With the gyms being shut for more than a year, home gyms have become quite popular during the pandemic. All the gym freaks, teens, and even the 5 to 9 working individuals had a lot of time on their hands. Most of which was channeled into buying gear for home gyms to stay fit during the lockdowns inside their homes. Exercising and staying fit is necessary for physical and mental health.

What are Bumper Plates, and What Are they Used For?

A bumper plate is also commonly known as a bumper. These plates are circle-shaped with a hole in the middle. They are designed to weigh particular pounds and are manufactured using steel, iron, or even rubber. And for finishing touch, they are coated with a protective layer. Most of these plates are color-coded according to their diameter and weight.

Since used in weightlifting, cross fits, or any Olympic games, they are often dropped from high levels. For this very reason, the protective layer and the steel/iron core ensures that they do not break, are quiet while lifting, cause no damage to the floor or any severe injury to anyone around.

Although the Iron plates are more traditional, they are replaced by the bumper plates and their advantage to the home gyms. Iron plates are similar. However, these modern plates are more durable and can be thrown around. Since that is not the case with iron plates because they cause damage to the floor and can result in severe injuries to the user. This makes them a good choice for home gyms as they are practical.

1. Xn8 Bumper Plate Olympic Weight

First, we have the Xn8 bumper plates from the best on the list for the home gym. Ideal for home gym workouts. They come in four different sets of various weights.

Why are the Xn8 weight Plates the Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym?

The Xn8 plates are the Best because these iron-manufactured plates have a hammer tone finish. This finish gives the bumpers their durability, longevity, and shine. The rounded weight plates have a compact size, which allows you to store and carry them anywhere with you quickly. For further flexibility other than portability, the hole measures a one-inch diameter, which is the standard size for barbell and dumbbell bars fitting. The fix is punched through using a machine.

I’m not too fond that the sets are not color-coded to allow easy recognition of the weights. The weight of the plates is embossed on it, which makes it harder to read.



Why do We Recommend it?

I recommend the Xn8 bumper plates for individuals who are looking for muscle building or gaining muscle mass. You can perform upper body workouts with various sets of the Xn8 offers. Moreover, you can also use the set of weight plates for strengthening your muscles, perform squats and workouts for biceps, abs, and triceps.

2. Everyday Olympic Bumper Plate

Next, we have the Everyday bumper plate on the list. The Everyday weights are color-coded but single. They are manufactured from the steel core and are offered in six different sizes.

The Everyday is the Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym because they are created using rubber and stainless steel. The stainless-steel resists any rust formation, so your weight plates do not deteriorate over time and maintain their quality since day one.

This 17.5 diameter weight plate has a middle hole that measures 2 inches. This is another standard size, and the plates will effortlessly fit in any dumbbell bar or barbell. Moreover, they are color-coded for immediate recognition. They have the weight embossed on the plate in pounds and kgs.

These weight plates’ only drawback is that the price is way overpriced for just one weight plate. They are on the more expensive side, so if you cannot find an alternative to these weight plates, this is your pick.



Why do we Recommend it?

I recommend Everyday bumper plates because these color-coded plates are manufactured using rubber and stainless steel, giving the plates the bounce quality and rust-free. They will last you long. This product has a 2-inch-wide diameter that will fit standard barbells and dumbbell bars that will allow you to perform your routine workouts smoothly.

3. Steel Body Olympic Rubber Bumper Weight Plate

We have the Steel Body weight discs on my list of the best bumper plates for home gym on the third number. Steel body plate offers you four various weights to pick from. They are made out of 100% rubber and have a 1.5 inches center diameter.

The Steel body bumper plate is the Best weight Plate for Home Gym because they are manufactured using 100% rubber that makes these weight plates waterproof and incredibly elastic. The full rubber construction makes the Steel Body a very safe option as they have zero chances of cracking the floor or harming anyone. The whole rubber construction also increases the longevity of the plates as it will take a lot to deteriorate.

These weight plates are built to fit only Olympic-sized bars that fit 1.5 inches center diameter. The center is machine cut and is built with stainless steel. The stainless steel ensures smooth insertion of the weights into the Olympic-sized bars and minimizes the chances of scratches.



Why do we Recommend it?

I recommend the Steel Body bumper plates for the gym freaks and Olympic trainers and participants. The complete rubber material construction ensures that the drops from high levels do not cause severe injury and lessens fractures. Lastly, they are very budget-friendly despite being sold as singles.

4. Hulk Fit Rubber Bumer Plate with Steel Hub

Hulk Fit secure number four on my list. Hulk Fit is a color-coded weight plate that has a middle old that measures 2 inches in diameter. It is manufactured using a steel hub and is available in a set or single of four various sizes.

The Hulk Fit bumper plate is the Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym because it is manufactured using high-density rubber with stainless steel. The rubber allows it to easily bounce off the floor without causing any damage to the individual. The stainless steel ensures that no rust forms over the plate because the formation of rust can cause the steel to deteriorate throughout usage. Moreover, this will increase the longevity of the weight plates.

It has a 2 inches wide diameter that easily accommodates any 2-inch sled, dumbbell bar, or barbell. So, you do not need to bother about its fitting, as it fits every standard 2 inches.

Moreover, the plates are color-coded and have the weight written in pounds and kgs to ensure quick recognition, so you do not mix two different weights. I like that the Hulk Fit is sold in single and sets to allow the user to have the open option of choosing whatever suits their requirements the best.



Why do we Recommend it?

I recommend the Hulk Fit bumper plates because strength training, weightlifting, and cross-fit workouts are smoothly performed with the help of these rubber and stainless-steel weight plates. They are available in singles and sets.

5. Olympic Bumper Plate

Let’s meet with the first fantastic Olympic Bumper Plate 2, produced by using top-class stainless steel with low bounce rubber. The rubber covers the outer area of each plate, protecting them from damages and injuries.

It is a secure weight plate set because it provides premium control to help you handle them, so you start lifting smoothly. These also have powerful steel rings with rubber surroundings.

Olympic weights are the best weight plates because they offer various types of lifting options at once. The magnificent design and security features are enough to grab the attention of those who want to use them at home. These are indeed the best bumper plates for home gym.

Also, the high-quality surface provides strong-grasp and booming thumps while dropping out during exercise. Furthermore, the Olympic weight discs are very convenient, easy to use, and easily portable without any distraction.

If you are a beginner and want to achieve high-level fitness by using weight plates, then these are the right choice for you. The durability, high quality, robust control, and perfect design with steel as a whole will give a new way with your daily exercise. The Olympic weight Plates come in a variety of weights and sizes, which enrich the user experience. So, you can buy it in any size or weight according to your comfort and style.



Why do we Recommend it?

We recommended Olympic Bumper Plates because they allow an efficient workout at the home gym. These weight plate sets will help you organize an exercise schedule at home to enjoy the activity even more.

6. PinRoyal Th Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym

Lastly, I have the PINROYAL Bumper Plate on my list manufactured using strong rubber. This product is offered single in a variety of six weights. Each of the single plates is scratch-free.

The PINROYAL Bumper Plate is Best for Home Gym because it is made out of recycled high-density rubber.

The recycled rubber makes this an eco-friendly option. This is the very same reason why my eco-friendly office purchased these eco-friendly weight plates for the office gym.

I like that despite their wide weight range, these are thin that do not compromise their weight and allow you to stack up many weight plates on the barbells, sleds, and dumbbell bars effortlessly.

The PINROYAL plates are created from stainless steel and recycled rubber that protect the floors from cracking once they hit the floor. The combination of steel and rubber allows the force you apply to disperse evenly throughout the whole gym gear. Hence, along with the durability, you also get a safe workout companion. Moreover, the two inches standard diameter for the central hole of the plates is carved smoothly without any unsmooth edges. The smooth edges ensure that your dumbbells and barbells are starch-free once these dumbbells are inserted in them.

I noticed that when working out using these weight discs, they create minimal clattering noise. Hence, these discs are more comfortable to use. Color coding is missing that makes it hard to recognize different weight plates.



Why do we Recommend it?

I recommend the environment-friendly PINROYAL bumper plates because of their safety and comfort. They provide maximum protection with minimal noise because of the eco-friendly rubber and stainless steel.

Comparison Table

Product Name Color-coded Material Weights Variety Single or sets
The Xn8 No Solid Iron 4 Sets
The Everyday Yes Solid stainless steel and high-density rubber 6 Single
The Steel Body No 100% rubber 4 Single
The Hulk Fist No Stainless Steel and High-density rubber 4 Both
Olympic Bumper No Stainless Steel and Rubber 4 Both
The PINROYAL No Recycled Rubber 6 Single


Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the best bumper plates for home gym are a great choice because of their endurance and practicality. However, picking the right set of weight plates can be a little tricky and confusing. I have listed the six best products for the home gym; each product has its benefits and drawbacks. I recommend X8 because it has solid iron material and it is ideal for home gym. You will need to look for the set that ideally meets your needs. that way, you will get the utmost from these weights and stay fit!

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