumbent bike better, and it’s the 3-way adjustable desktop feature.

The bikes she used before, no matter how high the brand name was, weren’t able to adjust the tablet/phone holder according to her requirements. Which was a huge bummer as she loves to watch her favorite seasons during a workout. Then came the Exerpeutic ExerWork and offered just what she was looking for.


  • Fully cushioned airsoft seat
  • Large workspace
  • Comes with MyCloudfitness app support
  • Patented design
  • Easy to carry foldable design


  • Smaller LCD and can be hard to read.

Why DO We Recommend it?

The Exerpeutic recumbent exercise is undoubtedly a keeper due to its 3 in 1 desktop feature, the very reason why we are recommending it. The seat is not that adjustable, which is really need for short legs and short heightened people, in actual its up and down adjustability give it a perfect distance from the wheel so everyone can adjust it as per their own height. Reason pricing of this bike is also a plus.

3. Progear 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike

Progear 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike , recumbent bike for short person

Workout levels: Fourteen | Capacity: 250 lbs. | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: magnetic resistance | Monitoring: LCD | Weight: 27.2 kg | Dimensions: 47 x 22 x 43 inches

PROGEAR is the true champion. My cousin has tried almost every huge recumbent bike brand so far—all with the latest features and stuff. Not a single one of them was able to help his special workout needs due to his short legs. Until a few weeks ago, he saw the online advertisement for the ProGear 555LXT recumbent exercise bike and thought about giving it a try. No one knew will it even work this time. But trust me, something remarkable happened.

Due to it’s futuristic features we give it a spot on the list of Best recumbent exercise bike for short person, and its is perfect to solve your problem.

This bike is a complete package, perfect for people with short legs. My cousin wasn’t very good at maintaining his body shape and health, obviously because of his long list of customizable options. The day he got the 555LXT, he worked out like a fitness guru and has completely transformed his body in just a few weeks!

Why Progear Recumbent Bike For a Short Person?

Well, I know my cousin very well, and there was always one thing he would complain about the most whenever he got a new recumbent bike for himself. It was the fact that there was no way he could perfectly adjust the seat according to his desired height.

And if you ask me what makes the 555LXT perfect for a short person, it is undoubtedly the infinite slider seat adjustment feature. With this bike, he can peacefully adjust the seat height according to the required personal workout intensity and ease. Fascinating, isn’t it?


  • Easy to carry transportation wheels
  • Bottle holder to keep your water bottle safe
  • Cushioned back for the firm and comfortable back support
  • Oversized pedals for perfect grip
  • Perfect sized tablet holder


  • Lower weight holding capacity

Why DO We Recommend it?

We would recommend the Progrear 555LXT recumbent bike for its super easy seat adjustment technology, a massive plus for short people. Less heightened seat, forward and backward adjustability of the seat, placement of pedals, and smaller motion circle make it an ideal solution to recommend for short height and short legs make and females.

4. EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike

best recumbent bike for short legs

Workout levels: Eight | Capacity: 300 lbs. | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: magnetic resistance | Monitoring: LCD | Weight: 27.2 kg | Dimensions: 54.3 x 25.6 x 39.4 inches

EFITMENT is the Queen in recumbent bikes. An old neighbor of mine constantly broke the stereotype by working out intensely regardless of his 4’6 height. According to his body mass ratio, the doctors have recently advised him to keep the workout strain at a maintained level. That’s when he decided to get the EFITMENT magnetic recumbent exercise bike for a home workout.

And by God, this is the perfect fit for him to maintain a healthy workout routine from the comfort of his home.

At first, the bike seems to be incompatible with him as he was already a fitness expert. And adjusting his workout intensities with the intensity levels of the bike. It only took him a few weeks to learn all that, and now, this recumbent bike is his favorite workout equipment of all.

Not forgetting to mention that the bike has perfectly adjusted with his personalized workout needs due to his short legs, which is truly remarkable! Due to its remarkable seat adjustability, we consider it as a best recumbent bike for short legs.

Why EFITMENT Recumbent Bike For a Short Person?

I have seen him working out in the gym, and I know what exactly he expects from a recumbent bike that he thinks is perfect for him. It’s the seat-pedals length. He needs personalized seat adjusting options to work out in perfect sync due to his short legs.

And that’s why I think it’s the lever-based seat adjustment feature of the EFITMENT recumbent bike which makes it so perfect for him. Due to this, he can slide his seat front and back, making it closer to the pedals according to his personal needs and intensity of the workout. Amazing, right!?


  • LCD based performance tracker
  • Comfortable seat
  • Real-time sensors
  • Water bottle holder
  • Super quiet working


  • Hard to carry around due to lower locomotion options

Why DO We Recommend it?

We recommend the EFITMENT recumbent bike due to its super comfy seat and super quiet working technology that will come in handy in every situation. Its seat can be adjusted forward and backward more than a foot, so there will be no trouble reaching pedals with full strength for short legs and short height persons.

5. Best Recumbent Bike for Short Legs

Best recumbent exercise bike for short person

Workout levels: Twenty-four | Capacity: 265 lbs. | Arm workout: No | Resistance method: magnetic resistance | Monitoring: LCD |Weight: 49 kg | Dimensions: 54.3 x 25.6 x 39.4 inches

XTERRA is wonderful. Well, my brother has always been shy from the start. Never going out, playing with others due to his short height. The same thing happens for his workout routine, due to which his body and mind were affected adversely. After consulting doctors, every one of them suggested that work out of even a beginner level intensity must keep him active and healthy.

So, we finally bought XTERRA SB2.5r recumbent exercise bike for him after consulting some experts. Trust me, none of us ever expected what happened next at all!

At first, he wasn’t comfortable with the bike, which is pretty obvious why. After a few days, things start to become better. He seems to enjoy his workout routine with this recumbent bike which changed his personality completely. Now, it has been almost a couple of months since we bought the XTERRA SB2.5r, and my brother is entirely healthy, back in a proper body shape, and probably the most confident he has ever been in his life!

Why a Recumbent Bike For a Short Person?

Many features of the XTERRA SB2.5r recumbent bike make it a best recumbent exercise bike for short person. That’s the perfect feature is the 22lb magnetic flywheel.

I have witnessed how my brother got tired quickly in just a few minutes while using any other recumbent bike.

And the reason behind this is the too much heavy magnetic wheel technology which almost makes it impossible for him to work out for long, even with a perfect seat angle.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Perfect seat-pedals ratio
  • Backlit LCD
  • 24 built-in workout plans
  • Transport wheels for easy transport


  • Extremely heavy with almost 50kg machine size

Why dO we Recommend it?

We recommend the XTERRA SB2.5r recumbent bike due to its remarkable flywheel technology and seat adjustability; just one press lever floats its seat. A short heightened person or one with short legs can adjust it as per their need.


Well, here was a list of some of the best recumbent exercise bikes that we think would be perfect for people with short height. Still, struggling to select the best bike? Let us help you with our suggestion.

Lano’s recumbent exercise bike is the perfect one from all the bikes explained above. The bike is a complete package. The bike comes with perfect anti-slip pedals and perfect seat height, and extra features full of customizable options where you can adjust and move the seat, making it ideal for short heightened, and short legs people.

Our comparison of Recumbent Bikes Vs Exercise Bikes will help you to know why recumbents bikes are too good for short persons.

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